Published On : October 15, 2021  |  Author : Astrologer Umesh
Goddess Lakshmi

Importance Of Lakshmi Puja

Goddess Lakshmi and Deepawali are correlated in Hinduism. This is because the festival of Diwali or Deepawali marks the celebration of festive enthusiasts from all over India. And on this auspicious day, the deity Lakshmi, who is considered the giver of prosperity and is the wife of Lord Vishnu, blesses her devotees with eternal peace and prosperity in their lives. In other words, Goddess Lakshmi and Diwali mark the occasion of Lakshmi Puja that heralds one of the most auspicious days dedicated to Mata Lakshmi. The devotees perform the worship of the deity under proper ritual and supervision of erudite priests.

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What Is The Importance Of Lakshmi Puja?

As said, Lakshmi puja is one of the most auspicious occasions celebrated in Amavasya of Krishna Paksha during Vikram Samvat, as per the Hindu calendar month of Kartik. The day marks auspiciousness considering the power of Mata Lakshmi transcends on this day who blesses her devotees with kindness and makes their lives blessed with opulence and an endless flow of wealth. Hence, the importance of celebrating goddess Lakshmi and Diwali is getting the blessing of the deity in your and making it worthwhile because when you offer your prayer to Mata Lakshmi during Deepawali, you perform a religious act, something that is a core part of the Hindu religion. We offer Asht Lakshmi Puja that is one of the best remedial measures for removing poverty and attain wealth in life.

Cares That Should Be Maintained While Performing Lakshmi Puja

Devotees who are performing Lakshmi puja must NOT consume non-vegetable food items. They must refrain totally from the consumption of alcohol and any stuff that is expressively forbidden in religious texts. They should not entertain even an idea of such foodstuff in their mind as long as they are performing the puja.

Another caution that must be maintained is to get Lakshmi puja conducted under the supervision of an erudite priest or Pandit Ji because an occasion like this calls for the sanctity of making sure that every ritual is followed, the guidelines that only learned Pandit can prescribe you.

What Are The Benefits Of Lakshmi Puja?

Goddess Lakshmi and Deepawali both mark auspiciousness in the lives of devotees, as this is the occasion that purely augments the religious sanctity of religious deeds. Hence, benefits of conducting Lakshmi Puja during Deepawali afford many benefits, some of them are being mentioned in the following ways –

  • Issues that stall finical growth in your life get removed.
  • Obstacles in any aspect of your life, like career, finance, etc. get removed.
  • Mata Lakshmi removes destitution from your life with her blessing.
  • Deepawali Lakshmi puja empowers you with success and opulence.
  • Mata Lakshmi symbolizes prosperity, hence, you get blessed with endless financial success in life.
  • Besides prosperity, Lakshmi puja blesses the devotees with beauty and intelligence.


Goddess Lakshmi and Deepawali both mark religious sanctity in the lives of devotees as Mata Lakshmi transcends her divine power on this occasion called Diwali, which is conducting Lakshmi Puja and Ganesha puja on this day is of paramount importance. The caution one must follow, during Lakshmi Puja is not to consume food that is forbidden and avoid entertaining impure thoughts in mind. Being spiritually pure and consciously aware of the sanctity of Lakshmi puja are some of the eligibility criteria one must follow.

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