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Daily Panchang or Today Panchang is one of the most important astrological ways to know significant time called Muharat and kaal in your everyday life. Moreover, you get aware of other pieces of imperative information, including Nakshatra, moonrise timings and sunrise, apart from the details related to cosmic factors. This is a convenient way of getting to understand your Today Panchang and stay updated on what you should do in a day to neutralise any malignant planetary effect or possible danger of a cosmic element. Obviously, with our systematic astrology, you never remain without the fresh updates of your everyday astro-timekeeping.

Today’s Panchang

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Today's Panchang

June 17, Monday | New Delhi, Delhi, India




Basic Information Of Panchang




Shukla-Ekadashi Upto 30:26:59


Chitra Upto 13:51:33


Parigh Upto 21:35:41


Vanija Upto 17:35:30

Hindu Sunrise


Hindu Sunset


No festival today

Inauspicious Timings (Ashubha Muhurat)

Rahu kalam

From 07:07:49 To 08:52:35

Yamghant Kalam

From 10:37:20 To 12:22:06

Guli Kalam

From 14:06:52 To 15:51:37
Auspicious timing (Shubha Muhurat)

abhijit muhurta

From 11:55 To 12:49
Other Yoga

Yog Name

Shool & Nivas

Moon Nivash


Disha Shool


Nak Shool

Hindu Month & Year

vikram Samvat

2081 - Peengal

Shaka Samvat

1946 - Krodhi









Sun Sign


Moon Sign


All Days Rahu Kalam

Day Rahu Kaal
Monday 07:30 – 09:00
Tuesday 15:00 – 16:30
Wednesday 12:00 – 13:30
Thursday 13:30 – 15:00
Friday 10:30 – 12:00
Saturday 09:00 – 10:30
Sunday 16:30 – 18:00

Disha Shool – Be Care During Travel

1. Monday: Don’t make your travelling eastbound today. If needed, on Monday, see yourself in the mirror; donate curd, conch, pearl, rice and milk.

सोमवार: आज पूर्व दिशा की यात्रा न करें। अति आवश्यक होने पर सोमवार को दर्पण देखकर, दही,शंख, मोती, चावल, दूध का दान देकर यात्रा करें।

2. Tuesday: Don’t make your travelling northbound today. If necessary, on Tuesday, eat coriander; donate red sandalwood/malayagiri sandalwood.

मंगलवार: आज उत्तर दिशा की यात्रा न करें। अति आवश्यक होने पर मंगलवार को धनिया खाकर, लाल चंदन,मलयागिरि चंदन का दानकर यात्रा करें।

3. Wednesday: Don’t make your travelling northbound today. If necessary, on Wednesday, donate rye and red mustard.

बुधवार: आज उत्तर दिशा की यात्रा न करें। अति आवश्यक होने पर बुधवार को राई का दान, लाल सरसों का दान देकर यात्रा करें।

4. Thursday: Don’t make your travelling southbound today. If important, on Thursday, eat curd as whole, apply yellow sandalwood with saffron on forehead and donate the same as gifts to an eligible Brahman.

गुरूवार:  आज दक्षिण दिशा की यात्रा न करें। अति आवश्यक होने पर गुरूवार को दही पूरी खाकर और माथे में पीला चंदन केसर के साथ लगाये और इन्हीं वस्तुओं का दान योग्य ब्रह्मण को देकर यात्रा करें।

5. Friday: Don’t make your travelling westbound today. If needed, on Friday, donate white sandalwood, conch, and country-made ghee.

शुक्रवार:  आज पश्चिम दिशा की यात्रा न करें। शुक्रवार को अति आवश्यक होने पर सफेद चंदन, शंख, देशी घी का दान देकर यात्रा करें।

6. Saturday: Don’t make your travelling eastbound today. If required, on Saturday, donate country-made ghee, jaggery and mustard oil.

शनिवार:  आज पूर्व दिशा की यात्रा न करें। शनिवार को देशी घी,गुड़, सरसों का तेल का दानदेकर यात्रा करें।

7. Sunday: Don’t make your travelling westbound today. If needed, on Sunday, chew betel leaf; donate red sandalwood, jaggery and laddu.

रविवार:  आज पश्चिम दिशा की यात्रा न करें। अति आवश्यक होने पर रविवार को पान खाकर लाल चंदन, गुड़ और लड्डू का दान देकर यात्रा करें।

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About Panchang

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Daily Panchang or Today Panchang is only the calendar like Gregorian Calendar. It is called an Indian Calendar. In both the calendars, difference lies in the auspicious timings what Panchang describes. In Hindu religion, everything is performed with auspicious timing to have the long lasting positive impact of that activity. This way, Hindu Panchang helps people find an auspicious Muharat or timing to perform any activity in a particular day. If followed properly, it brings forth good luck & fortune, as per the Hindu beliefs. Before we discuss Todays Panchang, let’s understand what is Panchang in general.

What is Panchang?

Panchang is comprised of two words i.e. Panch and Ang. Panch is the Sanskrit word, meaning “Five” and Ang is another Sanskrit word, which stands for Limbs. When these two words are combined, they form the meaning, the “Five Limbs”. These five Limbs are Vaar, Tithi, Nakshatra, Yog and Karan. They are considered when it comes to calculating any auspicious Muharat or timing to bring good luck and success in a person’s life. Now coming to Daily panchang, it tells about the five limbs in a particular day. Before we discuss five limbs, let’s know what is Panchang is used for.

Uses & Benefits of Panchang

Well, Daily Panchang Today is calculated on the basis of the movement of both the luminaries Sun & Moon in the sky. It depicts the importance of Panchang in daily life. The Hindu culture adopt edit thousands years ago as a medium to follow before beginning any auspicious task such as marriage, any puja, business expansion, inauguration etc.

To calculate the right time, the study of movements of Moon, Sun and other planets are done, leading to the Panchang. The Vaar in Panchang describes the Day, Tithi describes the Date, Nakshatra describes the auspicious constellation, and further Tithis or dates consist of Yog and Karan. They are used to calculate auspicious timing. They are discussed as follows –

  • Daily Panchang helps people know their future and attract the positivity from the environment. Astrologers also use it for predicting events accurately.
  • Today’s Panchang can help anyone get an overview of overall scenario in a particular day in advance.
  • Anyone can see Today’s Panchang just to know the auspicious timing.
  • Hindu festivals are also based on the Today’s Panchang or Indian Panchang.

After knowing the importance of Today’s Panchang or Panchangam, let’s discuss the five different aspects of Panchang or Panchangam.

Five Aspects of Panchang or Panchangam

1. Vaar: Vaar implies the “Day” of any week and every day. It is somehow associated with certain planet as per Vedic Astrology. Better know which planet rules which day in your life to gather insights into the impact of that day. Remember, different days are associated with different planets, as per Vedic Astrology:

  • Sunday-ruled by planet Sun.
  • Monday– ruled by planet Moon.
  • Tuesday– ruled by planet Mars.
  • Wednesday– ruled by planet Mercury.
  • Thursday– ruled by planet Jupiter.
  • Friday– ruled by planet Venus.
  • Saturday– ruled by planet Saturn.

2. Tithi: After Vaar, the another aspect is Tithi, i.e. Date. After analyzing the good day, the Tithi or Date needs to be analyzed for auspiciousness. Tithi is determined by the Hindu Calendar. It is calculated as per the motion of planet Moon. There can be two Paksha in every month known as Shukla Paksha (Waxing Moon) and Krishna Paksha (Waning Moon). When Moon is transiting from the Sun with its increased degree, it is termed as Shukla Paksha or Waxing Moon. On the other hand, once it completes its half cycle in its complete cycle of 12 zodiac signs, it start coming towards the Sun. it is known as Waning Moon or Krishna Paksha. Get the Hindu Tithis below for your better understanding:

Tithis are categorized under five sections. Every Paksha has 15 Tithi, each including Purnima and Amavasya.

  • Nanda Tithi: Nanda Tithi is for Joy and happiness Tithis that follow under this are Pratipada (1st), Shashti (6th) and Ekadashi (11th).
  • BhadraTithi: Bhadra Tithi is for auspiciousness and good health. Any new work can be started during this tithi. Tithis falling under it are Dwitiya (2nd), Saptami (7th) and Dwadashi (12th).
  • Jaya Tithi: This helps overcome challenges and get victory over your opponents or enemies. These tithis are Tritiya (3rd), Ashtami (8th) and Trayodashi (13th).
  • Rikta Tithi: As the name suggests, Rikta means empty. Therefore, we should avoid such Tithis as they bear a sign of loss for you. These Tithis are Chaturthi (4th) Navami (9th) and Chaturdashi (14th)
  • Poorna Tithi: Poorna in Hindi signifies the completion of anything. Hence, it is considered auscpiousness for initiating a work. They are Panchami (5th), Dashami (10th) and Amavasya (New Moon) or Poornima

3. Nakshatra: The third important aspect of Today’s Panchang is Nakshatra and they are generally 27 in numbers. There is another Nakshtra called Abhijit Nakshtra which is auspicious for all kind of works. As it overlaps Uttarashada and Shravan, it comes under these Nakshatra. However, at a certain point, these Nakshtras come under Abhijit or the most auspicious one. All these Nakshtras or Constellations are ruled by certain Gods. The 27 Nakshatras are divided into 12 zodiac signs. Find below the names of all 27 Nakshtras in order for your convenience:

1. Ashwini, 2. Bharani, 3. Krittika, 4. Rohin, 5. Mrigshira, 6. Ardra, 7. Punarvasu, 8. Pushya, 9. Ashlesha, 10. Magha, 11. Purva Phalguni, 12, Uttara Phalguni, 13. Hasta, 14. Chitra, 15. Swati, 16. Vishakha, 17. Anuradha, 18. Jyeshtha, 19. Mula, 20. Purva Shadha, 21. Uttarashadha, 22. Shravan, 23. Dhanishta, 24. Shatbisha, 25. Purva Bhadrapada, 26. Uttara Bhadrapada, 27. Revati

4. Yog: There are 27 Yogas, so after analysing Vaar, Tithi and Nakshtra of any day, Yog should be analyzed next. Find below the 27 Yogas with its auspiciousness or risk:

  1. Vishakumbha–Favorable Yog, and helps you attain wealth & property, and victory over enemies
  2. Preeti – Good for your personal happiness and liked by everyone. Helps you enjoy and get attracted to opposite gender
  3. Aayushman–Good for longevity and makes feel energetic.
  4. Saubhagya – Fortune-giver and grants all kinds of comforts
  5. Shobhana–Sensualist person and passionate about sex
  6. Atiganda – Danger, risk in life, accidents or problems due to difficulties
  7. Sukarma–One performs noble deeds, charitable and wealthy
  8. Dhriti–Good for entertainment, enjoys life with partner and comforts
  9. Shoola – Painful, argumentative, Angry
  10. Ganda–Related to Worrisome
  11. Vriddhi–Growth, Progress with Age, Intelligent
  12. Dhruva– Consistent and Constant with stable personality
  13. Vyaghaata–Cruel and hurting others
  14. Harshana–Delight, intelligent and cheerful
  15. Vajra–Thunderbolt, changeable, forceful
  16. Siddhi–Skilled and successful in several areas
  17. Vyatipaata–Unexpected mishaps and instability
  18. Variyaana–Love comforts & luxuries in life
  19. Parigha–Obstacles to progress in life
  20. Shiva–Benefic and gets rewarded by government and seniors
  21. Siddha–One can accomplish the expert level, good nature, spirituality
  22. Saaddhya–Full of Etiquettes and manner
  23. Shubha– Beneficial but problems with health, irritable
  24. Shukla–Impatient, Changeable mind, flighty, unreliable
  25. Brahma– Trustworthy, truthful, ambitious, good discernment
  26. Indra– Drawn more towards attaining knowledge and education, helpful
  27. Vaidhriti–Overwhelming mentally and physically, poor support, critical, dangerous.

5. Karn: The last or fifth aspect of Today’s Panchang is Karna, and half of tithi is termed as Karn. Generally total 11 Karnas are described and in that, four are considered fixednamely: Shakuni, Chatushpada, Naga, and Kintughna. Seven among them are movable namely: Bava, Balava, Kaulav, Taitila, Gara, Vanij and Vishti. Find below the detailed explanation for all of these Karna:

The Fixed Karnas:

  1. Shakuni: Person of this Karn is of calm and composed nature and perform good deeds. Its ruling deity is Garuna (Eagle) and this Karn falls on 14th day of dark moon in night.
  2. Chatushpada: Person will be truthful and can do independent business. Ruling deity is Vrishabha (The Bull) and falls on Amavasya or New Moon day.
  3. Naga: Person will become expert in chosen profession and will be good in character. Ruling deity is Naga (Serpent) and it falls on Amavasya (New Moon)
  4. Kitughan: Person will be intelligent but can be redirected towards bad deeds too, becomes heartless, which leads to sufferings. Ruling deity is Kubera (Wealth Lord) and falls on Shukla Paksha Pratipada or 1st day of Waxing Moon.

The Movable Karnas:

  1. Bava: This makes one poor but the person will be kind with what they receive in life.
  2. Balava: Person will be courageous, good looking handsome, interested in sports and sacrificing in nature.
  3. Kaulav: Person will be doing bad deeds due to his past upbringing.
  4. Taitila: Person will be soft-hearted with strong convictions.
  5. Gara: These people will be good strategists, talkative and imaginative.
  6. Vanij: Person finds success in everything what they choose in business. They are gifted with business acumen.
  7. Vishti: Person will be considered heartless with no friends and inclined towards bad deeds.

Among these movable Karnas, Vishti is considered the most inauspicious one. Hence, it’s not good to initiate any important work during its phase. Do you want to know What Is Today’s Panchangam? Consult our expert Astrologer In Delhi.

Frequently Asked Questions – Today Panchang

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What is panchang, according to astrology?

Panchang or Panchāngam is defined as a Hindu calendar representing a recorded list of important dates, timings, periods, and a collection of different other astrological data. Astrologically speaking, the word, Panchang, is a derivative of Sanskrit and is translated as Five Limbs, based on its etymologies, such as ‘Panch’ which stands for five, and ‘Ang’ or ‘Angam’ which stands for body or limbs. Panchang also gives out the details of astronomical events, weather conditions, and ordinary events. It is touted as one of the most crucial parts of astrology. Though it can be understood, but sometimes you need to consult an expert to decipher the contents of panchang due to their subtle connotations.

What makes panchang so important in astrology?

Though the importance of panchang may differ from one to another expert, it is considered extremely important in terms of an astrological standpoint. That’s because the help of panchang is sought when someone has to look up an auspicious time, work, celebration, puja, or Anusthan.

Panchang gives out a detailed version of each and every auspicious event so that readers can get proper insights into specific events. Moreover, panchang is also important in telling you to avoid certain times or specific days due to their malefic characterization, as per astrology.

By reading a panchang, a person can make a better decision in picking up the right day, time, or when to execute a work. Without panchang, getting to know auspicious and inauspicious days or times would be difficult.

What are the benefits of panchang? Why should we use it?

First of all, using panchang means getting to know which days or times are auspicious or bad. Moreover, it is crucial documentation for astrologers to create a horoscope for you. It is an important document that astrologers use to decide on the lucky prospects of a day. It guides you on how to successfully carry out a task or celebration by avoiding unlucky Muhurtas like Sade Sati or Rahu Kaal. Consulting a panchang can help you find remedies to reduce the malefic influences of Yoga.

Can understand the contents of a panchang?

Whether you can understand the contents of a panchang or not largely depends on how you can do simple mathematical calculations to decode its underlying meaning. However, if you consult an Astrologer, you will get a detailed panchang, easy to read and understand. Being a very important astrological document, a panchang is prepared meticulously and with great precision. A reader must have a basic understanding of mathematics to derive the meaning from a panchang.

What is the importance of a daily panchang or today panchang?

A panchang is your true friend when it comes to determining if a day is lucky or unfavorable for you. It is decided based on various factors, such as Vara, Thithi, Nakshatra, Yoga, and Karana. So, a daily panchang is a crucial guide, helping you walk through auspicious and inauspicious moments. Countless people start their day based on the recommendation of a daily panchang. No doubt, panchang is an essential part of astrology.

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