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Hora Muhurat

Hora Muhurat

Hora Muhurat could be said an efficient medium for finding out the right or auspicious time for starting a new work or project. Hora Muhurat can also be used for various tasks, like how to make critical decisions at an auspicious time or Shubh Muhurat, take up new beginnings, or carry out tasks that matter significantly to you. Do you want to know what entails in today’s Shubh Hora? AstrologerUmesh gives you an intelligent medium to help you make a quick analysis of current timings as to whether they are auspicious or inauspicious for you. Based on the insights provided, you can make critical decisions like chalking out a plan for today.

Today’s Hora Muhurat

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Hora for 19 July 2024 | New Delhi, Delhi, India

day Hora
Venus5:35 : 6:35
Mercury6:35 : 7:35
Moon7:35 : 8:35
Saturn8:35 : 9:35
Jupiter9:35 : 10:35
Mars10:35 : 11:35
Sun11:35 : 12:35
Venus12:35 : 13:35
Mercury13:35 : 14:35
Moon14:35 : 15:35
Saturn15:35 : 16:35
Jupiter16:35 : 17:35
night Hora
Mars17:35 : 18:35
Sun18:35 : 19:35
Venus19:35 : 20:35
Mercury20:35 : 21:35
Moon21:35 : 22:35
Saturn22:35 : 23:35
Jupiter23:35 : 0:35
Mars0:35 : 1:35
Sun1:35 : 2:35
Venus2:35 : 3:35
Mercury3:35 : 4:35
Moon4:35 : 5:35

About Hora

In astrology, the name of Hora is something denoting the value of an hour. Therefore, 24 hours constitute a total of 24 hours denoting a day in totality. There are two horas under one horoscope or Rashi. The first hora in a day begins at sunrise. Ahora is another name denoting the time period of one day and one night, according to Vedic timekeeping. Similar timekeeping also denotes that Hora basically stands for one sunrise to the next sunrise. In Spanish, the word, “Hora” stands for “Time.” Hora Muhurat or Shubh Hora denotes the time period considered good and auspicious. Seven horas, therefore, means seven planets denoting a favorable period during a specific time in 24 hours in a day.

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Get Your Auspicious Hora Muhurat, Shubh Hora To Start A New Work

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When it comes to finding out an auspicious day for an auspicious ritual, people usually seek the counseling of an erudite Pandit. However, due to urgency or certain unavoidable circumstances, people can’t consult a Pandit for an auspicious Muharat. Considering this, astrology has come up with a great alternative known as Hora Muhurat to help people get a proper understanding of an auspicious and an inauspicious timing for a day. Whether you are looking for a Puja at home but not sure of good timing or planning to start a new project but are aware of the auspicious timing, Hora Muhurat will help you know the right time in which you can execute a particular ritual or something you have planned. Find your Shubh Hora using our resource through the Hora Muhurat calculator and gain insights into how a particular time would have influence on your action.

Frequently Asked Questions – Hora Muhurat

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How do you define Hora Muhurat?

Hora Muhurat can be defined as a significant part of the Vedic Hindu calendar called Panchang. Back in ancient times in India, Hora was used as a measurement technique for time, with each division almost equal to 24 minutes. In other words, Hora Muhurat basically defines the auspicious period throughout the day. Therefore, these specific periods are sought by people to undertake specific activities, considering how people like to start a new task or activity by determining the auspiciousness of the period in which the work is to be initiated. However, it should be noted that the kind of Hora Muhurat you are looking for depends on the nature of the work you want to start at a specific time. That’s because different Muhurtas cast their respective influences on different aspects of life.

Which type of Hora is suitable or ideal for a job?

It is believed that Jupiter or Sun Hora is good when you are planning to apply for a new job or seeking a new career. As an alternative, you can also consider Saturn Hora for a job.

How do you calculate Hora Muhurat?

There are seven days in a week; each is governed by a planet in the solar system. Based on this calculation, we get a total of seven Horas, as per astrological standpoint. According to the calculation, Sun governs Sunday, Monday is ruled by Moon, Mars rules Tuesday, Wednesday is governed by Mercury, Thursday is ruled by Jupiter, Friday is ruled by Venus, and lastly, Saturday is governed by Saturn. Remember that Hora is considered a unit of time, meaning we have 24 Horas in a day, but are changeable, considering the duration relies on the total period from one sunrise to the next.

Can you explain the different types of Horas, as per their planetary connection?

  • Surya Hora – it is the first hora on Sunday, considered dynamic, powerful, and radiated with life.
  • Chandra Hora – First hora on Monday signifying delicacy, mildness, and inconsistency.
  • Mangal Hora – the first hora on Tuesday giving out aggressive and unyielding characteristics.
  • Budh Hora – Wednesday’s first hora signifies impulsive and changing natures.
  • Guru Hora – Best for profitable or auspicious works, and lucky for starting a new job, etc.
  • Shukra Hora – Friday’s first hora signifies beauty and harmony, as well as good equations.
  • Shani Hora – It signifies laziness, procrastination, and inactivity as per Saturn’s influence.

Is it possible to get Hora chart for the day?

Yes, why not? Use our Hora Muhurat calculator to get the Hora chart for the day or any day you may prefer. All you need to do is to supply key details to get accurate results.

What Hora is considered good or auspicious?

Good or auspicious Horas signify those planets which are astrologically considered benefic. For instance, Budh hora and Chandra hora are some types of Horas considered good or favorable, depending on various factors.

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