Published On : November 13, 2021  |  Author : Astrologer Umesh
Learn Astrology About Moon

Understanding About The Planet Moon

Previously, we have discussed about the planet Sun and its significations in Vedic Astrology, so to continue our series of planets, we will keep on learning about the planet Moon in Vedic Astrology and its corresponding significations. Let’s begin with the most important planet in Astrology Moon:

The Planet Moon:

Learn Astrology About Moon – Well, Moon is a satellite of our mother planet earth in astronomy, while it is considered as planet in Vedic Astrology. Moon revolves around the earth and it takes 27.32166 days to complete its one cycle or revolution around the earth. It is mainly the sidereal period of Moon. As the movement of Moon in the universe also affects the fate and life on earth for humans, so it is considered as not only the planet but also an important planet due to ruling over the mind of humans as per astrology. As we know everything is operated with the help of our brain only, so you can understand how much importance this planet holds in Vedic Astrology.

Lunar Month

Period from one full Moon to the next full Moon is known as one Lunar Month and it is approx 28 days.

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Why Moon Is Important Planet In Astrology?

Moon governs the watery sign Cancer as discussed earlier, so anything related to water or liquid will be influenced the most with the movement of Moon and in our body water contribution is high and hence it affects a lot to humans. Now our brain also contains the amount of fluid, so it represents our mind, emotions and sentiments as everything is performed as per the instructions of brain. Now you can understand why Moon is the most influential planet. Moon also changes zodiac signs frequently so it becomes important planet in terms of our daily life events. Movement or transit of Moon from one sign to another and one Nakshatra to Another decides the daily life events. Besides this, Moon also plays an important role in birth chart as predictions are also made on the basis of Moon chart too.

Hindu Mythology About Moon

Moon is considered to be the mind of Kaal Purush Kundali (Natural Kundali), it is the Queen of Solar System. It is feminine in nature and can easily be influenced due to changeable & elastic nature. According to ancient Veda & Purans, Chandra got emerged at the time of sea churning by Asuras and Devas and titled as planet due to its charm. It also got the place in Navgrahas too and one of the Devas as per hindu mythodology. He had married to “Tara”, the wife of Jupiter and gave birth to “Budh”  (Mercury). Mercury started hating to his father as his birth was the result of deadly sin. So this is the reason behind Moon and Mercury rivalry relation in Vedic Astrology. Here Moon doesn’t show much inimical relation with Mercury due to his child but Mercury has rivalry against Moon. Choose our astrologer, who is Top Best Astrologer In Gurgaon, for solution that gives you peaceful living experience in your life.

Significance Of Moon In Vedic Astrology

We have covered below the important points which will help to understand the significations of planet Moon in Vedic Astrology in simple ways:

Represents: Moon represents Goddess Parvati

Nature: Cold, moist, watery, receptive & Peaceful

Season – Varsha (Rainy-August & September)

Time duration to complete one cycle of zodiac: Approximately 28 days       

Orbit Time in one zodiac sign by Moon: Approximately 2 & 1/4 days

Zodiac Sign ruled by – Moon: Cancer

Constellations Ruled by Moon- Rohini, Hasta and Sravana

Exaltation Sign – 3 Degree in Taurus

Debilitation – 3 Degree in Scorpio

Mooltrikone Sign – Taurus

Vimshottari Mahadasha or Periodic Cycle of Moon – 10 Years

What Moon Signifies Naturally In Horoscope?

Represents – Mother, Queen, Happiness

Nature – Soft & Changeable

Friendly planets– Sun, Mars and Jupiter

Inimical planets –Rahu, Ketu and Saturn

Neutral planet – Mercury

Favourable Placement of Moon in Horoscope signifies – Intelligence and imagination, good intuition & insights

Unfavourable positioning of Moon signifies – Depression, jealousy and arrogant, pessimistic, indecisive

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What Products Moon Represent In Vedic Astrology?

Products ruled by Moon: Moon shows pumpkin, curd, salt, pearl, cabbage, cauliflower, organs, mushroom, melon, white poppy, cucumber, palm, algae, wintergreen, mercury, sugarcane, lettuce, betel leaves, silver, rice, foreign liquor, fruit juice etc.

Taste of Moon – Salty & Sweet

Places Signified By Moon In Vedic Astrology

Abode represented by Moon: It represents places like fortresses, place of residence, mountains, ocean, river, etc, so this way, any watery place and residence will be represented by planet Moon mainly. 

Body Parts Shown By Moon In Vedic Astrology

The boy parts ruled by Moon – Left Eye of Male and Right eye of female, lungs, esophagus,  heart, uterus, stomach and bodily fluid

Now, we have waxing and waning Moon too, which we have already learned in previous level, so it also rules differently over the body parts, such as Waxing Moon represents arteries, nerves and muscles while Waning moon represents veins, sensory nerves, organs & glands.

Special features including corpulent body, white complexion, lovely eyes, black and thin hair, tender speech and mild temper

Health Issues or Ailments by the Moon – Depression, lunacy, paralysis, hysteria, epilepsy cardiac problem, cold and cough, respiratory ailments, TB, fear and weak eyesight, typhoid, nervous disability, dysentery, tumors, asthma, diseases caused due to excess of drink etc.

Animals Represented By Planet Moon

Animals: The moon shows animals like horse, dog, cat, mouse, amphibious creatures. Besides this, it also represents crab, duck, water-bird, tortoise, owl, goose and oyster or the livings in watery areas.

Basic Significations Of Moon:

Day– Monday

Color– White

Direction of Moon – Vayavya (North – West)

Metal of the Moon – Silver

Precious gemstone – Pearl Gemstone

Favourable Moon In Horoscope

If Moon is benefic in horoscope, it will bless one with high position in public, courtesy, happiness, good family & relations, amiable, easy going personality, magnetism, interest in psyche, good intuitions and insights and good taste in life.

Unfavourable Moon In Horoscope

If Moon is afflicted with malefics such as debilitated Moon, placed in inimical sign and have malefic aspects over it, then it will give you some negative results such as sickness from the childhood, impulsiveness, indecisive, over anxious, depression, pessimism and unfortune. In this level, we have studied everything about the Planet Moon. Moon is very important planet in Vedic Astrology and considered to be the planet for determining the every day’s results in our life. We can understand after reading this article, how much Moon holds the importance, now move on to the next medium level of planet i.e. Mars. Let’s know the facts about the planet Mars by visiting to the next page. Ask Best Astrologer in Delhi today and find the most effective astrological solutions to put an end to your existing misery in life.

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