Published On : September 30, 2021  |  Author : Astrologer Umesh
Goddess Katyayani

Who Is Goddess Katyayani?

Know About Maa Katyayani: Devi Durga or Mata Durga is one of the most popular divine beings in Hinduism. Devi or goddess Katyayani is the sixth divine manifestation born out of Mata Durga. Mata Katyayani is worshipped on the sixth day of Navratri, a festival of great religious sanctity and purity celebrated across India and other countries where Hindu festivals are observed. It is believed that worshipping or offering one’s prayer to Devi Katyayani on Navratri festival, with selfless and staunch devotions shown toward the deity, can bless the devotee with the good fortunes, peace, power, and never-ceasing flow of wealth in their lives. It is also believed that the deity was worshipped by legendary women, such as Sita, Radha, and Rukmini to have a good husband.

How Was Devi Katyayani Born?

The tale related to the birth of Devi Katyayani is found in the religious texts of Vamana Purana which makes the mention that Goddess Katyayani was born out of the combined cosmic energies of the gods. And the cosmic energies were the manifested anger of the gods, which sage Katyayana gave proper form, thus Katyayani was born. She is also called the daughter of Katyayana. In another tale found in Kalika Purana, sage Katyayana was a staunch devotee to goddess Shakti. Pleased by his devotion, the goddess granted him the boon that she would take birth as his daughter, on Earth. The birth of Shakti as Katyayani was to coincide with the killing of tyrant demon, Mahishasura, who was later slain by goddess Katyayani.

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Devi Katyayani, As A Goddess Of The Sixth Day Of Navratri

Because Devi Katyayani slew the demon king Mahishasura, she was also given a name, Mahishasurmardini, which stands for demon-slayer of Mahishasura. During Navratri, the significance of worshipping the deity is quite transcendental, considering the power of the deity on Navratri is of supreme magnitude. Devi Katyayani is depicted religiously as a four-armed deity who holds a lotus in two hands, while other hand holds a sword and the other one maintains a gesture of blessing to her devotees. Goddess Katyayani is believed to grant unmarried women a husband of their desire. For this reason, she is worshipped by the unmarried women who observe fasts and offer their prayers to the deity and ask for a boon for a good life partner.

Benefits Of Worshipping Devi Katyayani

  • The unmarried women get the husband of their desire by worshipping Devi Katyayani.
  • Worshipping the deity with selfless devotion can help the devotee in the attainment of good fortune and peace in life.
  • It rids problems and makes devotees positively refined.
  • Attainment of prosperity becomes reality in life by worshipping goddess Katyayani.
  • One commands respect in social life.

Final Words

Goddess Katyayani, who is the sixth incarnation of Mata Durga, has special mention during the occasion of Navratri. On this day, Mata Katyayani is worshipped, offered prayers and Prasad by devotees. It is believed that worshipping Devi Katyayani on Navratri gives devotee peace, power, good fortunes, and health, along with prosperity in their lives.

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