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Amit Shah Horoscope Analysis

Amit Shah: Hon’ble Home Minister of India

Amit Shah Horoscope Analysis: Amit Shah, a businessman turned an Indian Politician, serves country as Minister of Home affairs and is a senior Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) leader. With the help of Amit Shah Horoscope Analysis, He’s also being referred with the title of “Chanakya” of Modern Indian Politics and has been credited for multiple victories for the party in several led elections.

Would You Be So Interested To Know What Astrology Says About Amit Shah?

We have done an astrological analysis on his achievements, early life, career and future perspectives to let you know about his future in current Indian politics.

Birth Details of Amit Shah are as per given below:

Date Of Birth: October 22, 1964
Time Of Birth: 5:25 AM
Place Of Birth: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

What Kundali Has To Say About Amit Shah?

Amit Shah Horoscope

In Consonance with Amit Shah Horoscope Analysis, Virgo ascendant is rising in his horoscope ruled by the planet Mercury positioned in the 2nd house of wealth & family, making him intellectual, profit & family oriented person. On the basis of Amit Shah Horoscope Analysis, Being ruled by the planet Mercury, he can be a good businessman too with the great sense of business. As Believed by Amit Shah Horoscope Analysis, It also made him a businessman too before entering into the politics. Now, with this combination, he has the strong analyzing and observing skills to find the root cause of any problem and solve them too. As Mercury is getting conjunct with the debilitated Sun, which may provide him gains through the foreign association too, and represents the family business. In Compliance with Amit Shah Astrological Analysis, Since there is an exchange between Sun and Venus, which means he will have the good earnings through the foreign association. However, debilitated Sun gives issues in speech as affecting to the lord of speech Mercury. Further, he has Aries Moon sign ruled by the planet Mars positioned in 11th house of income & gains. As Stated by Amit Shah Astrological Analysis, It makes him research oriented, quick tempered and blesses with the good gains too as again there is an exchange between Mars and Moon in his horoscope.

How He Came Into Politics Explained Astrologically?

Conforming to Amit Shah Horoscope Analysis, He was born under his Venus Mahadasha and gained education too during this Mahadasha. Shah did schooling from Mehsana and moved to Ahmedabad for higher studies in Biochemistry from CU Shah Science College. But as Moon is placed in 8th house, so he could not get benefited by his education what it was supposed to be for him. As specified by Amit Shah Horoscope Analysis, From Nov 1980, he has entered the Mahadasha of Sun, so from that point, he started working with his father’s owned business of PVC pipe once completed his graduation from Biochemistry. Taking into consideration Amit Shah Astrological Analysis, From early childhood, he was involved with RSS too during his Sun Mahadasha. He also became the volunteer in RSS during his college days.

Let’s Discuss about Amit Shah Horoscope Analysis, From 1983, he started his career into the political field in Sun Mahadasha by becoming the leader of student wing of the RSS, the Akhil Bhartiya Vidyarthi Parishad. Thereafter, he joined BJP in 1987 and became the BJP’s youth wing, Bhartiya Janata Yuva Morcha, and this all social activities were undergoing during the Mahadasha of Moon. In the manner of Amit Shah Astrological Analysis, From 1996, when he was running with the Mars Mahadasha, then he started reaping the good outcomes in political field. He started his career in political field after winning the seat of Sarkhej by election for Gujarat Legislative Assembly. He became MLA in Feb 1997 after winning the seat. Are you in quest for best Online Astrology Consultation Service? Contact our trusted astrologer and get prompt Astrological Guidance and solutions for your needs.

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Reasons To Show Astrologically Behind His Achievements In Politics

In Alignment with Amit Shah Astrological Analysis, In 2002, Shah won the seat of Sarkhej by assembly election in Gujarat with highest margin. He was running with the Mahadasha of Rahu at that time, placed in his 10th house of career, and provided him the victory along with fame.

According to Amit Shah Horoscope Analysis, He started winning likewise the elections in 2007 & 2012 by Gujarat Legislative Assembly during his Rahu Mahadasha

Taking into consideration Amit Shah Astrological Analysis, He became the “President of the BJP party” from 2014-2019 and led the party towards the great success and growth. During this period, he was undergoing with the Rahu-Ketu period, ketu’s dispositor Jupiter is placed in 9th house of fortune, which has given him a success in political career and led him towards the great leadership role. Depending on Amit Shah Horoscope Analysis, In 2019, he has taken oath for the minister of home affairs. Consult the Best Astrologer In India offering you the efficient astrological solutions for any problem.

What His Personal Life & Marriage Prospects Have To Say Explained Astrologically?

In keeping with Amit Shah Horoscope Analysis, the 7th house of marriage & partnership is ruled by the planet Jupiter positioned in 9th house of luck & fortune; it indicates that his spouse will come up with the fortune in his life. As Per Amit Shah Horoscope Analysis, She will be knowledgeable, wise and will know to manage things well in life. She will also be religious, spiritual and like visiting to holy places too. During his Moon Mahadasha, he got married to Sonal Shah in 1987. On the strength of Amit Shah Horoscope Analysis, He was very close to his mother, but the Moon is afflicted in his horoscope and placed in 8th house, so his mother had seen the death like scenarios and died with serious illness in 2010 during the mahadasha of Rahu and Antardasha of Saturn.

What Politics Holds In Future For Amit Shah?

As Stated by Amit Shah Astrological Analysis, 2 mutual exchanges are found in his birth chart, which makes his horoscope powerful. The one exchange is forming due to the 2nd house of wealth lord Venus and 12th house of foreign land lord Sun, which is creating a powerful exchange and provides him benefits through the foreign associations. It became the first reason to lead the political path in his life. In Alignment with Amit Shah Astrological Analysis, The another exchange is forming due to 11th house lord Moon and 8th house lord Mars which is making him a “Chanakya” in today’s politics. Nobody can eventually predict what is there in his mind. He suddenly makes things as per the situation and wins the race. Presently as he is running with the Rahu Mahadasha, though it has provided him success but also tarnished his image too, it will continue till Nov 2021. Thereafter, he will enter in the good period of Jupiter placed in his 9th house of luck. It will increase his luck & destiny and will provide him the good status, respect and will increase the name & fame. He will be more humanitarian and work for the society in this benevolent period of Jupiter. So In view of Amit Shah Astrological Analysis, he will lead to the Indian Politics towards the best possible direction in future as well. Get Solutions for your life problems with Life Reading Report.

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We wish him a good luck for his future endeavours and may you keep on inspiring others with your good works!

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