Virendra Sehwag Horoscope Analysis

Virendra Sehwag, a right handed opening batsman, is a former Indian Cricketer and popular for his batting style, who established multiple records in the history of Cricket world. With the great performances in Cricket, he became the first Indian to be awarded as the Wisden Leading Cricketer in the world in 2009. He was the vice captain of Indian cricket team and also led the captaincy of Delhi Daredevil in IPL.

Know Virendrda Sehwag Horoscope Analaysis

Let’s find out the astrological reason behind the great success of Virendra Sehwag, we have prepared the birth chart for those wanting to learn astrology or looking forward the reasons behind his success fame astrologically

Birth Chart
Date Of Birth: 20 October 1978
Time Of Birth: 2:45
Place Of Birth: Delhi

What Virendra Sehwag’s Natal Chart Has In Store For Him?

Virendra Sehwag Horoscope

As per Virendra Sehwag’s birth chart, Leo Ascendant is rising in his horoscope ruled by the Planet Sun positioned in the 3rd house of efforts and communication. This combination indicates that he is more inclined towards his hobbies. As Sun is debilitated in 3rd house, but due to the placement of Venus in the same house creating a “Neech Bhang Raj Yoga” for him, and other multiple planets makes him very much inclined towards his efforts and endeavours. He is very courageous, active and uses his hands very well while playing cricket due to involvement of 3rd house. Further, Saturn is placed in your 1st house of self or personality, so it shows that he is responsible, mature and understanding person too. Saturn is the lord of 6th house too and placed in 1st house indicates again his involvement in sports activity, education system, social works, as 6th house signifies the competition, sports and social activities. He believes in Karma more than anything else. Further, his Moon sign is Taurus making him very career-oriented and creative performer. The lord of Moon sign is Venus placed in 3rd house, now it is showing that he will pursue the hobby as his own profession. This placement of Moon also indicates the good gains through the foreign sources in his life. Do you want to avail best Astrological Guidance and solutions quickly? Consult Online Astrologer In Delhi today!

How Sehwag Entered In Sports World?

Sehwag was born under his Moon Mahadasha and he had good support of his mother during his childhood. After few years in Nov 1983, this Mahadasha ended, and he entered into the Mahadasha of Mars for the next 7 years till Nov 1990, this Mahadasha was good for him and inclined him towards the sports activities. Mars is a fiery planet and shows the physical acts, and placed in his 3rd house, which helped him to pursue his hobby in his childhood and that was playing cricket. He did his schooling from Arora Vidya School, Delhi and made persistent requests to his parents to let him play cricket. His fifth house of education lord Jupiter is placed in 12th house, which shows that he didn’t take much interest in academics. Thus, his requests granted by his parents. As he entered into the Mahadasha of Rahu placed in his 2nd house of wealth and family, also indicates the speech and mouth area of the body, he got injured while playing cricket with broken tooth. Then, his father did not allow him to play further, but later he eluded the restrictions with the help of his mother.

When he was undergoing with the Mahadasha of Rahu and Antardasha of Saturn in 1997-1998, he got the professional chance to play cricket in Delhi Cricket team for Duleep Trophy, as Saturn is the lord of 6th house of any sports activity and competition. Later, he scored well in RanJi Trophy too during 1998-1999, so he attracted the attention of the selectors and got the chance in April 1999 in National team. He was undergoing with the Antardasha of Mercury under Rahu Mahadasha, but in first match, he could not do well as Mercury has created some nervousness too within himself. Thereafter, he did not get any chance during Mercury period even though he performed well in domestic crickets for almost 20 months. Then he got the chance again in March 2001 during the pratyantardasha of Saturn under Rahu-Mercury period, and this was the time he gained the attention of the public as well as selectors too and he became the regular member of national team. Thus, though the Saturn is not good for him as it is inimical planet to his ascendant lord Sun, but his 3rd house of hobbies is strong and Saturn became the lord of 6th house of sports helped him to rise in cricket world. Consult World Famous Top 10 Professional and Best Astrologer in India for solutions that would ensure peace and happiness in your life.

What Sehwag’s Achieves As An Awards And Honours Explained Astrologically?

Well, Sehwag has received multiple awards and honours and also created record scores in the history of Cricket world at national as well as international level both. Few of them, we have explained astrologically:

In recent year, Sehwag was honoured by DDCA by naming Gate No-2 of Arun Jaitely stadium after him in 2017 during his Jupiter Mahadasha, Venus Antardasha, Rahu Pratyantardasha and Saturn Sookshamadasha. Venus being the lord of 10th house of career and status and Saturn became here to again get honoured by this.

Sehwag became the first Indian player to be honoured as Wisden Leading Cricketer in the world in 2009 for his great performance in 2008. In 2008, he was undergoing with the ood Antardasha of Mars, which helped him to play well and as he entered in the exalted Jupiter period, he got this International honour as Jupiter is placed in 12th house of foreign gains.

When he was undergoing with the Mahadasha of Rahu, Antardahsha of Ketu and Pratyantardasha of Saturn, he receives the Arjun Award in 2002. Again Saturn in Pratyantardasha has provided him this award by the government.

When he was undergoing with the Mahadasha of Jupiter and Antardasha of Jupiter and Prtaynatardasha of Venus  being a 10th house lord of career helped him to receive the “Padam Shree” in 2010 from Government. Solve your career problems with a Remedial Solution For Career report.

Sehwag’s Personal and Marital Aspects Explained Astrologically

As per Virendra Sehwag Horoscope Analysis, the 7th house of marriage and partnership is governed by the planet Saturn placed in 1st house of self and personality, it indicates that he has the very mature, understanding and responsible wife; she belongs to reputed family too. Being ruled by the Saturn, she is tall, long faced and beautiful as Venus, the natural karak planet of spouse in man’s chart is well placed and creating a Neech Bhang Raj Yoga too. He was undergoing with the Mahadasha of Rahu and Antardasha of Venus in 2004, and he got married during Venus Antardasha. At present, he is undergoing with the Jupiter mahadasha and he is living the happy married life with this benfic planet’s influence.

What Sehwag’s Birth Chart Forecasts About His Future?

According to Sehwag’s birth chart, he has very good combinations present in his birth chart, which helps him to get the good gains in his life; he rises during his Rahu Mahadasha. Rahu aspects his 10th house of career helped him to get the sudden fame in life. He has multiple Dhan Yoga and Raj Yogas forming in his 3rd house of hobbies, so it shows that he will rise in his life in future and are blessed with the luxury and comforts. At present, he is running with the Mahadasha of Jupiter till Nov 2024 getting exalted in 12th house, which will help him to gain knowledge and get indulged in education sector, it also helped him to open the international school in Haryana. Jupiter is the Karak for education & knowledge, so it will provide him immense success from the foreign sources as well as from the education sector. His fame will rise in future as well and he will come out as a humanitarian or good social worker too.

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We wish him a good luck for his future performances and keep on inspiring others!

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