Published On : August 30, 2021  |  Author : Astrologer Umesh
Progeny Problem Solution Astrology

Get A Blessed Child Through Progeny Solution Astrology

Progeny or childbirth becomes the priority for the couples once they get married. Every individual wants to expand the family, so it is very obvious to have the desire for family expansion. The child comes with happiness and increases the love between couples. The bonding between couples becomes stronger once they become a parent of a child. On the contrary, what if they can’t be worthy parents of their children? What if a woman is unable to conceive a child? What if a delay happens in progeny? So these all can make one stressed in marital life. Thus, it is causing a progeny problem in a couple’s life. Without children or lack of children, the family looks incomplete. Women feel stressed if they are treated differently or incapable by the social norms in case of not having children or lack of children. With this, astrology can help one to find out the root cause by a thorough analysis of the birth chart and provide the solution or remedy to make a woman complete with her family. These remedies are apt in family expansion. 

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What Are The Reasons Behind The Progeny Problem Or Children Problem?

The main complications for progeny that occurs in the life of a married couple are as follows: 

  • If the 5th house of children or progeny in a horoscope is getting afflicted by the malefic planets such as Saturn, Rahu & Ketu, then it creates the problem in childbirth or may create a surgery.
  • The transit of malefic planets also impacts the progeny problems. Anytime the Mahadasha or Antardasha of malefic planets may cause the miscarriage too. 
  • Mishaps may happen if the 5th house of progeny gets afflicted by the malefic planets. 
  • Anytime if the horoscopes of the couple are not matched perfectly, then the progeny problem occurs in the life of a couple. 
  • Many times, couples get a delay in the progeny due to bad Mahadasha or afflicted 5th house of children. 

Likewise, other reasons can also be the cause of concern, so let’s know how astrology helps in all these matters to the native. 

Responsible factors for progeny or childbirth in Astrology

In astrology, there are certain factors responsible for childbirth such as:

  • The condition of the 5th house and the placement of its lord are seen in the birth charts of both. If this is good, then everything will be normal, or else it will start creating issues as per the placement or condition in progeny. For instance, if the 5th house lord is placed in 6th, 8th, or 12th houses (Dusthana or bad houses) then it starts providing bad results according to the placements.
  • Anytime the influence of malefic planet on the 5th house or 5th house lord, then it creates a delay in progeny or no child yoga. Malefic planets include Rahu, Ketu, Mars & Saturn. 
  • The Karak or natural significator of progeny or children is Jupiter. The placement of Jupiter also plays a significant role in progeny. Anytime afflicted Jupiter also gives rise to the progeny problem. 
  • Anytime relation forming between 5th house and 8th house may cause no children yoga or may increase the chances of adoption for the couple. 

Likewise, other factors are also described in Vedic astrology to analyze the birth chart for the progeny, especially the other Varga charts such as Navamsa, Saptamsa Vargas, and planetary alignments into these charts. 

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How does Astrology help in progeny?

In astrology, the horoscope of the male is completely analyzed first to check if there is any affliction in the concerned houses, thereafter, the horoscope of the female is analyzed thoroughly to check if there is an affliction related to progeny. If things are fine, then predicted birth time is informed to the native. If there is any affliction, then, to reduce the ill effects of malefic planets, apt remedies are given to resolve the issues pertaining to progeny. 

Know the powerful remedies based on planetary alignment as per your birth chart

There are several remedies defined in Vedic Astrology to get the resolution of progeny problem such as:

  • Gemstones: The gemstones are associated with a certain planet, so anytime to increase the power of the planet or reduce the malefic effects on the 5th house of children, the gemstones are recommended. We offer Ruby Gemstone to help you with the increase the strength of karak planet Sun. 
  • Mantra: Mantras help to reduce the ill effects of malefic planets on the 5th house or to weaken the power of the malefic planet in order to provide you the result faster. 
  • Puja & Anushthan: It is performed to control the effects of the planetary period, let’s say for instance if the Ketu Mahadasha is running, which is creating mishaps, delay, or obstacles in conceiving the child, then the puja related to Ketu planet will help to reduce the ill effects of planet Ketu. To reduce the ill effects of malefic planet Ketu, we offer Ketu Puja (Ketu Planet Puja). Apart from it, to reduce the malefic influence of Mangalik dosha, we offer Mangal Puja (Mars Planet Puja)
  • Yantra: Yantras are the geometrical designs on the metallic plate, so with these designs, the positive vibes enter the life of the person. The obstacles will get reduced, so a progeny problem solution is given by recommending the apt yantra. Get our Siddh Guru Yantra and Siddh Santaangopal Yantra to get the better results and resolve the issues related to progeny. 
  • Rudraksha: Rudraksha is the beads that help to reduce the ill effects of malefic planets. It is recommended by a thorough analysis of birth chart; the suitable rudraksha will bless the native with kids in life. Wear 5 (Panch) Mukhi Rudraksha to reduce the difficulties in progeny.

So, these are the powerful remedies that help one to resolve the issues related to progeny. Apart from it, numerous remedies are defined in Vedic Astrology, so based on the planetary placement, the suitable one is recommended to the native. 

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