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Astrologerumesh.com- Terms of Service

This webpage of our website is a point of reference related to our terms and conditions associated with our astrological services. Our disclaimer rules or terms and conditions lay the background of what our services could mean when you opt for them and our responsibility and inherent rights associated with it. We encourage you to read carefully every rule, acceptance of conditions, right to terminate the service and other things, including website rules and so on. Therefore, before you subscribe to our service and feel inquisitive to know more about our terms and conditions, this webpage section is the right platform you can choose to get your query satisfied. And this also concludes transparency of our astrological services that we feel so privileged to offer to our customers.

1. Secrecy of subscriber information

Astrologerumesh.com undertakes to handle the customer profile and the entire data of name, date time and place of birth, address, e-mail, telephone number etc. in complete secrecy and no disclosures will be made to anyone except where it is required to be disclosed by existing or future laws. The birth data will be used solely for the purpose of communicating the consultation reports to the customers only.

2. Details of forecasts

These consultations are based purely on Astrological Principles. Since astrology is subject to individual interpretations astrologerumesh.com does not make any warranties on the accuracy or interpretations, which any one may make of these consultation reports. These consultations therefore have no legal or contractual significance.

3. Acceptance of conditions of agreement

Astrologerumesh.com provides Astrology Consultation to customers based on their birth data against the conditions of this agreement, and by clicking at the – I accept from signifies, your acceptance of all the conditions of this agreement.

4. Right to terminate the service

Astrologerumesh.com reserves the right to terminate any service and refund any money received without assigning any reason. It also therefore reserves the right to modify, alter or discontinue the service, with or without notice to the customers who may accept the revised terms or opt. to take the refund.

5. Customer’s obligations

As a customer I undertake to maintain complete secrecy of these consultation reports and not to divulge this information to anyone. I indemnify astrologerumesh.com its owners, harmless or indemnified against any claim or demand including attorney’s fees. Customer agrees to the jurisdiction of disputes to Delhi courts only.

6. Disclaimer of warranties

Customer hereby that no contractual or legal liability arises against astrologerumesh.com by ordering or making use of these Astrological Consultations, the use of which is at the sole risk of the client.

7. Mailing of forecasts

You will receive the consultation reports for which the payment is received in advance. The reports will be sent by e-mail or by post as provided by the client astrologerumesh.com will not be responsible in any manner for any delay or absence of mail to reach the subscriber. Astrologerumesh.com expressly disclaims all warranties, implied or contingent, for making use of these consultations, for incurring loss or loss of profit or in any manner. No notice or advice from any customer to astrologerumesh.com will create any liability whatsoever.



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