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Leo Zodiac Sign

Leo Zodiac Sign

Leo Zodiac Sign And Accurate Predictions

General Information Of Leo (Singh Rashi)
Symbol: The Lion
Element: Fire
Ruling Planet: Sun
Quality: Fixed
Good Day: Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday
Bad Day: Friday, Saturday
Color: Orange
Lucky Number: 5
Lucky Gemstone: Ruby, Red Coral
Lucky Yantra: Surya Yantra
Lucky Rudraksha: 1 Mukhi Rudraksha
Lucky Pendant: Surya Locket
Name Alphabets: M, T (Maa, Mee, Moo, Me, Mo, Ta, Tee, Too, Te)
Western Astrology: July 23 –August 22

Leo (Singh Rashi), the 5th zodiac sign in Astrology is ruled by the planet Sun, king of the celestial cabinet. It is symbolized by “Lion” and comes under fiery element. Being ruled by the Sun, it is very powerful sign and provides immense strength. Sunday & Tuesday are the good days for this sign followed by Thursday, while Friday & Saturday come under bad ones. Orange or Saffron is the lucky & the most suitable colour for Leo, and red coral & ruby are the favourite or lucky gemstones to embark success and fame.

What Leo Zodiac Sign (Singh Rashi) Governs In Human Body?

Body Part: Heart, Upper Back, Spine, Spinal Column.
Leo governs the body parts which relate to strength and emotions, thus, it governs heart & spine. Heart represents the center for physical & emotional support while back gives the bodily support. Is your love relationship at the brink of falling apart? Consult Love Problem Solution Astrologer In Delhi for prompt solutions.

What Leo (Singh Rashi) Like, Dislike Or Wish To Do In Life?

Favorite Things: They Love music, creativity, art, sports, adventure.
What They Hate: Getting order from others or others telling them what to do next.
Secret Wish: To live like a King and be a mass leader, Look for Stability.
The 3rd house from Leo is Libra ruled by Venus, thus Leo zodiac sign loves music, showing creativity, perform arts and with the influence of the sun gets indulged in sports activity too. The sun is authority & government, so it never likes receiving orders from other person. Leo always wishes for living life like a King with stability.

How Leo (Singh Rashi) People Can Be Spotted?

How to Spot Them: Charismatic personality, Brave, Leader, ruler.
Keywords: Magnetic personality with “Yes, I will” attitude.
If you find someone full of confidence and giving advice to everyone and people likes to work under his supervision, then this can be none other than Leo person. These are very charismatic, brave and born leader with magnetic personality. With these traits, Leo has the attitude of “Yes, I will”, which reflects complete confidence within themselves.

Leo’s Positive And Negative Aspects
Positive Aspect:
Highly Confident, Creative, Artistic, Progressive, Generous, Optimistic, Visionary, Born Leader, Courageous.
Negative Aspect: Dominating, Autocrat, Extravagant, Egoistic, Attention Seeker.
Being ruled by the planet Sun, they have the “King” like aura around them. Leo’s is very creative, artistic, generous and kind hearted too. With the ability of leading mass, they are visionary and courageous too. However, on the other hand, they tend to dominate other with their autocratic behaviour. They like to grab the attention of others, and it makes them sometimes dependent on other’s validation.

Compatible sign: Aries, Gemini, Sagittarius.
The most compatible signs for Leo zodiac sign are Aries, Gemini and Sagittarius. Gemini is like a gain for Leo person, thus it becomes a compatible sign for Leo. Are you looking for Best Astrologer In Noida? Consult our astrologer and get solution of your quest.

What Special Tips Leo (Singh Rashi) Must Include In Daily Life Routine?

Special tips: Ego, Domination, Stubbornness, Rigid.
Leo should work upon their egoistic behaviour and avoid need for validation from others.
Leo Should try to learn being flexible or adaptable in life, as it will help them to avoid their stubbornness, rigidity and makes them good leader. By performing puja for Lord Shani and Saturn will help you to reduce any kind of delay in your life. Worship Lord Hanuman, it will help you to reduce anger & aggression.

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