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Capricorn Zodiac Sign

Capricorn Zodiac Sign

Capricorn Astrology And Horoscope Solving Your Concerns

General Information Of Capricorn (Makar Rashi)
Symbol: The Mountain Goat
Element: Earth
Ruling Planet: Saturn
Quality: Cardinal and Movable
Good Day: Wednesday, Friday, Saturday
Bad Day: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday
Color: Blue, Black
Lucky Number: 7, 10
Lucky Gemstone: Blue Sapphire, Opal
Lucky Yantra: Shani Yantra
Lucky Rudraksha: 7 or 14 Mukhi Rudraksha
Lucky Pendant: Shani Locket
Name Alphabets: B, J, K, G (Bho, Ja, Jee, khi, Khu, Khe, Kho, Ga, Gi)
Western Astrology: December 22 – January 19

Capricorn, the 10th zodiac sign is ruled by the planet Saturn, symbolized by “The Mountain Goat” and comes under “Earthy” sign. Due to slow moving the planet Saturn, Capricorn has patience in life and believes to work first instead expecting any profit or gain. Friday & Saturday are favourite days, while Monday & Tuesday are bad ones. Blue & Black are lucky colours and Blue Sapphire & Opal come under lucky gemstone to them.

What Capricorn Zodiac Sign (Makar Rashi) Represents In Human Body Parts?

Body Part: Knees, Joints, Teeth, Skeletal System.
Capricorn is all about structure, thus, it rules over the Skeletal System, knees, where the structure of human lies.

What Capricorn (Makar Rashi) Sign Like, Dislike Or Wish To Do In Life?

Favorite Things: Be Workaholic, Time Management.
What They Hate: Getting blamed and people doubting on them.
Secret Wish: Take care of sole responsibility everywhere.
Being the natural ruler of 10th sign, Capricorn is very workaholic and is very inclined towards the work. With the influence of Work, they also want to have the time management as they always want to assure whether the work gets done on time or not. They don’t like to get blamed and avoid those doubting on their skills. They are great manager, so always want to take charge everywhere. Our famous and Best Astrologer In India helps you make your life blessed with positivity and success.

How To Spot Capricorn (Makar Rashi)?
How to Spot Them:
Long Face, Tall, Hard Working, Believe in “Karma”
Keywords: Ambition, “Yes, I use first”
Generally, Capricorn has long face, tall height and very hard working. If you are with someone, teaching you to believe in Karma only, then you are accompanying with Capricorn sign. They have hidden ambitions and thus, the Key phrase, which is frequently used is “Yes, I use first”, which means they believe on something once they use it or receive the results first from it.

Capricorn’s Positive And Negative Aspects

Positive Aspect: Workaholic, Responsible, Trustworthy, loyal, Hard Working, Great Organizer & Manager.
Negative Aspect: Stubborn, Self-righteously, Demanding, Hidden Ambitious, Opportunistic..
As Capricorn (Makar Rashi) is the 10th sign which naturally indicates the work or career, so this sign represents the workaholic nature. Capricorn is the most responsible sign and makes one loyal & trustworthy. As represented by 10th sign, thus it is naturally a great manager & organizer too, which tries to rearrange things in order to avail maximum output. Besides this, Capricorn zodiac sign also carries some negative traits too, such as they are hidden ambitious and are stubborn & rigid person.

Compatible sign: Taurus, Virgo, Pisces.
The most compatible sign with Capricorn is Taurus it comes up with the fun and romance, with the influence of Virgo, they become more fortunate and Pisces provides them emotional security to them. Get powerful and effective solutions for troubled love with ours Love Problem Solution Astrologer In Delhi.

What Special Tips Capricorn (Makar Rashi) Must Follow?

Special tips: Stop following ordinary things, Avoid working with the spouse in the same place, Try to be very confident at work, Worship lord Hanuman.
Capricorn should try to make their own path and avoid following every ordinary path. It may provide them success than usual.
Capricorn must avoid working with the same place where spouse works as it might create personal issues at work, which would hamper the productivity.
Capricorn should not doubt on their own skills and try to be very confident at work.
By worshiping Lord Hanuman, Capricorn can have good income sources and peace within the home.

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