Published On : November 19, 2022  |  Author : Astrologer Umesh
2023 Planetary Transit

2023 Planetary Transit: The term “transit” refers to movement or dynamic motion, but it is called a “2023 planetary transit” when a planet changes from one zodiac sign to another. A very important astronomical event that directly affects life on Earth through its motion in the sky. As per the 2023 Planetary Transit, Every time a new combination of stars appears in the sky, it has an impact on us too. We have included the transit dates for all planets for you to grasp how these particular dates are changing your life in order to assist you with this.

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What Effects Does 2023 Planetary Transit Have On Each Individual?

2023 Planetary Transit is the natural occurrence and as everything in the universe is also linked to one another either directly or indirectly, hence, any movement can have a huge impact on human life as well. However, depending on how the planets are really positioned in your own natal birth chart, each individual may experience various levels of impact from the same planetary shifts or changes.

The Notable 2023 Planetary Transit Dates Are Listed Here.

Please find below the table that AstrologerUmesh has prepared for your convenience of all the 2023 Planetary transits of each of the nine planets.

Sun Transit

The Sun, the one of the luminaries or supreme planet, will transit during the following dates in 2023:

Sun Transits into Zodiac Sign Date of Transit
Capricorn (Makar)January 14, 2023, Saturday at 08:57 PM
Aquarius (Kumbha)February 13, 2023, Monday at 09:57 AM
Pisces (Meena)March 15, 2023, Wednesday at 06:47 AM
Aries (Mesh)April 14, 2023, Friday at 03:12 PM
Taurus (Vrishabh)May 15, 2023, Monday at 11:58 AM
Gemini (Mithun)June 15, 2023, Thursday at 06:29 PM
Cancer (Kark)July 17, 2023, Monday at 05:19 AM
Leo (Simha)August 17, 2023, Thursday at 01:44 PM
Virgo (Kanya)September 17, 2023, Sunday at 01:42 PM
Libra (Tula)October 18, 2023, Wednesday at 01:42 AM
Scorpio (Vrishchik)November 17, 2023, Friday at 01:30 AM
Sagittarius (Dhanu)December 16, 2023, Saturday at 04:09 PM

Mars Transit

Mars depicts vigour, force, and energy in one’s life as per Vedic Astrology. So let’s find out when Mars, a fiery planet, will be transit in the sky in 2023:

Mars Transits into Zodiac Sign Date of Transit
Gemini (Mithun)March 13, 2023, Monday at 05:33 AM
Cancer (Kark)May 10, 2023, Wednesday at 02:13 PM
Leo (Simha)July 1, 2023, Saturday at 02:37 AM
Virgo (Kanya)August 18, 2023, Friday at 04:12 PM
Libra (Tula)October 3, 2023, Tuesday at 06:16 PM
Scorpio (Vrishchik)November 16, 2023, Thursday at 11:04 AM
Sagittarius (Dhanu)December 28, 2023, Thursday at 12:36 AM

Mercury Transit

Dates for Logical planet Mercury will move to the different signs in the year 2023 listed below:

Mercury Transits into Zodiac SignDate of Transit
Capricorn (Makar)February 7, 2023, Tuesday at 07:38 AM
Aquarius (Kumbha)February 27, 2023, Monday at 04:55 PM
Pisces (Meena)March 16, 2023, Thursday at 10:54 AM
Aries (Mesh)March 31, 2023, Friday at 03:01 PM
Taurus (Vrishabh)June 7, 2023, Wednesday at 07:58 PM
Gemini (Mithun)June 24, 2023, Saturday at 12:48 PM
Cancer (Kark)July 8, 2023, Saturday at 12:19 PM
Leo (Simha)July 25, 2023, Tuesday at 04:38 AM
Virgo (Kanya)October 1, 2023, Sunday at 08:45 PM
Libra (Tula)October 19, 2023, Thursday at 01:23 AM
Scorpio (Vrishchik)November 6, 2023, Monday at 04:32 PM
Sagittarius (Dhanu)November 27, 2023, Monday at 06:02 AM
Scorpio (Vrishchik)December 28, 2023, Thursday at 10:39 AM

Jupiter Transit

One of the auspicious planet in Vedic Astrology known for wisdom & knowledge in one’s life will transit through different sign on given below date next year 2023

Jupiter Transits into Zodiac SignDate of Transit
Aries (Mesh)April 22, 2023, Saturday at 06:12 AM

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Venus Transit

Know the dates for the planet of love, romance & finances in one’s life as per Vedic Astrology for the year 2023:

Venus Transits into Zodiac SignDate of Transit
Aquarius (Kumbha)January 22, 2023, Sunday at 04:03 PM
Pisces (Meena)February 15, 2023, Wednesday at 08:12 PM
Aries (Mesh)March 12, 2023, Sunday at 08:37 AM
Taurus (Vrishabh)April 6, 2023, Thursday at 11:10 AM
Gemini (Mithun)May 2, 2023, Tuesday at 02:00 PM
Cancer (Kark)May 30, 2023, Tuesday at 07:51 PM
Leo (Simha)July 7, 2023, Friday at 04:28 AM
Cancer (Kark)August 7, 2023, Monday at 10:37 AM
Leo (Simha)October 2, 2023, Monday at 01:18 AM
Virgo (Kanya)November 3, 2023, Friday at 05:24 AM
Libra (Tula)November 30, 2023, Thursday at 01:14 AM
Scorpio (Vrishchik)December 25, 2023, Monday at 06:55 AM

Saturn Transit

A workaholic planet or lord of Karma will move to different sign next year, know the date of its transit below:

Saturn Transits into Zodiac SignDate of Transit
Aquarius (Kumbh)January 17, 2023, Tuesday at 08:02 PM

Rahu Transit

Find the date for the Shadowy planet Rahu for the year 2023 below. Rahu, the Moon’s north node, is very significant in the lives of people today.

Rahu Transits into Zodiac SignDate of Transit
Pisces (Pisces)November 29, 2023, Wednesday at 12:46 AM

Ketu Transit

Similar to Rahu, Ketu is the Moon’s south node and is seen as a malefic planet that hinders one’s ability to achieve their goals. The dates of its transit motion in various signs are listed below.

Ketu Transits into Zodiac SignDate of Transit
Virgo (Kanya)November 29, 2023, Wednesday at 12:46 AM

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