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Rang Panchami

What Is Rang Panchami?

Rang Panchami is one of the most auspicious festivals of India that is religiously observed on the day of Phalguna Krishna Paksha of Panchami.

The devotees celebrate it with the utmost devotion. Reverence is paid to the divine almighty for peace, happiness, and fortunes. The reason it is called Rang Panchami is because of being celebrated along with the festival of Holi, just five days before its inception. The festival usually follows the celebration with Delundi rather than the colours typically used in Holi.

In other words, it can also be said that the festival of Rang Panchami entails religious significance at par with Holi. To say otherwise, it is a special part of the Holi festival.

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Some mythological texts claim that celebrating Rang Panchami with Gulal and hurling itin the airis a religious act that is believed to cast its positive effects in terms of eliminating a person’s emotions-related issues like Rajsik and Tamsik convulsions. To say otherwise, celebrating the festival means that a devotee may attain the power of Satvik thoughts that come to him by religiously celebrating Rang Panchami festival.

What Is The Significance Of Celebrating Rang Panchami?

Speaking purely from a religious standpoint, the significance of celebrating Rang Panchami festival is that it, first of all, endears you to the divine powers to whom the festival is being celebrated.

This means being the beneficiary of certain divine results manifesting in your life, such as peace, happiness, grace, fame, wealth, and affluence. It is believed that celebrating the festival by throwing colours in the air is an auspicious deed containing the eventual result of reducing a person’s malefic emotional disturbances, thereby blessing him with the power of Satvik attributes. This sort of benefit that one receives out of celebrating Rang Panchami is one of the reasons accentuating its significance.

The reason celebrating Rang Panchami is religiously significant also lies in the fact that it symbolizes victory over the malefic nature of raja-tama. Moreover, the day is auspicious for stimulating the five cosmic elements through the invocation of divine deities, thus helping the devotees to attainthe benefit of spiritual refinement or spiritual sentiment of Jiva. The deities worshipped on this day are those bearing the saviour forms. Moreover, it is also celebrated to please all the gods and goddesses.

Some mythological books assert the vindication of celebrating Rang Panchami as a festival dedicated to gods, given this is the day, in which the use of colours activates the positive energy to circulate through the universe and the world at large. To say otherwise, positive energy flows across the universe by celebrating the festival of Rang Panchami. The positive energy feels like containing the tangible presence of divine elements, infusing people with a sense of politeness and spiritual refinement.

The significance of celebrating Rang Panchami also lies in the fact that it promotes the concept of unity, love and solidarity in society. From this point of view, it is one of the most important events representing the cultural vibrancy of India promoting a sense of solidarity and harmony among people.

Celebration Of Rang Panchami In Maharashtra

Though the festival of Rang Panchami is celebrated all across India, it has special importance and grace in Maharashtra. Here, it is celebrated with the boundless enthusiasm of the devotees who use dry gulal to enjoy observing the festival with friends and relatives. Special dishes are prepared on this day and invitations are given to friends and relatives.

Celebration of the festival usually accompanies dances, songs and music.

Legends Associated With Rang Panchami

The celebration of Rang Panchami follows the worshipping of Lord Krishna and goddess Radha based on the tale that they used to play Rang Panchami together. Temples in Barsana are decorated to worship these two divinities.

According to another legend, Lord Vishnu, at the beginning of Treta Yuga, celebrated DhuliVandan, meaning Lord Vishnu devised his incarnations by using different forms of Tejomaya colours (multi-hues). Each of the colours used in the incarnation is the representation of Lord Vishnu’s divine portrayal described in the form of his Darshan.

Another legend related to Rang Panchami tells that Lord Shiva killed Kamadeva by turning him into ash through his destructive third-eye. The wife of Kamadeva wept inconsolably at the death of her husband. She prayed to Lord Shiva for granting life to her husband. Lord Shiva granted her prayer and Kamadeva got his life back. The event that unfolded then is now celebrated as a holy day of Rang Panchami.

Why Gulal Is Thrown In The Air During Rang Panchami?

The festival of Rang Panchami is considered unique from a religious standpoint. The celebration of the day involves the use of Gulal, not colours which are the typical manifestations of Holi. People celebrate Rang Panchami by throwing gulal in the air. According to some mythological texts, throwing gulal in the air is an act of utmost auspiciousness. This is the day that even gods and goddesses choose to visit the earth and play the festival with humans. It is believed that anyone who comes in contact with gulal thrown in the air gets absolution from his sins and feelspositive energy coursing through his body.

Conclusion Rang Panchami is one of the most auspicious festivals in India. It is celebrated five days before Holi, the festival of colours. The day of Rang Panchami is considered holy and special as gulal is used on this day rather than colours which are common things to witness during Holi. Divine beings are worshipped on this day. Devotees take a great deal of delight while celebrating the festival. Though Rang Panchami is observed all over India, it has a unique grace of celebration in Maharashtra. From a religious standpoint, the festival is also a unique portrayal of India’s cultural vibrancy, given it promotes solidarity and social harmony among people. At last, Rang Panchami is a festival with mythological validation, saying throwing gulal in the air is an auspicious way of neutralizing the malefic effects of one’s sins, thereby attaining peace, happiness and a graceful living experience.

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