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Love Problem Solution Astrology

Live In Peace With Love Problem Solution Astrology

Love can be defined as the set of emotions where we have strong feelings for someone special. These feelings encompass the emotion, passion, intimacy, care, commitment, etc towards the other partner. With love & affection, the world looks more pleasant and exuberate the kind of youthful energy around you. How old you are, it doesn’t matter. Love makes you alive and refreshed with youthfulness every day. You become lucky if you have real love in your life. Love creates memorable moments in one’s life which no one wants to delete from his/her life. Those moments become precious for a lifetime. Now, what if you get difficulty in finding the love of your life? What if your partner is cheating you? what if you are struggling with your temperaments in your love life? What if you get difficulty in understanding your present love? What if you do not have anyone special in your life? These all kind of queries gives rise to the love problem or issues in one’s life, but Love Astrology helps you in many ways to deal with it accordingly. Let’s have a look:

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What Are The Love Problems?

Love is a sweet feeling which makes us happy internally. But if we are not happy even if we have the love of our life, then a love problem arises. The main reason for not having the love life pleasant is “understanding”. People do not have the maturity to understand the purpose of love in their life. They treat things as granted. However, the issues will start arising if anytime one partner is unable to understand the other one. Changing the behaviour of partner can be the big mistake which usually people do in their love life. Accept your partner as they are instead of changing them. Apart from it, the problem happens if any third person enters in love life, it may encourage to breakups or separation from your beloved. Like these, so many reasons can be found in the world depending on the situation of a person. 

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What Are The Astrological Reasons Of Facing Love Issues?

In astrology, multiple reasons are defined to face love issues. These are:

  • The condition of the 5th house and its lord is not good, then it may create hurdles in your love life. Since the 5th house is the house of love & affair, so anytime if it is afflicted or its lord is placed in bad houses, love issues arise. 
  • The lord of 5th house of love & affair goes into anyone of Dushthana houses such as 6th, 8th or 12th houses, then it gives love problem in one’s life.
  • The influence of malefic planets such as Saturn & Ketu gives hurdles in early life to get the love. Things always get delayed and difficult to find your true love due to these influences. 
  • The influence of Rahu in the 5th house gives one multiple affairs, so it always gives the confusion with regards to love life. Rahu amplifies things so you always seek betterment due to its curious nature.
  • Placement of Sun in 5th house gives rise to ego battle between you and your love partner.
  • Placement of Mars in the 5th house or an influence of Mars over the 5th house gives rise to possessiveness which may suffocate to the other half in the relationship.

Likewise, numerous combinations are there in Vedic Astrology, which indicates no love life, or disturbing love life, or getting cheated in love life. 

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How Astrology Resolves Love Problems?

In Vedic Astrology, first, the birth chart of an individual is analyzed thoroughly, and based on the planetary alignment the prediction is given to the native along with the suitable remedies. These remedies are apt and help one to resolve the issues in love life to make it happier by maintaining harmony and reducing delayed activities. 

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The Effective Way Or Astrological Remedial Actions To Overcome Love Problems

The effective or suitable remedies help one to resolve the issues related to love life, so in astrology, various remedies are defined such as:

  • Gemstones: Gemstone is associated with a certain planet which helps one to strengthen the power of a benefic planet. We offer opal gemstone, ruby gemstone, and yellow sapphire to help you maintain harmony in your love & relationship.
  • Yantra: Yantras are very powerful and helps one to get the real love of life easily. We offer Sampoorn Badha Mukti Yantra, Siddh Shukra Yantra to help you in your love life and maintain harmony.
  • Rudraksha: These holy beads bless one with the grace of Lord Shiva. We offer you the 1 (Ek) Mukhi Rudraksha, Ganesh Rudraksha to help you with good harmony and peace in your love life.
  • Puja: These are sacred rituals performed to nullify the ill effects of the malefic planet as per the kundali. We offer Shukra Puja (Venus Planet Puja) to get harmony and refresh love once again. Also, Surya Puja (Sun Planet Puja) will help you to reduce the ego battle in love life. Puja For Peace helps you to get internal peace in life. 

Likewise, we have numerous remedies to help you in order to protect your love life and get the right love partner. Get consulted with our veteran astrologer to know the right remedy with the right solution & prediction for your love.

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