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Transit Of Planets

Planets In Astrology And In Your Kundli:

Planets in Astrology are very important to study to know the major impacts of planets in your lifespan. There are 9 planets defined in Astronomy, while Astrology tells about the 7 major planets namely Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter & Saturn. Further, in Astrology, 2 more planets are included, these are commonly known as Shadowy planets such as “North Node of the Moon” i.e Rahu and “South Node of the Moon” i.e. Ketu. These last two planets are not the existing entities, which is why are called “Shadowy planets”. Now, all these planets affect the life of an individual differently based on the planetary alignments placed in your actual birth chart or Kundli.

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Role Of Planets In Astrology

In Astrology, planets play a pivotal role. The role of every planet in Astrology is different as every planet has its own significance in Astrology. All the 9 planets have their own place in Astrology and are assigned to handle particular zodiac signs and houses in your birth chart and natural zodiac sign. Thus, role differs with planet to planet. For instance, Sun represents soul, father & authority and governs Leo zodiac sign so it particularly affects these areas and where Leo Zodiac Sign will fall in your horoscope. All this have been taken into consideration while determining the role of planet Sun. Like wise other planets also occupy different roles. Get in touch with Online Astrology Consultation Service for solutions to ensure never-ceasing growth and success in your life.

How Planets Affect Our Lives

Planets has its continuous movement from one zodiac sign to another, while transiting through one zodiac sign to another, it impacts your Kundali’s particular house/houses, thus, with this effect, you get the favourable or non-favourable outcomes related to that particular house. Besides this, the placements of planets in individual’s birth chart also impacts the life simultaneously with the Transit Of Planets Importance as transit creates the energy to happen the event whereas the planets placed in birth chart decide the actual happening of the event in life.  Does your upset mind seek good astrological solutions? Consult Best Astrologer In India.

What Are The Best Positions Of Planets In Houses To Give Fruitful Results In A Horoscope

In Astrology, different planets have different best positions to provide the results. However, we have defined below few positions of planets, which can be the best and fruitful for life long:

  • The planet placed in Kendra Bhava are considered as good planets and it is also considered as the best positions too until they don’t share the connection with Dushtana houses.
  • The planets are in Kendra in its own sign or exaltation sign, it will also be considered as a very good position and creates the Panch mahapurush Yoga too if formed with the help of Venus, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter & Saturn in Kendra.
  • The planets are placed in Trikone until don’t have connection with 6, 8, 12 houses. It is the best position of planet and will provide the gains in life too. Trikone Bhavas are the best houses in Astrology so the lords of these houses or any benefic planet placed in these houses will get strengthen and provides very auspicious results in lifespan
  • If there is a mutual exchange of planets of different good houses, it becomes very good for the native.
  • Any connection with the Kendra and Trikone houses or lords will bestow the native with good prosperity, luck and health throughout the lifespan.
  • If planet transits throughthe favourable sign or house, then the best results would be obtained during that period of transit of particular planet.

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Planets In Different Houses And Their Effects

Planets in different houses give different results to the native. Their effects also vary as per the placement of planets. In Universe, everything is inter-connected directly or indirectly, so we are too. Any celestial movement in the sky impacts us in a certain way. Transit of different planets in different houses impact us differently. For instance: the planet Moon, which frequently changes its position from one sign to another sign within 2 ¼ days. As Moon is the significator of our mind, sentiments and emotions, so you can see how everyday we find different thoughts and mood. Everyday we meet to the new challenges or tasks to be accomplished. Thus, the daily task can be understood by the continuous movement of Moon in your horoscope. If it is not so, we will see the constant mood or task for longer period of time and Moon would take time to pass from one sign to another. Do you seek quality solutions for your life’s nagging issues? Consult our Best Astrologer In Noida.

Importance Of Planets In Our Life

The importance of planets can be understood in our life with the happening or non-happening of any events. Anytime getting the favourable results or non favourable results, it is thus depending upon the planets and their current movements. Every planet has its own significance in our daily life such as:

Sun: it is the source of energy, soul, confidence and father.
Moon: It is the mind, emotions, and signifies mother.
Mars: It gives vitality, energy to the native
Mercury: It signifies the intellect & logical ability in the native.
Jupiter: It shows the wisdom, knowledge and Gurus in our life.
Venus: It represents love, beauty, romance and relationship, besides this the comforts, luxury and all kinds of materialistic gains can be seen through Venus.
Saturn: it reflects determination, endurance, Work, Justice & law, and strict teachers.


In conclusion, planets are crucial for us and help in operating our lives in a systematic manner or in pattern. Things get balanced with the effects of planets and every single transit of planet helps us understanding the true essence or significance of particular house where it transits through. We learn, rise and attain success; this all depends upon the planetary movements or transits of planets and its placements in one’s birth chart. Are you looking for trusted astrologer? Get in touch with Astrologer In Gurgaon for prompt assistance.

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