Festivals 2022

In Hinduism, festivals play prominent role in the lives of humans and it is generally described with the religion of fasts, feasts...

Raksha Bandhan Festival

RakshaBandhan, a festival that evokes sheer bonding between a brother and a sister, a festival that....

Shri Krishna Janmashtami

Shri Krishna Janmashtami, a festival of forever religious significance and reverence, is an auspicious...

Horoscope Astrology By India’s Best Astrologer In Delhi

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Your Trusted Gateway To Perfect Solutions In Astrology

Best Online Astrologer Delhi Near Me, Pt. Umesh Ji is one of the most sought-after astrologers in India. He is known to offer life-transformative solutions in astrology by addressing problems of people using his profound experience and expertise in Vedic Astrology. He is India’s one of the most searched astrologers whose name is synonym to quality and timely solutions in astrology.

Zodiac Sign Predictions
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Get Accurate Zodiac Sign Predictions


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Message From The Founder
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Pt Umesh Chandra Pant

About Founder Pt Umesh Chandra Pant

Since I embraced astrology as my life’s core value, I have been reiterating that it holds transformative solutions to set the course of life of someone and help him come to terms with divine serenity of living.

I vouch for quality and promptness of Astrological Services provided through this channel to anyone who believes in the sanctity of astrology that is upheld by our service maxim as a part of our core competency.

Pt. Umesh Chandra Pant
Founder, AstrologerUmesh.Com

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What Our Customers Say About Us

Prediction and Effective Solution
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Offering High Quality, Accurate, Reliable, And On-Time Online Astrological Guidance

Astrologer Umesh, the Best Astrologer in Delhi, enjoys a pervasive reputation of being the most dependable, professional astrologer endowed with the profound insight of Vedic Astrology offering the most comprehensive and result-oriented timely astrological solutions. His Astrological Guidance, suggestions, and recommendations consist of meticulous analysis of your Horoscope and the constituent of diverse astrological factors, thus offering you an effective astrological solution that address the root of problems and, in turn, assist you with the remarkable solution of peace, prosperity, harmonious living, and success in your chosen endeavor. He provides astrological services via email, online (Telephonic or Video conference), web-conference, or face-to-face interaction with courteous promptness and professionalism.

2022 Reports
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Get Your Comprehensive 2022 Reports For Success

2022 Ask 1 Question
2022 ask 1 question to discover your life’s true meaning, peace, success and….
2022 Career Report
Get 2022 career report to open new avenues for growth, acceleration of career…
2022 Love And Relationship
Your ultimate 2022 love & relationship solution for peaceful living experience of......
2022 Marriage Prospects
2022 marriage prospects to solve delaying marriage tie marital knot with your life and….
2022 Monthwise Prediction
2022 monthwise prediction for peace and success all combined in a month solution.
2022 Quarterly Prediction
2022 quarterly prediction with solutions combined in three month’s timeframe and the….
2022 Year Ahead Overview
2022 year ahead overview for detailed forecasts of 2022 year and insights about.
2022 Business Report
2022 business report consisting of award-winning solution for growth and success.
Special Section
2022 Marriage prospects

Marriage 2022 is an ideal Report for you to know the year 2022

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Affordable And Precious Services For Peace, Success

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Saturn Transit Report

In astrology, the doctrine revolving around Saturn gives an impression of negativity and....

Ask Expert
Ask expert astrologer for instant solution against anything problematic your life stalling.....
Career Astrology Services
Best career guidance with appropriate solution for career related issues counseled by…
Love Astrology Services
Love solutions guidance that entails a host of reliable astrology solutions to rekindle the….
Marriage Astrology Services
Marriage astrology guidance that leads to solution of your marital problems and find the….
Personal Astrology Services
Get your personal issues resolved positively with guidance and counseling by….
Finance Astrology Services
Fix your financial issues, address difficulties in finance, attain prosperity and...
Education Astrology Services
Solve problems related to your academic pursuit, find your gateway to academic the..
Remedial Astrology Services
Best remedial solution for anything problematic in life, achieve success, peace and..
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Accurate And Powerful Remedies For Peaceful Solutions

Lab Certified Gemstone
Lab certified gemstone that is energized and original, quick solution to life problems.
Original Nepali Rudraksha
Original Nepali Rudraksha at affordable price for peace, happiness and good life…..
Powerful Siddh Yantra
Powerful siddh Yantra containing divine miraculous healing power for peace and…..
Siddh Locket Yantra
Powerful Siddh locket Yantra, original and energized product with divine healing power…
Original Mala
Original mala (rosary) with great healing effects, positive impacts in life, peaceful.….
Ruby Gemstone
Ruby gemstone, original product with enhanced healing power to help you settle..
14 Mukhi Rudraksha
14 Mukhi Rudraksha original product with divine presence of Lord Shiva for peace and..
Siddh Sampoorn Shri Shir Yantra
Siddh Sampoorn Shri Shri Yantra, original product giving the result of happiness and...
Special Section
Siddh 10 (Dus) Mukhi Rudraksha

Wearing a 10 Mukhi Rudraksha would be beneficial for you if there are obstacles

Puja and Anushthan
Puja and Anushthan

Get Affordable Puja For Peace And Prosperity

Special Section
Shri Krishna Janmashtami Puja On 18th August 2022

Lord Shri Krishna Puja is one of the most beneficial divine beings whose puja is considered to bring...

Grah Shanti Puja
Grah shanti puja for removing malefic effects, attainment of peaceful living in the ….
Dev Prarthna Puja
Dev Prarthna puja dedicated to your financial wellbeing, peace, and good fortune.
Happy Life Puja Archana
Happy life puja archana giving you divine blessings, attain good fortunes and prosperity…
Kundali Grah Dosh Shanti Puja
Kundali Grah Dosh Shanti Puja for attainment of malefic planetary solutions,….
Nakshatra Dosh Shanti Puja
Nakshatra dosh shanti puja that puts an end to malefic effects of planetary movement….
Vedic Anushthan
Vedic Anushthan, a pious ritual conducted by our expert pandits and Vedic priest.
Lord Shani Puja
Ganesh puja, a ritual of eternal wellbeing, good fortune, along with the....
Lord Navgrah Puja
Durga puja, a pious ritual dedicated to establishing in your life with good fortunes..
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Read Our Blogs Covering Astro Inputs

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Transit Of Planets Blogs
A detailed coverage of 2022 planetary transits and their impacts in human lives and….
Remedies And Tips Blogs
A healthy coverage of various astrological remedies and tips offering wholesome...
Festival And Puja Blogs
A proper coverage of our well-cultured festive occasions, values of each in astrological…..
Business Blogs
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Read and enjoy our detailed astrological coverage of famous political icons from the..
Sports Blogs
A broad coverage of highly-reputed sportspersons from around the world as seen..
Special Section
Raksha Bandhan Festival

RakshaBandhan, a festival that evokes sheer bonding between a brother and a sister...

Astrological Guidance
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Consult The Certified Astrologers Online

Get Effective Astro Solutions By Famous Best Astrologer In Delhi

Famous Best Astrologer In Delhi

Celebrity Jyotish Near Me For Best Answer To Your Problems

If you are on lookout for most and Famous Best Astrologer in Delhi or wonder if query about Celebrity Jyotish Near Me, it’s high time you considered us for appropriate answer of your query. We Astrologer Umesh are fully-established Astrological Solution provider in Vedic Astrology. We ensure to give you the astrological solutions and Astrological Guidance meant for solving your day to day problems arising out of Planetary Influences. Subscribe to our Reliable Astrology Consultation meant to address your problems in an effective way, ensuring that your query is answered with positive solutions. Our consultation in astrology involves Horoscope Predictions remedial measures on a variety of issues of your life. Guidance in Astrology is offered post the consultation by our erudite astrologer. Timely and effective astro-solution that we offer brings to you a new awakening of your situation, thus helping you solve it positively. How about knowing your future today? We make it possible with Horoscope Reading, that provides accurate astro-predictions based on the study of cosmic bodies. Consult Famous Best Astrologer in Delhi.

Celebrity Astrologer Pt Umesh Chandra Pant

With aim to spread awareness about Indian Vedic Astrology Expert Astrologer Umesh has come into existence. Here there is a sincere attempt to guide people at large using Vedic Astrology provisions. Our online presence helps person residing far away from us.

Our chief Best Online Astrologer Pt Umesh Chandra Pant, crowned as one of Best Astrologer in South Delhi, has acquired .in –depth knowledge about Astrology. Years of practical experience has helped to arrive at right conclusion. He has guided huge number of people to make life better for them. Some more details about our activities in field of Astrology is listed below. It is our endeavour to also point all the main astrological news to the website for your necessary information so that you can get all kinds of Astrology News, astrological events, all puja related information, Upcoming Astrology Events and Influences from time to time, and information about the visible information of astrological-related information. Is not everything in your life as good as it is supposed to be? Are you upset with downward slope of success in your chosen career? Astrologer On Phone for solutions in astrology. Get all information about your life, like career, business, money, education, marriage, love or personal issues etc. with Renowned Astrologer in Delhi.

Our services like Remedial Solutions, Puja and Anushthan, help you find right and peaceful solution in life. You can win over obstacles and find desired solution for problems related to your career, relationship or any aspect of your life. Read our Astrology News to stay updated of the latest astrological events.

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A Pictorial Journey To Our Service Conducts

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The Golden Nuggets Of Our Customers

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Frequently Asked Questions – Key Insights About Our Services

What is AstrologerUmesh.com?
AstrologerUmesh.com is a parent brand of Pavitra Jyotish, a famous digital platform headed by Founder and chief astrologer, Pt. Umesh Chandra Pant Ji. The website brand of AstrologerUmesh.com features the subjective experience and expertise of Pt. Umesh Pant Ji, along with services encompassing Astro-based Reports, Astro Guidance, Effective Remedial Solutions, Spiritual Products, Puja and Anushthan, Astro News, and Astro blogs, etc.

When was AstrologerUmesh.com launched?
AstrologerUmesh.com was launched on the 20th of February, 2017.

How fast do you reply to customer’s queries and process them on your end?
We reply to your queries as fast as possible. Regarding the process, we firstly take a good look at the nature of queries generated by you, and then make a deep analysis on them, like preparing a relevant chart, making predictions, and preparing the report that looks more presentable to you. Since an astrological report is a delicate process to prepare, we request our customers to fill out accurate details of their problems and other information crucial for us to analyze.

How much time do you take to process our queries?
We take a maximum of 5 days to process customers’ queries post receiving payment from the customers. We prepare a valid report concluding everything that can help you solve your problems.

Do you have a universal pricing model for your services?
Yes. Our services pricing is the same for customers from any country.

I see you deal in astrological products. Does that mean you prescribe gemstones or related products to customers?
We do recommend Gemstone, Rudraksha, Yantra, Locket, and Rosary to the customers. However, that is based on our analysis of the problem of the customer and study of planetary transit and other cosmic factors as reflected by the customer’s horoscope data. Since our products are original and energized, we only recommend the same if need be. Moreover, it also depends on the discretion of the customer as to which remedial measure he wants to choose.

Do you also perform Vedic puja-path and Anushthan?
Yes, our team of learned Vedic pandits arranges puja-path, Vedic anushthan through online. Thousands of people have also benefited from the worship, we performed. People sitting far away who do not have the availability of learned Vedic pandits are very useful services.

Why do you think you are different from other service providers in astrology?
We are unique in the context of having more than 21 years of profound experience in Vedic Astrology and have been awarded for pioneering unique solutions in astrology that have benefited several customers who are doing great in their personal and business lives today. The core competency of our organization is to make services unique and approachable to every customer, and the peace and prosperity they seek in their lives can be made possible with the help of our service solutions.

Do you work alone or partner with others?
We work in consortium with multiple partners, such as Vedic priests, Pandits, and astrologers.

Why Trust?

What Sets Our Astrologer Apart From Other Astrologers?

With 21+ years of relevant experience, Pt. Umesh Ji is an astrologer of impeccable magnitude in his presentation of quality solutions for any problems connected to different astrological reasons that negatively impact a person’s life on a dimensional scale. He is an erudite professional trusted for an astrological solution you can rely upon based on its quality, affordability, and promptness.
Favorite of Millions of Customers
Favorite of Millions of Customers
Profound 22 Years of Experience
Profound 22 Years of Experience
Satisfied Users Across Globe
Satisfied Users Across Globe
Solutions of Utmost Reliance
Solutions of Utmost Reliance
Uncompromised Privacy
Uncompromised Privacy
Unbreachable Security, Every Time
Unbreachable Security, Every Time