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Choughadiya Muhurat

Chaughadiya Muhurat

Choghadiya Muhurat denotes a specific time period for an auspicious Muhurat, especially when you feel pressed by time limitations to find a Muharat to start a new work immediately or want to embark on a new journey or trip.  Thanks to the simplicity of Choghadiya Muhurat that it is conveniently used to check the auspicious time to initiate a new work based on its four types, such as Amrit, Shubh, Labh, and Char. However, a person should refrain from using inauspicious Choghadiya, such as Rog, Kaal, and Udveg. They cast a bad influence and so must be avoided. You can use our Choghadiya Table to determine the auspicious time for a new work or anything of religious significance.

Today’s Chaughodiya Muhurat

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Chaughadiya for 14 April 2024 | New Delhi, Delhi, India

day Chaughadiya
Udveg05:56:26 - 07:32:41
Char07:32:41 - 09:08:58
Labh09:08:58 - 10:45:13
Amrit10:45:13 - 12:21:30
Kaal12:21:30 - 13:57:45
Shubh13:57:45 - 15:34:01
Rog15:34:01 - 17:10:18
Udveg17:10:18 - 18:46:33
night Chaughadiya
Shubh18:46:33 - 20:10:18
Amrit20:10:18 - 21:34:01
Char21:34:01 - 22:57:45
Rog22:57:45 - 24:21:30
Kaal24:21:30 - 25:45:13
Labh25:45:13 - 27:08:58
Udveg27:08:58 - 28:32:42
Shubh28:32:42 - 05:56:26

About Choghadiya

Choghadiya is not a new concept in astrology. It is basically an auspicious time or Muhurat. In the Hindu religion, Choghadiya is held in great esteem, given the importance of this auspicious time. For instance, people seek it when they want to perform an auspicious or holy ritual or task. Considering performing a sacred ritual at an auspicious time quantifies the significance and auspiciousness of the task, the significance of finding the right Chaughadiya Muhurat is immense. Moreover, one can use this time period to perform puja, anusthan, conduct a new activity or do anything new so that the end result of the deed is always fruitful. Most importantly, Choghadiya helps you with confidence that any task undertaken during this period is fated to result in helpful outcomes, eventually. Here, on our website, you can use Chaughadiya Table and determine the most auspicious time of the day for conducting a new task.

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Choghadiya Muhurat For An Auspicious Time To Start A New Work

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Choghadiya Muhurat could be said an efficient medium for finding out the right or auspicious time for starting a new work or project. It can also be used for various tasks, like how to make critical decisions at an auspicious time or Shubh Muhurat, take up new beginnings, or carry out tasks that matter significantly to you. Do you want to know what entails in today’s Shubh Choghadiya muhurat? AstrologerUmesh gives you an intelligent medium to help you make a quick analysis of current timings as to whether they are auspicious or inauspicious for you. Based on the insights provided, you can make critical decisions like chalking out a plan for today.

Frequently Asked Question – Choghadiya Muhurat

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How do you explain Chaughodiya Muhurat?

Generally, Chaughadiya is defined as an auspicious period of 24 minutes, according to Indian astrology. As far as its origin is concerned, it is made of “Cho” meaning four, and “Ghadi” meaning a clock. Combined, they form the meaning of a period total of 96 minutes. Moreover, it also bears a close resemblance to the Indian Panchang calendar. Containing Vedic traits, such as tithi, Karana, Nakshatra, and yoga, the choghadiya system is hailed in deep regard for signifying shubh-muhurat periods to carry out certain tasks. You can use the Choghadiya calculator dedicated to helping you find a good Choughadiya Muhurat by analyzing the planetary position of the day to give you the correct interpretation of an auspicious day.

Why is the Choghadiya system still relied on in today’s modern world?

The reason why the Choghadiya system is still believed in the world driven by modern technologies and tools is that it helps you with a structure to understand the authenticity and relevancy of a particular day. This sort of thing holds its greater importance among the Hindus for years, considering their reliance on knowing a specific period means great reassurance. Another reason could relate to the fact that the Choghadiya system has its association with divinity, given it affirms that the life of a human is greatly controlled by cosmic powers like planets, stars, and supernatural things.

What is the relationship of Choghadiya with affecting our day-to-day life?

The relationship of Choghadiya with affecting your day-to-day life is not much substantial but it certainly aims to guide you about an auspicious time to start a new work or business. Moreover, if you are planning a trip to a new place or somewhere you want to go to explore new worldviews, you can choose Choghadiya to determine if a particular day is good to go or not. In essence, you can choose Choghadiya to find an auspicious time for getting married, baby’s birth, buying a new house or a car, etc.

Is it possible that Choghadiya could be completely bad?

Choghadiya could be good or bad, depending on the planetary positions. Basically, if the earth relays positivity or a good sign, the Choghadiya could signal as an auspicious period for you. However, we deem it prudent to advise you to consult an erudite Pandit or astrologer if you are seeking an auspicious period to start a new business or plan for something new in your life.

How would you suggest checking today’s Choghadiya Muhurta for me?

It is very simple. You can search for an auspicious Choghadiya period using our website, astrologerumesh.com. This is a digital place for a comprehensive suite of astrological services, along with different types of offerings, including puja, Anusthan, stones, rosary products, etc. All the offerings and services showcased on our website are certified and trusted.

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