Published On : August 13, 2021  |  Author : Astrologer Umesh
Siddh Locket Yantra

Attainment Of Peace With Siddh Locket Yantra

Siddh Locket Yantra is the activated form of Yantra worn as a pendant. Without energizing or activating, it may not be as useful as it would be due to its inactive form. Once it gets activated by several defined procedures and with definite times of chanting hymns, it reflects the immense energy to get utilized its true essence in life. Let’s know below how it is useful for the wearer:

What is Locket Yantra?

Siddh Locket Yantra is a pendant wherein the systematic geometrical patterns are drawn. Yantra refers to the “Instrument” containing different forms of energies to emit the positivity in one’s life. It is a sacred object containing supreme energies of Gods, which when gets activated starts helping one to attain the all desires of life.

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Why Is It Important In Vedic Astrology?

As Yantra is a sacred device and also connected with the certain God or deity as per Hinduism, thus, it has special significance in Vedic Astrology too due to its affiliation with certain planet. Every planet is ruled by the certain God, so to control the power of malefic planet and reduce the negative aspects in life, Locket Yantra is recommended by many astrologers to the native in order to balance out the energies in life. Read Remedies and Tips Articles.

How Is It Selected To Be Worn?

The whole horoscope is first analyzed by an expert astrologer and based on the planetary alignment, the suitable Yantra Pendants is recommended to the wearer or native in order to experience the positivity in life by reducing the negative influence of malefic planets or any affliction in horoscope. Top Best Astrologer In Gurgaon offers you affordable solution in Astrology to help you rid of your life’s lingering issues and troubles for good.

What are the benefits associated with it astrologically?

Find below the common benefits of Locket Yantra in life to radiate the positive vibration all around the native.

  • Siddha Locket Yantra enables the one to nullify the bad aspects of unlucky planets.
  • It helps one to reduce the negative flow of energy in life and keeps one positive in all way.
  • It enables one to receive the prosperity, good finances and kind of comforts in life
  • One will get the boost in self-esteem, pride and confidence
  • Good harmony and peace can be created within the home by creating the cordial relations with family members.
  • Enables one to be logical and sharpen memory to take the right decision at right time
  • One attain the all sorts of pleasures in life with the positive essence of this Locket Yantra
  • Issues related to progeny can be reduced or removed with the particular Locket Yantra
  • One conquers over its enemies, opponents or competitors in life
  • Helps one to increase the harmony in marital life
  • One seeking for enlightment in life can get the path of divinity and spirituality with the use of relevant Locket Yantra
  • One attains success and progress at work and promotion too

What Are The Auspicious Locket Yantras?

Find below the auspicious Locket Yantras infusing the positive essence in life based on the benefits associated with the particular Locket Yantra.

  1. Siddh Mahamrityunjay Locket: Used to increase the longevity, get rid of disease or avoiding the sudden happening of mishap or meeting to an accident.
  2. Siddh Baglamukhi Locket: Useful locket to all time receiving the victory over your enemies, opponents or competitors.
  3. Siddh Durga Bisa Locket: Useful in getting the protection against evil eyes, black magic and get success in all walks of life.
  4. Siddh Karya Siddhi Locket: It enables the native to receive fruitful results in drawn endeavours or accomplishment of specific goal.
  5. Siddh Sri Yantra Locket: Helps one to attain name, fame and prosperity.
  6. Siddh Kanakdhara Locket: By wearing this locket, you get to increase your wealth, bank balance & liquidity of cash.
  7. Siddh Ganesh Locket: Wearing this locket, you attain the blessings of Lord Ganesh and all time become a knowledge seeker too in life.
  8. Siddh Kuber Locket: helpful in increasing your wealth and treasure day by day with the all time blessing of Lord Kuber
  9. Siddh Saraswati Locket: Student can wear this locket to attain the knowledge and enhancing learning skills and grasping power.
  10. Siddh Santangopal Locket: Improves the qualities of Jupiter in horoscope and helps in progeny.
  11. Siddh Panchmukhi Hanuman Locket: Improves relationship, reduces the ill effects of malefic Saturn and destroys enemies in life.
  12. Siddh Navgrah Locket: Consists the energies of all 9 planets providing all way benefits by reducing the multiple afflictions in horoscope.
  13. Siddh Surya Locket: To boost confidence throughout the life’s journey and helpful in attaining an authoritative position in life both personal as well as professional front with enhancing leadership traits.
  14. Siddh Chandra Locket: To attain the peace of mind and stability in life. Also reduces unnecessary fear, and emotional blockages.
  15. Siddh Mangal Locket: To increase courage, determination and reduce the ill effects of Mars and Mangalik Dosha in life.
  16. Siddh Budh Locket: To sharpen your memory, skills and make you more logical and reduce indecisiveness.
  17. Siddh Guru Locket: To reduce the ill effects of planet Jupiter in horoscope and improves health and attain knowledge and respect in the society.
  18. Siddh Shukra Locket: To improve the relationship and reduce the issues in marital life between couple. Also helps in attaining the materialistic desires too.
  19. Siddh Shani Locket: To receive the long term stability in life and reduce the ill effects of Saturn, delay and Shani Sade Sati.
  20. Siddh Rahu Locket: To overcome the illicit effects of Rahu of the horoscope and reduce confusion & illusion in life.
  21. Siddh Ketu Locket: To reduce the ill effects of malefic Ketu and overcome, fear, anxiety or stress in life.
  22. Siddh Bhairav Locket: To compete with your competitors and deafeatinf enemies.
  23. Siddh Gayatri Locket: To get the positivity and blessings of Goddess Gayatri
  24. Siddh Mahakali Locket: By wearing this locket, native receives the life transformation and get rid of negative influence in life.
  25. Siddh Sai Baba Locket: Helps in occupation and enjoying peace with closed friends with the blessings of Saint Sai Baba.
  26. Siddh Hanuman Locket: Wearer gets the throughout success with increased confidence and enthusiasm in life by the blessings of Lord Hanuman.

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