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Types Of Vastu And Their Aim

What Is Vastu?

Types Of Vastu, And What Aims Does Each Serve?: Vastu is an ancient science of creating a harmonious energy field in a living space or building or a structure.

Therefore, the term “Vastu shastra” literally translates to a scientific mechanism of an architecture involving textual guiding principles consisting of design codes, outline, measurements, spatial management, arrangement and geometry, and ground preparation.

The core principles of Vastu designs involve the harmonious integration of structures with surrounding nature by utilising synergized directional alignments and geometric patterns, among various other parts of design theories sourced from the ancient Indian texts of Vastu Vidya.

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Is Vastu Necessary? What Qualifies Vastu To Be So Important?

The principles of Vastu lay out the baselines for fostering a harmonious energy field in a structure building with perfectly balanced negative and positive cosmic energies. Vastu stands as optimal architectural guidance for building a house or any other establishment since the ancient times.

Hence, Vastu knowledge with a time-honoured legacy literally qualifies the application of its underlying principles in building a house so that its occupants go through experiential joys, elation, peacefulness, and success in their chosen pursuit of a career, business or anything worthwhile for their life.

The ancient Vastu texts emphasize that any physical structure like a residential or commercial property devoid of Vastu principles being integrated with nature’s subtle energies increases the likelihood of physical and psychological health issues suffered by the occupants of such structures. Because, Vastu is like integrating intangible nature’s energies with your house, thereby fostering relatively more peace, clarity and harmony in the household.

So, yes, Vastu is really important and its principles should be applied in any property for its betterment and long-term positive growth.

What Are The Types Of Vastu?

Vastu shastra or the science of architecture commands harmonious integration of nature’s cosmic power with an edifice or a house with the sole objective of transpiring happiness, goodness, wellbeing and peace in the life of occupants in such structures.

Here, we are discussing different Types Of Vastu And Their Aim so that you can gather a proper understanding of each aspect of Vastu and its respective aim.

Residential Vastu

Residential Vastu or Vastu for the house aims at creating positive energy in the residential structure of a house or a building so that its occupants can experience benefits from energies like magnetic, thermal, cosmic, light and wind of the surrounding nature of the property. This obviously requires the structure of the building to be constructed based on the vastu’s underlying principles focusing on the designs, directions, and magnitude of the property.

The Purpose Of The Residential Vastu Application

The purpose of residential Vastu is to create an optimistic and positive vibe and energy across the residential property, be it your dining room, kitchen, bedroom, Puja Ghar, garden, patio, basement, locker room, or any other areas of the property.

A detailed and meticulous study in this regard further paves the path for the overall construction of a coveted residential environment filled with vastu’s positive vibrations that draw multifarious advantages, including peace, happiness and wellbeing of its occupants.

It is believed that Vastu principles if applied in every corner of a residential property, can spell everlasting benefits in the form of serenity, joys, and wholesomeness for people living there.

For that reason, it is highly advisable to consult an experienced Vastu expert to have a house designed in conformity with the Vastu principles so that the eventual outcome of peace and happiness dawns upon you in your living space.

In brief, residential Vastu ensures the manifestation of peace, fun, relaxation, recreation, and privacy in the house.

Commercial Vastu

Commercial Vastu principles are applied in commercial properties or business properties with the sole objectives, such as –

  • To reap profitable business gains.
  • To engage in commercial activities like selling products or services.
  • To manifest transparency and flow of positive energy at workplaces.
  • It creates an aura of energetic and hardworking ambience
  • It boosts awareness and workforce productivity.

A Vastu-compliant commercial property ensures that cosmic energies, like Rajasic, Tamasic and Satvik are balanced to ensure the manifestation of healthy, cordial, transparent, energetic, and immune to adversity in the property.

Once a commercial property is structured consistent with the Vastu principles, the following benefits start to emerge –

  • Flow of fresh and innovative ideas.
  • Increased business opportunities.
  • Boosts the number of new clients and positive retention of existing ones.
  • Better customer satisfaction.
  • Stability of financial condition in business.
  • Business becomes considerably immune to the adverse impact of loss.
  • Easy conversion of leads into customers.
  • Business becomes competent in rendering excellent customer service.

Industrial Vastu

Industrial Vastu principles are applied to ensure that your factory or commercial establishments reach their maximum profitable growth by yielding considerable production with the highest quality standards. Adequate and efficient application of Vastu could become a game-changing investment for industry players in helping their establishments to set an international benchmark for quality and standard in products.

For example, applying Vastu principles in a factory can result in maximum production without exerting maximum efforts, thus saving labour cost and yielding a cost-efficient production leading to the profitable growth of the factory. Similarly, a food processing industry can benefit from Vastu principles in terms of witnessing tangible improvements in the taste and quality of their products.

The layout design of any commercial establishment consistent with the Vastu principles is very important. From constructing sheds, placing stairs and water bodies to machine installation and dispatch of goods, etc. can largely be influenced because of the manner in which Vastu principles were applied in a factory. Areas and their respective positions, such as factory building, main entrance, offices, storage houses, maintenance rooms, etc. must be ensured in accordance with Vastu principles to reap the best commercial gains out of your industrial business.

Spiritual/Religious Vastu

Spiritual or religious Vastu refers to the application of Vastu principles in places, like temples, asylums, and other spiritual/educational establishments to ensure their proper wellbeing and positive growth in the long run.

The aim of spiritual Vastu is to ensure proper orientation and construction of, for example, religious establishments, such as temples or shrines, to make them empowered to withstand mishaps and adverse effects in future. The sense of impregnability of such extent is factored in when Vastu principles are properly applied in temples or shrines under the supervision of an erudite and experienced Vastu expert.

For religious places, like temples or shrines, the application of Vastu principles goes through a meticulous analysis involving various parameters, such as –

  • Consecration of the temple at an ideal place
  • Direction and position of the main entrance
  • Ensconcing God’s idol into an ideal direction
  • Determining direction and placement for worshipping place and rituals to take place


Vastu, as a science of building a structure, is an indispensable requirement for any edifice or establishment, be it a residential living space, commercial property for conducting a business, or constructing religious/spiritual places for carrying out religious rituals, and worships and prayers to the divine lords. The virtue of Vastu and its application is that it aims at manifesting harmonious and positive vibes, together with reinforcing its inner structure to withstand an adverse impact from outside. It explains the necessity of Vastu as a compulsory means for promoting harmonious growth in your residential, commercial or spiritual places.

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