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Kundali Match Making

Horoscope match making, one of the greatest astrological ways to know and find your desired soulmate and everything about it for a clear understanding of your individuality. Now with our astrological service of Kundali Matchmaking at your disposal, you can easily get access to our astrological offering of cutting-edge values for your purpose. Designed specifically to serve your objective of knowing the lifespan of your marital life in future based on the astrological profiling of your future spouse. We have a very cutting-edge astrological service done systematically to ensure your future marriage is set in motion positively.

Kundali Match Making

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Why Kundali Milan Or Gun Milan?

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When deciding whether to get married, Kundali matching, also known as Kundali-Milan is a crucial factor to take into account. When the respective parents of the girl and the boy decide to match their Kundali to ensure that the prospective couple is compatible with each other, it basically comes under Kundali-matching, also known as Gun matching. India’s culture has adopted the process of Guna Milan or Horoscope Matching for thousands of years and the tradition continues.

Astrologer Umesh can assist you if you are the fortunate one who is looking for a horoscope matching someone you are in a relationship with or are ready to get married. Online Horoscope Matching by AstrologerUmesh will help you get both charts to compare the compatibility between you two. The charm of Kundali matching online free through our software is to help you get instant compatibility with valuable insights into your relationships.

It will include the number of gunas or merits matching with both boy and girl, what their future holds for them if they continue their relationship, and much more information related to your progress and growth after initiating any relationship or getting married. Save yourself from the unwanted hassle and get the Gun-Milan with online software. You don’t have to go out and seek an expert Astrologer. If you need assistance, take our consultation service or Patrika matching for marriage to clear all your doubts.


What Is Kundali Matching Or Horoscope Matchmaking?

When determining how compatible two people are with each other, Kundali matching in Vedic astrology is used. It takes into account both the positions of the planets, one at the time of your birth and the second at their current positions. Finding out whether a planet’s position is likely or unlikely requires Kundali matching. For instance, our “Astro Kundali Match” says, if the condition of the 7th House and its ruling planet is afflicted in both horoscopes, marriage should be avoided.

Likewise, if the prospective couple is going through a bad planetary period or malefic planetary period or Mahadasha, it would be better to avoid marriage. Similarly, the Kundali matching procedure can assist in determining whether or not the girl or boy is Manglik. A Kundali shows how one’s Manglik dosha would affect the other person if either of them is affected.

To know how to match Kundali, understand that every person on this planet inherits a unique set of energies in them. Specific planets and zodiac signs rule over each of these energy areas. You should have an entirely distinct energy field from others since you are totally separate individual. To put it another way, you might not have the same energy as other people, which therefore makes you and everyone else you encounter unique.

The ancient science of Kundali matching enables us to determine whether the energies we represent match those of our prospective partner or spouse. As marital compatibility is one of the most crucial qualities that keeps two people together over the long term, Kundli Milan provides us with insight into how compatible the two individuals are with each other.

How Do You See Kundali Milan As Your Opportunity Or Threat?

Well, astrology is never a source of conflict in a relationship. Instead, if you ever consult some astrologers and inquire about your relationship, they will simply offer suggestions for how to make it better. Over the years, our astrologers have encountered numerous situations when a couple truly wanted to be married yet their Kundali did not match.

Our astrologers relied on giving the greatest advice on how married couples should build a sound relationship, even if their Kundali didn’t match, given they were mature enough to work on their troubled relationship. They were also given certain astrological remedies to make up for the lack of compatibility. These couples tell us today that everything has gone smoothly for them.

However, the world has grown into suspecting the quality and virtue of Kundali matching. Couples often experience Kundali matching as a barrier in their relationship, especially those who want a love marriage. Many of them look for methods to avoid the Gun Milan because they are afraid of the concerns that would be raised if their Kundali don’t match. However, the kind of notion that the couples have about Kundali matching is nothing but an illusion that has been put into their heads through naysayers.

Get Your Right Partner With Kundali Milan Or Horoscope Matching

The idea of Kundali matching is particularly important in Vedic astrology. Marriage is the holy union of two independent beings, uniting them for a long and happy marriage. There are other names for matchmaking, including Lagna Melapak, Kundali Milan, Guna Milan, and compatibility.

When deciding to get married, the following things are taken into account:

  • Ashtakoot Milan
  • Mangalik Dosha
  • Strength of Navamsa chart
  • Moon’s Placement
  • Condition of 7th house of marriage in both horoscopes

Know The Process Of Kundali Milan Or Guna Milan

In Vedic astrology, the entire process of horoscope matching is referred to as AshtaKoot Milan. Kootas are categories and Ashta here implies the numerical value of eight. Different facets of life are represented by these eight parameter groups. These 8 factors are taken into account when determining how compatible two people are. There are some points associated with each of these factors, totaling 36 gunas. The more the Guna match, the more compatible you are with the other person in your life.

The eight Kootas or parameters in which points are divided are given below:

Varna: Indicates the spiritual compatibility of Boy and Girl, and is categorized into 4 ways, such as Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya, and Shudra.

Vashya: Vashya shows the mutual attraction and control between couples and has 5 types namely- Manav (Human), Vanchar (Wild Animals) Chatushpad (Small Animals), Jalchar (Sea Animals), and Keeta/Keet (Insects)

Tara: Used for birth compatibility of the person.

Yoni: Indicates the intimacy level or mutual love between couple.

Graha Maitri: Indicates the compatibility between zodiac Moon signs.

Gana: Depicts the temperament and nature towards each other. Three Ganas are defined as Deva, Manav, and Rakshasa

Bhakoot: It shows the emotional balance or compatibility between partners. It depends upon the moon’s placement in both the chart of the individuals. Some auspicious and inauspicious placements of the Moon are defined. Based on the same, everything is calculated.

Nadi: It is very important and shows the health of both partners after getting married.

For a marriage to be successful, at least 18 gunas must match. The more games the Gunas play, the happier the couple is. However, if your Kundli does not match, an astrologer can provide you with solutions to the problem of the absence of Gun-Milan by researching the positions of the planets and the causes of the incompatibility.

Beyond all else, Kundli matching aids in determining if a couple’s matchmaking will result in Nadidosha. For those who are unaware of it, Nadi Dosha addresses the health of the couple and Bhakoot may cause progeny issues, which is one of the primary causes of family unhappiness. The couple might not be able to get pregnant if Madhya Nandi dosha is prominent.

The explanation: Naadi denotes the Prakriti (basic element) of a person. They are Vaata, Pitta, and KaphaPrakritis. The points acquired under Naadi would be zero if both partners were born with identical Prakriti, which would prevent childbirth.

Therefore, it is usually preferable to choose gun Milan or Kundali-Milan so that you are aware of potential issues in your relationship, as well as potential remedies for the same in advance.

Know the Method Of Using Kundali Match-Making Services

To know the matchmaking, you just have to insert the birth detail of the boy and then the birth detail of the girl. Submit the details to get the online instant Kundali matchmaking. For more clarification, we at AstrologerUmesh will help you sort out any problem you might face with horoscope matching. The birth details you enter should be accurate. We would require the date of birth, time of birth, and birth city for both the boy and the girl. With these details, you will get the compatibility chart showing the results of 36 points. If you see non-compatibility between the two and have still doubts, consult our expert astrologer for prompt astrological solutions for the same. We are always ready to help you and let you know the cause of marital incompatibility.  Small dosha or any issue causing non-matching can be cured with remedies to help you make your life happier after marriage.

FAQs Kundali Matching

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Can today’s horoscope predict life-changing events for a zodiac sign?

Today’s horoscope can tell a lot about all the twelve zodiac signs. You can know how negative things may get or how positive your day will be. And yes, it can definitely predict the big events that may occur in the day.

How much to plan the day around today’s horoscope?

You must remember to maintain a balance between planning your day according to the horoscope and actually living your day according to the events happening. Today’s horoscope can help you with hints and generalized insight into how the day could be or what events might happen.

Why do people prefer today’s horoscope over a monthly or yearly one?

Today’s horoscope acts as an ultimate guide to show life on a daily basis. You can always look for the monthly or yearly horoscope. But, it gets easier to incorporate changes, skip the mishappenings and rejoice on a one-on-one basis than evaluate over a larger span of time. Thus, today’s horoscope is a better and more straightforward way of knowing the future.

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