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Vijay Mallya Horoscope Analysis

Vijay Mallya Indian Businessman

Vijaya Mallya: Former Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha) and Indian Businessman: Vijay Mallya Horoscope Analysis: Vijay Mallya, Famous Business Tycoon of India, served the nation as former Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha) twice. Mallya was born on December 18, 1955 at 11:30 in Bantwal, Karnatak, India. Mallya was the chairman of several companies in India and also the founder & former owner of Kingfisher Airlines and Force India Formula one including the RCB cricket team too. However, due to financial crime in India, Indian Government subjects him on extradition effort in order to get him back by UK Government. We tries to analysis about Vijay Mallya Horoscope as per given below:

Know Vijay Mallya’s Life Journey with Astrological Parameters

On the basis of Vijay Mallya Horoscope Analysis, We have explained below the Vijay Mallya Horoscope Analysis in order to help you to understand the rise and downfalls in his lifespan so far. Let’s find below the astrological analysis based on his birth chart.

Birth Chart
Date Of Birth : December 18, 1955
Time Of Birth 11:30 HRS
Place Of Birth : Bantwal, Karnataka, India

What Mallya’s Horoscope Has To Say About His Personality?

Vijay Mallya Horoscope

According to Vijay Mallya Horoscope Analysis, he is born with Aquarius ascendant ruled by the planet Saturn positioned in 10th house of career & profession, which clearly makes him career-oriented individual. Being ruled by Saturn, he is responsible, mature and very structured individual with regards to his career & profession. Saturn gives him stability and makes him to live like an emperor, however, Saturn is placed in its inimical sign of Mars i.e. Scorpio, due to the fact, it starts giving him sudden changes and environment at work too. Due to the fact, he finds instability instead of stability, though Saturn wants to give stability in career but due to Mars’s effects, it actually collapsed, further Saturn is not placed alone in 10th house, it is further placed with malefic Rahu, which again indicates defamation and impulsive behaviour for his deeds. Jupiter is influencing his ascendant, which makes him very knowledgeable, intellectual and wise, but it makes him self-righteous too, and hence he most of the time takes decision without consulting others. But there is a great exchange of 7th house of partnership lord and 11th house of gains, so he will always get the profit through his life partner as well as business partner. As specified by Vijay Mallya Horoscope Analysis, Talking about his Moon sign, then he has Capricorn Moon sign, which indicates that he is very mature by thoughts but it also makes him inexpressive too, and he tries to think a lot in life. He is kind of philosopher, humanitarian and will be inclined towards foreign land & associations. The placement of Moon also shows that he has lots of debts upon him. With the help of Vijay Mallya Horoscope Analysis, do you want to get prompt astro-solution for your life’s problems? Talk With Astrologer and get the solution of your need.

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How Vijay Mallya’s Became Famous Business Tycoons Of India?

In keeping with Vijay Mallya Horoscope Analysis, he was born under his Moon Mahadahsa which lasted upto March 1962. He was born in business family of Vittal Mallya in Bantwal, His father was the chairman of United Breweries Group. In his horoscope, the placement of Sun is very strong and Sun is getting exchanged with Jupiter, which shows that he had lots of gains from his father in his life. After Moon Mahadasha, soon he entered in Mars Mahadasha from March 1962 which had lasted till March 1969, so he did his schooling from La Martiniere, Calcutta and St, Xavier College, Kolkata. Later, he graduated in 1976 from commerce when he was undergoing with Rahu Mahadahsa and Saturn Antardasha. His 5th house of education is governed by Mercury, so it had arisen his interest in accounts or non-technical field. With the graduation, he also got indulged in family business too. On the strength of Vijay Mallya Horoscope Analysis, When he was undergoing with the Mahadasha of Rahu and Antardasha of Sun, he lost his father in 1983, and this sudden incident made him chairman of UB group at the age of 83. Sun is the significator of father, so during Sun Antardasha under Rahu Mahadasha, both are inimical to each other, made this sudden loss for him. However, he has a great exchange betweeen Sun and Jupiter, which has provided him gains after his father’s death. The group has also grown into multi-national companies of over 60 companies due to Vijay Mallya. As he entered in Saturn Mahadasha, he immediately established Kingfisher Airlines in 2005. In Alignment with Vijay Mallya Astrological Analysis, It went the wrong investment and became insolvent and as a result, it got shut down during again Sun antardasha under Saturn Mahadasha, these both are inimical to each other and Saturn being afflicted in 10th house made a huge loss for him. He should have patient during Saturn Mahadahsa and do not invest hastily. He had lost is license and had lots of debt of banks upon him. As Per Vijay Mallya Horoscope Analysis, Under Indian Law, he was accused as willful Defaulter in 2015. In 2015, he was undergoing with Saturn Mahadahsa and Moon Antardasha followed by Mars Antardasha, which made such losses and he got this defamation too in the society. As Believed by Vijay Mallya Horoscope Analysis, Saturn has the inimical relation with Moon & Mars, thus this became the worst time for him and as a result he left India in 2016. if you want solution for your business then get your Business Report 1 Year.

Vijay Mallya’s Awards And Achievement Explained Astrologically

In Consonance with Vijay Mallya Horoscope Analysis, When he was undergoing with the Mahadasha of Jupiter and Antardasha of Rahu in 2002, he was elected as Member of Parliament in Rajya Sabha from his home town. As Rahu is very manipulative planet and placed in 10th house of career, which made him successful in political field.

Depending on Vijay Mallya Horoscope Analysis, When he was undergoing with the Antardasha of Venus under Saturn Mahadasha, Venus is an auspicious planet for him, so once again he was elected as Member of Parliament in 2010. However, unfortunately, during Mars Antardasha under Saturn Mahadasha, he had to resign in 2016 as he had left India due to his controversy over huge debt.

In Compliance with Vijay Mallya Astrological Analysis, In 2010, he received “Entrepreneur of the Year” award during Venus Antardasha under Saturn Mahadasha, Venus is strongly placed in his horoscope and thus it always helped him to have such achievement. For him, Venus Mahadasha/Antardasha is very good and helped him to have lots of gains and achievements in his lifespan.

Interested In Vijay Mallya’s Personal Aspects And Marriage?

Conforming to Vijay Mallya Horoscope Analysis, his 7th house of marriage is ruled by the planet Sun positioned in your 11th house of income & gains; it clearly indicates that he will always get benefited by the marriage and his partner. With the connection of 7th house and 11th house, he has more than one partner in life. It also indicates multiple marriages too in his lifespan, as we all know; he had married to his first wife in 1986 during Rahu Mahadasha and Mars Antardasha, since he married in such period of Rahu-Mars, which are inimical to each other, so he got divorced too soon with his first wife in 1987 as he enters in Jupiter Mahadasha. On the word of Vijay Mallya Horoscope Analysis, the placement of Jupiter in his horoscope also indicates some issues in marriage or with partner. Later he married in 1993 during his Jupiter Mahadasha and Mercury Antardasha. Taking into consideration Vijay Mallya Astrological Analysis, It was good period to get married and thus, the marriage is lasting till today as well.

What Vijay Mallya’s Horoscope Has To Say About His Future?

Let’s Discuss about Vijay Mallya Horoscope Analysis, he has very strong horoscope as he has strongly placed ascendant or personality lord in his horoscope. Though his personality lord Saturn is afflicted in his horoscope which has given him rise & falls too, but in spite of this, he has all kind of comforts in his life. His fame will rise in future as well. Mallya has strong Raj Yoga and Dhan Yoga too in his horoscope, which will always help him to have good prosperity, name and fame in life. In view of Vijay Mallya Astrological Analysis,  At present, he is undergoing with the Mahadasha of Saturn till March 2022, which is good for him and will provide all kind of comforts. In the manner of Vijay Mallya Astrological Analysis, He will not be much affected for his controversies and accusations applied by Indian Government. The next Mahadasha of Mercury is also good for him as it is the trikone house lord too, so it will help him to have lots of gains through foreign sources. He is advised to avoid hastiness and overthinking ability or else it might create stress too which could affect his health adversely. As Stated by Vijay Mallya Astrological Analysis, Rest he will keep on shining due to his strong planetary alignments in his horoscope and will continue his charity to the needy ones. Do you want to find the best astrological inputs to read? Choose our Astrology News and get updated.

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“We wish him a good luck for his success in business and keep on inspiring others with your good works!”

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