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Learn Astrology Lesson Nine

Dear Viewers, the previous level was very important in terms of predictions as you came to know the favourable and unfavourable planets for every ascendant, now we will move to the another level of basic related to Nakshatras or constellations. We have already learnt the names of 27 Nakshatras in our previous level, now we will explore it little more with some significations in basic level. So let’s start our Nakshatra basic session:

What is Nakshatra or Constellation?

As we have already learnt about the nakshatra’s name so we have 27 Nakshatra and 1 additional nakshatra. Now the question arises how these Nakshatra lies in the celestial system. Here we go with this fact in simple words. Nakshatra is basically the sub division of Zodiac sign and every zodiac sign consists of 2 & ¼ Nakshatras, which means it consists of complete 2 nakshatra and ¼ of third nakshatra. Every complete nakshatra has 13 degrees and 20 minutes and ¼ nakshatra has 3 degrees 20 minutes. Now Nakshatra has another its divisions known as Pada and every Nakshatra has 4 Padas in it consisting 3 degrees 20 minutes each in total 13 degrees 20 minutes.

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Find below the names of Nakshatra or Constellation with Sequence from 1 to 27:

1. Ashwini10. Magha19. Moola
2. Bharani11. Purva Phalguni20. Purva-ashada
3. Krittika12. Ut. Phalguni21. Uttara-ashada
4. Rohini13. Hasta22. Sharavana
5. Mrigsira14. Chitra23. Dhanishta
6. Ardra15. Swati24. Satabhisha
7. Punarvasu16. Visakha25. Purvabhadrapada
8. Pushya17. Anuradha26. Uttara-bhadrapada
9. Aslesha18. Jyestha27. Revati

Note: We have learnt one more type of Nakshtra lying between Uttarashada and Shravan i.e. Abhijeet Nakshatra or gets overlapped to these nakashtra as well.

What is Janam Nakshatra?

This is very Important Nakshatra as with the help of this Nakshatra, our predictions will be based and it is also responsible for Dasha pattern too for any horoscope. It is not very complicated to understand this Nakshatra. Thus, when Moon passes through any certain Nakshatra and Pada of that Nakshatra and then someone gets born, so that particular Nakshtra will become its Janam Nakshatra and will determine the whole Dasha pattern for his whole life. For example: if Moon is transiting through Ashwini Nakshtra of Aries zodiac sign, and someone gets born, then Ashwini will become birth Nakshatra or Janam Nakshatra.

List of Nakshatra with Degrees in Certain Zodiac Sign:

S. No.Nakshatra/ConstellationDegrees with corresponding zodiac signsSymbol
1Ashwini0° – 13°20′ AriesHorse’s head
2Bharni13° 20′ – 26°40′ AriesYoni
3Krittika26°40′ Aries – 10° TaurusKnife
4Rohini10° – 23°20′ TaurusCart
5Mrigsira23° 20′ Taurus – 6° 40′ GeminiDeer’s head
6Ardra6° 40′ – 20° Geminia human head
7Punarvasu20° Gemini – 3°20′ CancerBow 
8Pushya3° 20′ – 16° 40′ Cancerarrow and circle
9Aslesha16° 40′ – 30° CancerSerpent
10Magha 0° – 13° 20′ LeoRoyal Throne
11Purva-Phalguni13° 20′ – 26°40′ LeoFront legs of bed
12Uttara-Phalguni26° 40′ Leo- 10° VirgoFour legs of bed
13Hasta10° – 23° 20′ VirgoHand or fist
14Chitra23° 20′ Virgo – 6° 40′ LibraBright jewel 
15Swati6° 40′ – 20° Libracoral
16Visakha20° Libra – 3° 20′ ScorpioTriumphal arch
17Anuradha3° 20′ – 16° 40′ Scorpiobamboo
18Jyestha16° 40′ – 30° Scorpiocircular amulet
19Moola0° – 13° 20′ SagittariusBunch of roots tied together,
20Purvashada13° 20′ – 26° 40′ SagittariusElephant tusk
21Uttarashada26° 40′ Sagittarius– 10° CapricornElephant tusk
22Shravana10° – 23° 20′ CapricornThree Footprints
23Dhanishtha23° 20′ Capricorn – 6° 40′ AquariusDrum or flute
24Satabhisha6° 40′ – 20° AquariusEmpty circle
25Purvabhadrapada20° Aquarius – 3° 20′ PiscesSwords/ man with two faces
26Uttarabhadrapada3° 20′ – 16° 40′ PiscesTwins
27Revati16° 40′ – 30° PiscesFish 

Note: An additional Abhijeet Nakshatra lies between 6° 40′ Capricorn– 10° 53′ Capricorn.

Nakshatra with its Lord & Deity

Nakshatra has its own lord and deity in Vedic Astrology, Lord is simply the ruling planet among the 9 planets in Vedic Astrology, so let’s understand the ruling planet and deities of Nakshatra:

No.Nakshatras (Constellations)DeityLord
1AshwiniAshwini brothersKetu
21UttarashadhaVishwa devaSun
23DhanishthaAshta vasavMars
26UttarabhadrapadaAhir BudhanyaSaturn

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If we briefly understand the above table on the basis of Lords only, then it will look like below and every planet rules over 3 nakshatras.

Lord Constellation Constellation Constellation
Venus2Bharani11Purva Phalguni20Purva-ashada
Sun3Krittika12Ut. Phalguni21Uttara-ashada

Find below the table for suitable Certified Natural Gemstones and colour for all Nakshatras:

No.Nakshatras (Constellations)GemstoneColour
1AshwiniCat’s Eye redBlood red
2BharaniDiamondBlood red
4RohiniNatural PearlWhite
5MrigshirshaRed CoralSilver Grey
7PunarvasuYellow SapphireLead
8PushyaBlue SapphireBlack mixed with red
9AshleshaEmeraldBlack mixed with red
10MaghaCat’s EyeIvory or cream
11PurvaphalguniDiamondLight brown
12UttaraphalguniRubyBright blue
13HastaNatural PearlDeep green
14ChitraRed CoralBlack
16VishakhaYellow SapphireGolden
17AnuradhaBlue SapphireReddish brown
19MulaCat’s EyeBrownish yellow
22ShravanaNatural PearlLight blue
23DhanishthaRed CoralSilver Grey
25PoorvabhadrapadaYellow SapphireSilver grey
26UttarabhadrapadaBlue SapphirePurple
28AbhijitBrownish yellow

In this chapter, we have tried to let you know about the Nakshatra and its significance, which will help you to predict things in horoscope too. Later we will have discussion on Nakshatra in detail so that you can understand thoroughly about every Nakshatra. Now we will move to the next level of Astrology from the next page i.e. medium level, where we will start exploring the information related to planets, let’s begin by clicking on the next page. Among World Famous Top 10 Professional Astrologer In India, Umesh Pant Ji is one of them who helps  you with right astro-solutions.

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