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Nusli Wadia Horoscope Analysis

Nusli Wadia: Indian Businessman, Entrepreneur And The Chairman Of Wadia Group

Nusli Wadia Horoscope Analysis: Nusli Wadia, Entrepreneur and Chairman of Wadia Group, was born in Parsi Wadia family in Bombay. As specified by Nusli Wadia Horoscope Analysis, He is one of the savviest businessmen hailed in corporates and famous for his close proximity to Lal Krishna Advani & Atal Bihari Bajpayi at the time of BJP government. The entrepreneur is the  son of Nevili and Dina Wadia and the grandson of Muhammad Ali Jinnah, founder of Pakistan.  

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Know the astrological analysis made on Nusli Wadia, how it impacts his life and what his future enfolds for him in near future as a businessman.

Birth Chart
Date Of Birth: February 15, 1944
Time Of Birth: 13:30 Hrs
Place Of Birth: Mumbai, Maharashtra

What Nusli Wadia’s Kundali Has To Say About Him?

Nusli Wadia Horoscope

As per Nusli Wadia Horoscope Analysis, he is born with Taurus ascendant ruled by the planet Venus positioned in his 8th house of uncertainty & transformation; it indicates that he has good intuitions & insights. Venus is Karak planet of love, beauty, comforts, creativity etc, so he has good materialistic gains in his life and has luxurious lifestyle by leading as top businessman of India. As Stated by Nusli Wadia Astrological Analysis, He has good business sense and the placement of Venus indicates that he can do well in the fields of textile or the areas related to Venus like luxury, comforts and good service. Further, Saturn is placed in his ascendant makes you very responsible, mature and understanding person, it also gives him a workaholic approach with structured mind set. He wants to be consistent in his drawn endeavours in order to avail the maximum output from it. On the strength of Nusli Wadia Horoscope Analysis, Mars is also placed with Saturn, as Saturn & Mars are inimical to each other, so it indicates some conflicts too, but this makes him a strong leader as well. In Alignment with Nusli Wadia Astrological Analysis, He wants his work done at the right time. Further, he has Libra Moon sign again ruled by the planet Venus and Moon itself is placed in 6th house indicates that he is also a social activists too and like serving others. Consult the Best Astrologer Delhi Near Me for solutions that would help you handle everything problematic in your life.

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How Nusli Wadia Emerged As An Industrialist Explained Astrologically?

In Compliance with Nusli Wadia Astrological Analysis, he was born under his Rahu Mahadasha, which ended in July 1958. In his early childhood, he was running with the Rahu Mahadasha and Mercury Antardasha, as Mercury is getting afflicted in the 9th house of father and Jupiter Rahu is also placed in 3rd house (Also considered the house of mother with respect to 9th house), so his parents got divorced when he was only 5 years old. He did his schooling from England and later during his Jupiter Mahadasha came back to India.

With the help of Nusli Wadia Horoscope Analysis, In 1970s, though Bombay Dyeing, the textile company of Wadia was good, but it found much competition with Ambani group, so his father decided to sell the company in 1971, but it was Nusli, who convinced his father not to sell the company and settle abroad. As he was running with the Mahadasha of Jupiter, so he was so inclined towards his homeland and believed too in India.

In the manner of Nusli Wadia Astrological Analysis, He later entered in Saturn Mahadasha after July 1974, which was good for him and made him get indulged into new business related to FMCG during 1990s. Since then he keeps on emerging in business world and it includes the companies like Britannia Industries, Bombay Dyeing, and Go Air.

As Believed by Nusli Wadia Horoscope Analysis, The Ketu Mahadasha was not good and created differences between his partnership with Ratan Tata in 2016. But he handled things with his great managerial skills. Contact Best Astrologer In Noida for solutions related to any problems in your life.

Astrological Analysis On His Achievements

Let’s Discuss about Nusli Wadia Horoscope Analysis, While running with the Mahadasha of Mercury and Antardasha of Venus, he was appointed on Prime Minister’s council on Trade & Industry in 1998, 1999 and 2000.

On the basis of Nusli Wadia Horoscope Analysis, in 2009, when he was undergoing with the Mercury Mahadasha and Saturn Antardasha, it gave him a good success and he acquired total shares in Britannia.

As Per Nusli Wadia Horoscope Analysis, During his Mercury Mahadasha and rahu Antradasha, he started his Go Air in 2005, Rahu made him drawn towards the new technology and Mercury indicates the transport. So he emerged in this business too.

In Consonance with Nusli Wadia Horoscope Analysis, In 2018, According to Forbes, Britannia Industries became the best cookies industries and turned into 100. So in this period, he was undergoing with the Venus Mahadasha and Venus Antardasha, which provides success in FMCG products.  Are you in search for trusted Astrological Guidance and solutions? Contact Best Online Astrologer now.

What Nusli Wadia’s Personal Life Has To Tell About Him?

According to Nusli Wadia Horoscope Analysis, his 7th house of marriage & partnership ruled by the planet Mars positioned in 1st house of ascendant & self, so it shows that his partner is a kind of strong leader, and can hold an administrative position too. He married to former Air Hostess, who leads now the magazines and organizes Mrs India Beauty Pageant. Being ruled by the planet Mars, she is kind of very active, quick learner and can make the things possible in instant time frame. Conforming to Nusli Wadia Horoscope Analysis, She is also a responsible, mature and understanding woman too, who appreciates his husband and suggests or advises things too in his business.

What Nusli Wadia’s Future Has To Say About Him astrologically?

As per the Nusli Wadia horoscope Analysis, he has strong Raj Yogas and Dhan Yogas present in his Horoscope, which indicates that he is very fortunate and will enjoy the life like a king in his lifespan. His horoscope indicates the good gains through the foreign sources and he will have multiple foreign clients to whom he will establish the good and long lasting partnership too. Saturn in the 1st house creating one of the strong Raj Yoga for him, it is also the strong Dhan Yoga too, which is associated with overseas as well as within the country. People come to him to have the good deal or collaboration for business purpose. At present, he is running with the Mahadasha of Venus, which will last till July 2037. Taking into consideration Nusli Wadia Astrological Analysis, Good period for his FMCG or textile business as Venus in the 8th house indicates the gains through the lavish or luxury items, be it clothes or food. Later, he will enter in the period of Sun from July 2037 and it will last till July 2043. It shows that he can hold the good leadership and administrative roles & expand his business to large scale, and it will increase his reputation and will also provide the good support from the government. Find the true meaning and purpose of your life with the assistance promptly provided by the Best Astrologer in Delhi.

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“We wish him a good luck for his success in business and keep on inspiring others with your good works!”

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