Published On : June 12, 2022  |  Author : Astrologer Umesh
Introduction to Vastu Shastra

Definition of Vastu Shastra

Vastu is a term that defines a piece of land and building suitable for people to live and work.

Vastu Shastra, in this context, is referred to the science of architecture that lays down a varying set of rules, principles, methods, and techniques to help the landowners and occupants of the buildings experience maximum positive benefits. Vastu Shastra attempts to ensure the convenience and safety of human life by balancing the life-sustaining forces (Pahchmahabutas) and managing the cosmic powers.

Significance Of Vastu Shastra

The most notable significance of Vastu Shastra is its top priority of promoting harmonious integration of the environment fostered by Pahchmahabutas. Almost every scripture associated with science and philosophy believes that Pahchmahabutas foster the life of all creatures, including humans. Hence, when these Pahchmahabuta elements stay in balance, they trigger positive vibrations in the mind, body, and life of people. On the other hand, the mere imbalance of these elements immobilises it (mind, body, and people’s life).

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The Principles Of Vastu Shastra

In reality, the earth and earthlings share a common similarity, that their creation was due to the synergy of Pahchmahabutas (the life-sustaining forces). In this context, Vastu Shastra believes in proposing how people should harness the power of Pahchmahabuta elements in their places of living and other establishments they set up for different purposes, to ensure the inflow of positive energy, agility, and satisfaction in their day to day works.

The axiom of Vastu Shastra calls for the necessity of maintaining proper coordination with the cosmic forces of Pahchmahabutas for cultivating a higher standard of physical and mental functionality for mankind. Therefore, Vastu Shastra lays down some solid ground rules pertaining to the right synchronization to be harnessed with Pahchmahabuta elements within the structural framework of every residential, commercial, industrial and religious establishment.

Why Is Vastu Shastra Important For Human Life?

How can Pahchmahabuta forces be balanced in other scriptures, apart from Vastu Shastra, and which techniques should be employed to achieve that purpose?

The answer to the above questions so far is none.

Although the branches of every Indian philosophy, including the science subjects like civil engineering, structural engineering, and architecture talk at length about the earth, water, fire, air, and sky, there is not a single word detailing the balancing of Pahchmahabuta and its techniques.

Vastu Shastra is the single most cardinal point in the Vedic ideology, which meticulously analyses and describes the cosmic symmetry of Pahchmahabuta elements within the residential and commercial structures/establishments and its role in strengthening the physical and mental abilities of people.

It explains why Vastu Shastra holds immeasurable importance in human life.

The Core Fundamentals Of Vastu Shastra

As a matter of fact, Vastu Shastra is based on some core fundamentals, such as –

  • To ensure human life’s moments are in harmony with the cosmic forces of Pahchmahabuta.
  • Effective management of cosmic powers.

Thus, Vastu Shastra attempts to synergize and utilise the cosmic powers into empowering people’s capabilities in the attainment of self-satisfaction, progress, and a new dimension of success in their lives.

The Limitless Scopes For The Application Of Vastu Shastra Principles

The scope of application of Vastu Shastra principles is quite limitless.

To say in other words, Vastu Shastra principles can be applied anywhere; such as residential & commercial establishments, religious or any building for social purpose, temples/asylums for sages, beggars or pilgrims, edifices of merchants, houses-flats of common men, shops, showrooms, commercial complexes, industrial areas, hotels, restaurants, resorts, government or private offices, educational institutes, and places for public welfare.

The sole purpose of Vastu Shastra behind the implementation of its principles in the construction of every establishment is to ensure full-fledged protection and comforts of its occupants.


Vastu Shastra is made by combining art, science, astronomy, and astrology. It is believed that Vastu Shastra helps to improve our lives and keep negativity away. In other words, Vastu Shastra keeps us in a safe environment away from negative elements.

Just as by following the rules, man becomes disease-free. Similarly, according to the principles of Vastu Shastra, by building a building, every person can make his life happy and prosperous. The building built according to Vastu provides happiness, peace, and prosperity. The relationship between Vastu Shastra and science is strong. Talk To Astrologer and get your life’s problems solved hundred percent.

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