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Bhaumvati Amavasya

What Is Bhaumvati Amavasya?

Bhaumvati Amavasya is one of the auspicious festivals in the Hindu religion. Though planet Mars is the main deity who is worshipped on this day, yet the day has also a tradition of worshipping Lord Vishnu and Peepal tree.

Here, the word ‘Amavasya’ stands for the cosmic event of the dark moon lunar phase with that takes place every month. According to mythological scriptures, any phase of Amavasya that falls on Monday is known as Somvati Amavasya while the one that happens on Monday is called Bhaumvati Amavasya.

Both the cosmic phases have their respective significance, given they are considered very useful periods for conducting religious rites like Pitru Tarpan or Pitru shraddha.

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What Is The Significance Of Bhaumvati Amavasya?

Talking from a religious standpoint, the day of Bhaumvati Amavasya is held in pure auspiciousness as it is designated to conduct auspicious rites like Pitru Tarpan or Pitru Daan, also known as ancestral rituals for the peace and serenity of the forefathers. It is believed that the day is also very important because it grants devotees who perform ancestral rites Punya and emancipations of the souls of their deceased ancestors. In other words, the devotees who offer water and tila on this day get auspicious results in life. 

Features Associated With Bhaumvati Amavasya

  • The day is considered auspicious for conducting ancestral rites like Pitru Tarpan
  • Devotees gain prosperity in life
  • Mars-induced afflictions like Mangal Dosha and Angarak Dosha etc. are treated well if certain specific rituals to pacify these elements are performed on this day.
  • On this day, devotees should feed the poor Brahmins. The deed pacifies the departed souls.

What To Do On Bhaumvati Amavasya?

  • Wake up early in the morning
  • Take a holy bath
  • Wear fine cloth appropriate for Puja
  • Worship and remember Lord Shiva
  • Visit a Shiva temple, offer milk to Lord Shiva or bathe him with milk
  • Offer Lord Shiva Bilwapatra and Dhatura
  • If visiting the temple is not possible, then make an idol of Lord Shiva and worship it
  • The day is auspicious for ensconcing Parad Shivling at home
  • Devotees can also do almsgiving on this day
  • The day is auspicious for performing ancestral rites, like Pitra Tarpan. Hence, doing PitraArchana can help a devotee to rid of Pitru Rin.
  • Worshipping Lord Hanuman and Mangal Dev can also be considered auspicious for the devotees, as Bhaumvati Amavasya falls on Monday.
  • Apart from getting up early in the morning, devotees should ensure not to consume things like onions, garlic, wine or any tamsik foods
  • Keep every room of your house illuminated in the time of evening.
  • Make sure that no guest is returned empty-handed from your house on this day
  • Recite Hanuman Chalisa

Bhaumvati Amavasya Story

Various mythological scriptures and texts make mention the significance and virtue of Bhaumvati Amavasya, with most of them accentuating its importance through interesting tales, one of them is mentioned in the following manner –

There once lived a poor Brahman. He was upset because he was unable to get his nubile daughter married due to his poverty. Once a sage visited his home and after hearing his problem, advised him to serve a washerwoman who was living a few miles from Brahman’s house. According to the sage, if Brahman’s daughter serves the washerwoman and her family selflessly, and if she is pleased by her service, then she will donate her vermillion of spousehood to Brahman’s daughter which will cure her ill fate of not getting married. Hearing this remedial course from the sage, the Brahman asked her daughter to follow the advice. The daughter, the next day, started to serve the family of the washerwoman by doing her household chores surreptitiously. Meanwhile, the washerwoman thought that it was her daughter-in-law who did all the household chores. So, she asked her who cleaned the household. At this, the daughter-in-law said she had no idea who cleaned the house. Then the washerwoman thought of finding out who cleaned her house secretly. Eventually she found the daughter of Brahman cleaning the house in the early morning when everyone was asleep. The washerwoman asked her why she cleaned her house. The daughter told her the tale and advice of the sage. Hearing her plight, the washerwoman donated her vermillion of spousehood(Mangkasindoor) to Brahman’s daughter, which eventually caused the death of her husband. Seeing this, the agonized washerwoman made a round of a Peepal tree by using 108 chippings of bricks. The religious rounds that she made unleashed divine effects that made her lifeless husband alive. Coincidently, the day when the washerwoman performed the ritual was the day of Bhaumvati Amavasya and she inadvertently observed the vrat on that day due to which her dead husband got his life back. Since then the religious significance of observing Bhaumvati Amavasya vrat has been in practice.

Conclusion Bhaumvati Amavasya is one of the most auspicious days in the Hindu religion. The day has its religious significance according to mythological texts. It is believed that the day of Bhaumvati Amavasya is an auspicious time for performing ancestral rites, like Pitru Tarpan that give salvation or emancipation of the deceased forefathers, as per the beliefs.

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