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Founded with the mission to create a pioneering solution in the lives of people with our astrological solutions, we fully understand that the success of any organization is made more simplified through the contribution of its talented workforce. This is why we have a working ecosystem that brims with the sheer value of mutual cooperation because of our concentrated focus on nurturing the best workforce that can help us steer ahead toward realizing our corporate goal.

In our efforts to set up a creative talent pool of dedicated and committed employees, we nurture and help them grow in their expertise. For this, we provide them a workplace equipped with the necessary infrastructure, marketing divisions, and many more privileges.

We have this belief that every individual is endowed with a certain quality that makes them stand out from the rest. This belief is the core driving force of our workforce ecosystem in which the contribution of everyone is held in deep regard. And we are very happy to be a part of the happiness that we bring forth in the lives of our team.

Posts running vacant currently –

Astrology-Specific Content Writer

No. of Vacancies – 01

Job description

  • Must have at least minimum five years of experience in writing astrology-specific content
  • Good command of English and Hindi
  • The writer must craft highly-researched and original astrological content within the deadline.
  • Should be well-familiar with Vedic astrology.



With 21+ years of relevant experience, Pt. Umesh Ji is an astrologer of impeccable magnitude in his presentation of quality solutions for any problems connected to different astrological reasons that negatively impact a person’s life on a dimensional scale. He is an erudite professional trusted for an astrological solution you can rely upon based on its quality, affordability, and promptness.
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