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Learn Astrology About Jupiter

Get Detailed Information About Planet Jupiter

Dear Viewers, as continued with our series of planets, we will talk about Learn Astrology About Jupiter. You have learnt thoroughly about the planet Venus and its overall significance in Vedic Astrology, so here with the help of Level-6, we will cover the main significations of planet Jupiter in Vedic Astrology, so let’s know the planet of Knowledge Jupiter:

The Jupiter Planet Of Knowledge And Fortune

Jupiter is the minister of Celestial Cabinet as per Vedic Astrology and is one of the most important planets. Jupiter symbolizes Knowledge (Gyan) in an individual’s life, and we all know how much knowledge holds importance in our daily life. Without Knowledge, you will be nothing in this world and can’t take decision at the right moment for right thing. Jupiter is the outer planet as it revolves around the Sun outside from the orbit traced by our Earth, It is a biggest planet in solar system and regarded as Guru in Vedic Astrology. Jupiter takes 12 years to complete one zodiac cycle of 12 zodiac signs and approax a year to pass through one zodiac sign. Jupiter governs the Teacher or Gurus in our life as well as the fortune and cordial relations with Teacher, Gurus, Father or Mentor in life. This way, it becomes the most influential planet as our belief system totally depends on the placement of Jupiter in our Horoscope. It is also the planet of expansion in Astrology, which expands anything coming in the contact with.

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Why Jupiter Is Important Planet In Astrology?

Jupiter is the Karak planet for Husband in Vedic Astrology and the minister in Celestial Cabinet. Thus, it is another Karak planet for marriage in one’s horoscope. Its aspect in any horoscope will be considered as the drop of nectar for anything. It is the most benefic planet and helps one to get the peace & harmony. Any aspect of Jupiter over 7th house of marriage helps one always to get free of unnecessary arguments and establishes the good bond too with the partner for longer period of time. As the main role of Jupiter is Teacher, so always removes ignorance and darkness, and provides wisdom to understand things much better. It is “Dharmik” (Religious ) planet and helps one to get respect throughout with Sattwik nature. Are you in search for best Vedic Astrology Services In Delhi? Consult our erudite astrologer and get the same at affordable price.

Hindu Mythodology About Jupiter

As per Indian Mythodology, Jupiter is considered as Guru or Teacher who always tries to motivate others and helps to expel the darkness. Due to Guru, it possesses great wisdom too in life. Jupiter represents Dakshinamurthi God consisting diving power. Dakshina means South and Murthi menas Idol or stone image, which signifies the Idol of God made of stone facing South direction. This image is famous in South Indians and sometimes they also name him as “Narayan”. In Sanskrit, it is called “Devguru” which means Wisdom & Knowledge. Jupiter is worshiped across different cultures & religion due to Guru.
Significance Of Jupiter In Vedic Astrology

Know The Full Significations Of Jupiter In Vedic Astrology With Simple And Easy Steps Given Below:

Represents: Dev Guru, Lord Brihaspati or Lord Guru
Nature: Fiery, Noble, Benevolent, Fruitful, Masculine, Jovial, Buoyant
Veda: Rig Ved
Season – Hemanta Ritu (December and January).

Time duration to complete one cycle of zodiac: 12 years
Orbit Time in one zodiac sign by Jupiter: One year

Zodiac Sign ruled by Jupiter: Sagittarius, Pisces
Nakshatra/Constellations Ruled by Jupiter– Punarvasu, Vishakha, Purvabhadrapada
Exaltation Sign: 5 Degree in Cancer
Debilitation–5 Degree in Capricorn
Mooltrikone Sign – Sagittarius
Vimshottari Mahadasha or Periodic Cycle of Jupiter– 16 Years

What Jupiter Signifies Naturally In Horoscope?

Represents – Husband, Knowledge, Wisdom, Guru, Teacher
Nature –Benefic Planet
Friendly planets – Sun, Moon, Mars
Inimical planets – Mercury, Venus, Rahu
Neutral planet – Saturn, Ketu
Favourable Placement of Jupiter in Horoscope signifies– Jovial, Humane, Hopeful, Buoyant, Prosperous
Unfavourable positioning of Jupiter signifies– Extravagant ideas, Over Optimistic or Pessimistic approach, Careless, Gambler, Poor, Unpopular, Lavish

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What Products Jupiter Represent In Vedic Astrology?

Products ruled by Jupiter: Jupiter mainly represents the products containing fat in foods such as butter, ghee etc., and sweet flavored eatables like oranges, banana etc. In Trees, it represents big trees like peepal tree, rubber, yellow colored flowers and vegetables, oak, elm, birch, figs, gram, pulse etc.
Taste of Venus– Sweet

Places Signified By Jupiter In Vedic Astrology

Abode represented by Jupiter: Jupiter is beneficial and follows the path of truth so it rules over courts, religious places or the place where religious works are performed such as coronation, upanayan etc. Besides this, it rules over temples, colleges, schools, legislative assembly etc.
Body Parts Shown By Jupiter In Vedic Astrology
The boy parts ruled by Jupiter– Jupiter love eating and hence it governs liver, fat in the body etc. Besides this, it also governs tumors, kidney, thigh circulation of blood in arteries, morbid growth, pleura of lungs, feet, right ear etc.
Special features including golden complexion, brown eyes and hair, People strong influence of Jupiter can have good growth in youth and have muscular body due to outdoor games. These people want to get respected everywhere they go. It bestows one the corpulent and tall body with loud or heavy voice.
Health Issues or Ailments by the Jupiter– Jupiter gives the ailments like obesity, liver, dyspepsia, blood poisoning, flatulence, hernia skin troubles, catarrh, dropsy, mucus in urine, Jaundice ,diabetes, eczema, vertigo etc.
Animals Represented By Jupiter
Animals: Jupiter rules over elephant, horse, ox, stag, and domestic animals. Besides this, it also further represents eagle, peacock, whale, dolphin etc. So basically Jupiter rules over the big animal category.
Basic Significations Of Jupiter:
Day– Thursday
Color– Yellow
Direction of Jupiter– North-East
Metal of the Jupiter– Platinum, gold, platinum
Precious gemstone – Topaz and Yellow Sapphire

Favourable Jupiter In Horoscope:

If Jupiter is placed in its own sign, exalted sign or friendly sign, then it bestows with good future, progress and expansion in life. You will be able to have the fast recovery too from any kind of ailments or disease. Native will be humble and humanitarian and will hold respect and prosperity throughout the way. Native will gain dignity, social and moral success and prudence which will ultimately help to earn good amount of money.

Non-Favourable Jupiter In Horoscope:

If Jupiter is placed in its inimical sign or unfriendly sign or getting malefic aspects too, then it provides wrong information through wrong perception, false hopes, failure in speculation, worry through children, loss by relying on others, misjudgment, confusion, etc.


This way, we can understand how much Jupiter holds importance in Vedic Astrology, as it is the biggest planet so impacts a lot to the life of human, and also the impact will be long lasting for you. Now, in next series of planet, we will continue with the planet Saturn and its significance for more understanding, so let’s begin. Know the Upcoming Astrology Events And Influences and get the solution for the same from our services.

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