Published On : October 8, 2021  |  Author : Astrologer Umesh
Astrology An Introduction

What Is Astrology?

Astrology is the branch of science where the connection between Earth and the cosmos is established through certain symbols. The cosmic events include the movement of planets, stars, and a zodiac belt, hence some kinds of meanings are given to these cosmic events in the form of symbols. These meanings help in knowing the subjective behaviour of humans and their psychological issues. It is not as easy as it seems to be when you read it in any new paper. It is a very complex, serious, and very incredible study. To Learn Astrology completely, it takes few years or lots of practice to read through the accurate prediction of your birth chart. Thus, have patience and begin your journey with slow steps to understand things thoroughly. Astrology is a very vast topic and there is so much to learn for you. Once you will dive through the ocean of astrology, it will seem like never-ending knowledge for your quest. Now let’s understand the below points to know all about astrology or Astrology An Introduction:

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What Is The Term For Astrology?

In astrology, you will find mainly two terms namely Mathematical Astrology and Predictive Astrology. The whole of astrology revolves around these two terms. Mathematical Astrology will provide you the information on how to create/cast a birth chart for any individual, while predictive one involves the predictions of the future. So, you are here to mainly focus on the predictive one, which has 9 planets, 12 zodiac signs, 12 houses and 28 constellations. These all get the placement in the birth chart and you need to understand and predict the future. Besides this, Ascendant, sign (the rising sign in the eastern horizon at the time of birth), Moon sign (The sign where natal moon is placed), and Sun sign (The sign where Sun is placed in horoscope) will also be there, which will play a prominent role in analyzing the birth chart. Ask Expert Astrologer for solution for any lingering problem in your life. Live the life filled with peace and fortune.

What Is The Importance Of Astrology In Life?

In present scenario, people are facing challenges everyday as compared to the history of mankind. You may have numerous options to share your thoughts and reasons; however, nobody could help for your challenges, thus astrology comes with the solution for you in such situation. Astrology helps in finding the real cause of your problem and confers you the best possible solutions to make your life better and happier. The importance of astrology can be found in multiple domains of life such as career, business, marriage, love, finance, investment, health etc. Find below the importance of astrology in some contexts in daily life:

  • Amazing tool to guide you for love & relationships and sort any issues in love compatibility.
  • The best way to find your strength, weakness and many hidden aspects of your personality in order to understand your true meaning of life.
  • Guides you towards your pitfalls in life so that proactive measures can be taken to avoid any major loss.
  • Good way to plan your career options and get the ways to improve career by sorting issues related to it if any.
  • You can spotlight on your finances and it will help you to improve your financial condition and resolves the money crisis situation well.
  • Interesting method to understand the behavioural pattern of people in best possible way in life.

Relationship Of Indian Vedas And Astrology

Our ancient sages were very connected to divinity and spiritualism with their great devotion to God and meditation. Using their powers, intuitions & insights, they wrote sacred Vedic Scriptures, which are renowned till today. In these ancient texts, they mentioned the art of predicting future events too, which comes under Astrology, so astrology is nothing but the branch of our Vedic Scriptures or Vedanga. Based on the mentioned methods, the study of planetary position is performed to analyze the future events. A map or birth chart is prepared at the birth or origin of anything, in that planets will be placed in very systematic way to analyze the future outcomes. As we have discussed the term Predictive Astrology, now this predictive can be diversified into further categories as per our Vedas such as astronomical theory, Mundane Astrology (Medini Astrology) and Horary Astrology (Prashan Jyotish). Here Mundane includes the study of mundane world like the study of world, country or people, while Horary includes the study of chart for any concern of human.

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Our Sage And Astrology Tradition

At the very beginning, “Jeeva (Human)” is considered to be a new experience of the creator which was supposed to perform work or action. Further, the difficult problems were resolved and the creator helped in satisfying the curiosities through a number of ways, which is later known as “Samhita Shashtra” and from this, Astrology came into existence. Meanwhile, many sages came and had given some contribution to the methods of Astrology and made some amendments too. In that Sage, Parashara became very famous for astrology and all the techniques are collected in “Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra”. It is very popular and recognized by all even today. 

Who Made Up Astrology?

Dear Viewers, the very first time use of Astrology is recorded during Vedic era. Astrology or Jyotish is the branch of Vedas or Vedanga. Thus, Vedanga Jyotish survived till today; it incorporates the certain method or rules to trace the motions of Sun & Moon in five year intercalation cycle. Nobody knows the exact date of this work. However, the earliest creation is considered to be made by sage Bhrigu in Vedic period, known as Bhrigu Samhita. Sage Bhrigu is also considered as the “Father of Hindu Astrology” and also one of the seven Vedic sages (Saptrishis). Seven main stars are symbolized by the Saptrishis in certain constellation.

How Does Astrology Work?

Astrology works on the movements of planets in the sky, based on that the map is prepared at the time of birth, which depicts the Sun, Moon and the other planets placed within 12 zodiac signs among 12 houses. It can be complex to study these symbols, which can only be understood by a Best Online Astrologer. Astrology is associated with belief that every planetary or star movement in the sky affects every individual’s life in a certain way depending on the time when they are born. It represents the behavioural pattern, personality and what will happen next or in the future.


Astrology is an art depicting the whole about anyone or anything in the world. As it is beyond science so there is no certain limit to learn astrology completely. However, we will try our best to let you understand the step by step astrological concepts to help you with analyzing the horoscopes. If you are interested for more details to learn it, visit our next page of basic level of Astrology, where the layers will be opened one by one for you to understand the first, second, third, etc. levels of Astrology.  Do you want to attain success in your career? Our Career Astrological Services can address various aspects of your professional areas, with solutions for growth.

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