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Kundali predictions are based on proper and accurate analysis of cosmic or planetary factors so that an individual’s astrological profile can be done. We have an efficient and systematic way of reading a person’s horoscope with predictions given out containing all relevant details related to one’s astrological profile. Access your Free Kundali to better understand all the relevant astrological details about yourself, manage your daily activities tactfully and further your success in your chosen endeavour. We have a panel of experts with outstanding expertise and specialisation in profiling your individuality as per astrology.

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About Online Free Kundli

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Looking for a free Kundali (horoscope) predicting the gist of your life? Find it here! This is the right place for any true lover of astrology looking for a Janam Kundli free of cost. What does a free Kundali mean? Well, it gives you a summary of your whole life scenarios. It is prepared after consulting different expert astrologers. Therefore, it is a very authentic piece of work reflecting the essence of your life.

People these days live a hectic life in which decisions, if taken hurriedly, pan out negative results. The benefit of having your horoscope analyzed is to ensure that you make an informed decision in different aspects of your life, such as career, marriage, business, love life, and many more. For instance, before getting married, get the horoscope of both the male & female analyzed. It helps you reach the solution for compatibility issues. Our free Kundali, in this context, can help you with accurate match-making predictions, too.

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What Is Janam Kundali Or Birth Chart Or Natal Chart?

Kundali or Janam Kundali of any person is the map of celestial bodies at the time of birth. It reflects different positions of the planets represented in a particular designed chart and patterns. Kundali tells about your individuality, reveals details about your future, and states the purpose of your birth in this world.

Kundali showcases 12 Houses, along with the 12 Zodiac signs that fall under these fixed houses. It shows the positioning of all the major nine planets in the House, as per their current movement. Besides, these planets fall under categories called Nakshatra and Padas. This way, we get an overall design of a horoscope chart. Kundali predictions are made by analyzing this chart by an expert astrologer.

In light of how people are going tech-driven and expect results faster, it has given rise to online Kundali. And it has its own perks, too. Online horoscopes are user-friendly and informative, thanks to their comprehensive details in a systematized format.

We at AstrologerUmesh will help you how to get kundali online free by using various astrological parameters. We assure you of the technical accuracy and quality of our service. While there are people who don’t appreciate the value of online Kundali, we assure you that our online free Kundali gives you all the relevant details and insights you can trust to make an informed decision in every aspect of your life.

No doubt, the physical Kundali prepared by an astrologer is good, but online free Kundali goes beyond just being good. It helps you save time and money as well, not to consider easy-to-read format that helps you know the detailed information of your life.

The online free Kundali is also prepared by Vedic Astrologers and Pundits, only the change occurs in delivering the information. For example, digitally formatted Kundali can be delivered in no time. It also drives several benefits and is not limited to a certain community or group. With digitalization, the scope of free online kundali is drawing worldwide attention, as horoscopes are prepared in different languages.

Methods For Creating Free Kundali Online

How to make kundali online free is actually not a daunting task. You don’t have to depend on an astrologer for this. All you require is to fill out the necessary details and get your free kundali in no time. The requested details can be related to your birth date, time, and place and based on the same. Even though it says free, the detailing is impeccable so that you can take full advantages from a free kundali prepared by our expert astrologers.

Though easy to prepare, make sure your information is correct and do not take any round figure of the time. Once you have filled out the details, you will get the free Kundali predictions within seconds, along with your Janam Kundali. You will also get other important charts and astrological parameters with the current planetary transit of celestial bodies. It will inform you more about the different aspects of life. We will help you get free kundali prepared in an easy to read format with detailed information, revealing more about your personality and different aspects of life. You can consult or order a full-fledged horoscope report, too. If you have any queries, our team of astrologers will help you.

Along with free Kundali, we can also serve you match-making services regarding your future life partner. Matchmaking is very important to help you understand if someone to whom you are about to get married is compatible with your personality traits, as per astrological interpretations. But you don’t have to worry too much about it. If there is a compatibility issue, we will help you with remedies for the same. Consult us for the solution to the unmatched Kundali.

To know more about kundali matching, Kundali predictions, birth chart reading, mangalik dosha, issues in marriage, and compatibility, Talk To Best Astrologer and get proper advice and suitable remedies.

Why Do You Need Kundali Predictions?

With the proper analysis of a Kundali, an expert astrologer draws conclusions about the outcomes that are supposed to happen in the future. You need such predictions, as you will get suitable Astrological Guidance to sort out problems and enjoy your life. You will be able to leverage your time in your life. However, all will depend upon an expert astrologer, who would extract the accurate information for you. Here, at AstrologerUmesh, we have a strong team of astrologers and pundits with more than 22 years of experience in their niche. Thus, we assure you of a high-quality and accurate analysis of your birth chart. What are you waiting for? Book your consultation or order a report!

How Online Free Kundali Helps?

Free Kundali can help you with a free personalized horoscope and personalized analysis. Our expert astrologer will get you a personalized horoscope and predictions so that you can take a full overview of your personality strengths and weaknesses. The astrological reports will help you improve as a person and grow boundlessly in the future.

With the help of free Kundali, you can get the Kundali predictions and insights for your future events, thus enabling you to make proactive decisions in life. Predictions of different life aspects will also be covered in the report, such as marriage, career, finance, family, love, relationship, or business.

Free Kundali predictions can help you with instant solutions for any personal problems. They give you Astrological Remedies for reducing the ill effects of malefic planetary combinations. Therefore, you will feel positively refined to maximize your time in life. If you are looking for in-depth horoscope analysis, order your report concerning any aspect of your life, like finance, career, marriage, education, janampatri, horoscope reading, life reading, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions – Free Kundali

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What is Birth Chart or Janam Kundali?

First of all, the birth chart and Kundali both are the same. It is the map of a particularly designed pattern of planets at the time of birth, and how they represent the entire life journey of any individual.

What is Lagna chart?

Lagna Chart is the same as the birth chart and signifies the sign that is rising at the eastern horizon in the sky.

What is the Navamsa chart?

Navamsa Chart is a Varga Chart that shows the 9th division of the 9th house of D-1 or the main birth chart. It is analyzed for your marital situation.

How do you define kundali?

The definition of kundali is associated with a detailed outline of the date, place, and time of the birth of a person. When a kundali is prepared, a lot of key details are taken into consideration. For example, an astrologer ensures that the details like time of the birth, place, and date of a person are accurate. Based on the accuracy and precision of the details provided, the accuracy and perfection of a kundali are ensured. There is no other way round.

What is the importance of kundali?

Kundali identifies the position and placement of planets and signs, as well as celestial bodies, such as the Moon and the Sun at the time of a person’s birth. You can rely on a kundali for other reasons as well. For example, it showcases various aspects of astrology and information pertaining to a new born person. These details are crucial for an astrologer in calculating your ascendant status and the native’s rising sign. Kundali is a crucial document for an astrologer to get a meticulous insight into the future of an individual, or how would someone turn out in his or her life later in the future. It also tells a person’s current scenario in his life. To sum it up, the importance of a kundali in the context of astrological prediction for an astrologer is extremely important.

What is Mahadasha or Antardasha?

Mahadasha is a planetary period named after all 9 planets. Which Mahadasha or period will overshadow you depends largely upon the Nakshatra of the Moon at the time of your birth. It can be favorable or unfavorable, depending on a certain planetary position in your Janam Kundli.

What is Dasha and how it is seen in kundali?

According to Vedic astrology, dasha stands for an important phase of a planet and its corresponding impact on the life of a person or a native. Astrology says that there is a total of 43 different types of dasha systems. One of the terms called Poorna Dasha is astrologically defined as a period in which a planet becomes powerfully settled in its exaltation sign. On the other hand, if the planet doesn’t hold any power or stays in a poor condition, that phase is known as the Rikta Dasha.

Is there any way of knowing Mahadasha in astrology?

A period of Mahadasha is basically ruled by any of the nine planets and it carries different impacts for an individual, depending on various factors. One of the factors is the foundation of the planet in general or planetary placement as reflected in a horoscope of an individual. So, finding out Mahadasha has a specific procedure in Vedic astrology. It states that the Mahadasha of any nine planets depends on the lunar position in a particular Nakshatra out of 27 constellations.

What are Yogas in Kundali?

Yogas are the very auspicious combinations present in your horoscope or birth chart. They assist in reducing the malefic influences and make your chart very strong. They grant what you desire in your life, but that depends on the complete analysis of your birth chart.

Does Yogas have specific characters in kundali reading?

Yogas are simply the nature of influences (good or bad) of the planets as shown in a person’s horoscope or a birth chart. Therefore, the influence of Yogas could either be positive or negative. The one with negative influence is called Dosha, and so negatively impacts the life of a person under its influence.

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