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Ajay Devgan Horoscope Analysis

Ajay Devgan: Famous Indian Actor, Director And Producer

Ajay Devgan Horoscope Analysis: Ajay Devgan, famous actor of Indian Cinema, is also a producer and was born in the family of action film director Veeru Devgan on April 02, 1969, at 13:32 in New Delhi. In Consonance with Ajay Devgan Horoscope Analysis, His real name is Vishal Veeru Devgan, but it’s been replaced by the professional name Ajay Devgan in film industry. With his great work and contribution to Indian Films, he was honoured by “Padam Shree” by the government of India in 2016.

Ajay Devgan’s Astrological Readings

With the help of an astrological interpretation, we want to let you know how he became very successful and gained fame in his lifespan.

Birth Chart
Date Of Birth: 2 April 1969
TimeOf Birth: 13:32 Hrs
Place Of Birth: Delhi

What Ajay Devgan’s Natal Chart Has To Reveal About Him?

Ajay Devgan Horoscope

As per Ajay Devgan Horoscope Analysis, Cancer ascendant is rising in his horoscope ruled by the planet Moon positioned in 3rd house of efforts and communication. This indicates that he is very caring, responsible and fond of traveling too. This combination makes him inclined towards the creative artist and indicates his inclination towards the hobby more. Further, Rahu also aspect his Ascendant, which gives him different thoughts and he wants to pursue things different from others. On the strength of Ajay Devgan Horoscope Analysis, He has Virgo Moon sign, which shows that he is intellectual, great analyzer and observer too, who always try to examine and watch things to its root cause to enhance his learning by working on minute mistakes. With the help of Ajay Devgan Horoscope Analysis, Moon is getting conjunct with Jupiter, which provides him optimism and hence he wants to remain positive and work as a good teacher or motivator too for others. Ketu’s conjunction with Moon indicates that he has good intuitions and insights and has the inclination towards the religious deeds as well as the spiritualism too. In Alignment with Ajay Devgan Astrological Analysis, Rahu, Venus, Sun and Mercury are influencing to Moon, which is good in terms of exploring creativity, but may provide him wavering thoughts and confusion too in life.

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Ajay Devgan’s Interest In Film Industry Explained Astrologically

As specified by Ajay Devgan Astrological Analysis, he was born under his Moon Mahadasha, which helped him to become close to his mother as Moon is the natural significator of Mother, and it got ended soon in October 1976 and entered in the Mahadasha of Mars for the next 7 years. Let’s Discuss about Ajay Devgan Astrological Analysis, He completed his schooling from Silver Beach High School in Juhu during his Mars mahadasha and later, in his Rahu Mahadasha, he completed his graduation from Mithibai College. Taking into consideration Ajay Devgan Horoscope Analysis, he was born in the family of film director and stunt choreographer. His father was an action film director, so he was also interested in action films. Due to filmy background, he started his career in film industry in 1991 when he was undergoing with the Mahadasha of Rahu and Antardasha of Saturn. In view of Ajay Devgan Astrological Analysis, Saturn is placed in 10th house of career and profession, so it becomes a good start for his career. Though Saturn is getting debilitated, but a good Raj Yoga is created by Mars placed in Trikone, which gave him good start and success. Conforming to Ajay Devgan Horoscope Analysis, In this period, he also changed his name from Vishal to Ajay, due to multiple names present in bollywood. Saturn is placed in his 10th house and debilitated, so it caused to change his name in the society or at career. For changing the original name, Rahu also played a role as it gives different identity to the person and he became famous with his first film in 1991 with his new name. Since then he keeps on performing well and a famous bollywood celebrity. Are you waiting for Upcoming Astrology Events And Influences 2022? Know their impacts on your life through our resource.

Ajay Devgan’s Honours And Awards

In Compliance with Ajay Devgan Astrological Analysis, he is a famous actor and received multiple awards & achievements in his lifespan. Few of them are as follows explained astrologically:

In keeping with Ajay Devgan Horoscope Analysis, In 1991, when he started his career, he received the Filmfare Award during his Mahadasha of Rahu and Antardasha of Saturn.

On the basis of Ajay Devgan Horoscope Analysis, In 1998, he received multiple awards for the film “Zakhm” and in that National Award for “Best Actor” is also there. He was undergoing with the Mahadasha of Rahu and Antardasha of Venus, these are placed in 9th house with Sun, and Venus being the lord of 11th house of income & gains too, so it caused the winning of national or government award for him.

In 2002, when he was undergoing with the Mahadasha of Jupiter, Antardasha of Jupiter, he received the National award for the release of “The legend of Bhagat Singh”, here Jupiter is 9th house of luck lord and getting influenced by the planet Sun representing government.

According to Ajay Devgan Horoscope Analysis, In 2016, he was undergoing with the Mahadasha of Jupiter and Antardasha of Rahu and Pratyantardasha of Saturn,. He received “Padam Shree” from the Indian Government. It is again the good period, Rahu & Saturn becomes the period when he started his career and gained the success too and Jupiter is the lord of luck & fortune and getting aspects of Sun, so it helped him to increase his status in the society and honoured with this award.

Ajay Devgan’s Personal Aspects And Married Life Explained Astrologically

As Believed by Ajay Devgan Horoscope Analysis, the 7th house of marriage & partnership is ruled by the planet Saturn positioned in the 10th house of career and profession; it clearly indicates that he meets his life partner at work front. In early days, he had relationship with Actress Karishma Kapoor, but as he entered in the Ketu antardasha under Rahu Mahadasha, this relationship got ended in 1995, as Ketu is a separative planet and makes one feel isolated, gives separation too from relationship as it likes religious activities, spiritualism and makes one away from materialistic gains. However, soon after he got entered in the anterdasha of Venus under Rahu, and in the mean time, he met the famous actress Kajol while working and they decided to get married in 1999 during his Sun antardasha under Rahu mahadasha. In the manner of Ajay Devgan Astrological Analysis, Sun is the 2nd house lord and it shows the expansion of family, thus looks good for his marriage and expansion of family.

What Ajay Devgan’s Nakshtra’s Reveals About His Future?

Depending on Ajay Devgan Horoscope Analysis,, he has an excellent horoscope as multiple planets are influencing to his 9th house of luck & fortune which is uplifting this Kendra house and makes him lucky in many endeavours. As Stated by Ajay Devgan Horoscope Analysis, He has the strong Raj Yoga and Dhan Yogas present in his horoscope, which uplifts his horoscope and makes him too wealthy and prosperous. Planet Rahu has given him a large amount of fame and Jupiter mahadasha provides him respect too. Further, he got entered in the Saturn Mahadasha from October 2017, which is well placed in the 10th house of career and making a good Raj Yoga, so it will help him to get the stability at work and he can do well in the field of research in this period. Thus, with the influence of Saturn, he may come up with the different ideas for the public which can also be the welfare of people and for the next 19 years from October 2017, so he will enjoy good fame, name and prosperity in his life in future as well.  Get your Career Report 1 Year.

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We wish him a good luck for his future endeavours and may you keep on shining & inspiring others with your good works!

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