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Learn Astrology About Mercury

Know Detailed Information About Planet Mercury

Dear Viewers, you have learnt about the planet Mars and its signification in Vedic Astrology and why It is important planet to us. Now continuing the series of planets further, we will let you know about the planet Mercury and its significations in Vedic Astrology, which will help you to predict things in horoscope of an individual pertaining to planet Mercury. So let’s begin with planet Mercury or Learn Astrology About Mercury below:

The Planet Mercury

In our solar system, Mercury is a smallest planet and also very nearest to the luminary Sun. Due to its closeness to Sun, it is one of the hottest planets among others. Also it makes it one or two zodiac signs away from Sun in any horoscope. It has no Moon and has rocky body. Its orbit lies between Mother Earth and planet Sun. Our Earth and Mercury both revolves around the Sun with different relative speeds, but Mercury in inner planet as its orbit is inside the orbit traced by planet earth in the universe.

Mercury is Prince in celestial cabinet and it makes him to play like a prince. In Vedic Astrology, It represents youthfulness just like a Prince. This youthful exuberance makes him enthusiastic too like Prince and which in turn makes great analyzer due to increased curiosity to know everything about anything. Mercury represents communication, thus, it is a strong messenger of God on earth. It is dualistic in nature and has the power of getting influenced easily or in positive words; it can adapt things very easily.

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Why Mercury Is Important Planet In Astrology?

Mercury plays prominent role in Vedic Astrology as well as in predicting any horoscope as it is the planet which really affects the analyzing power positively or negatively depending on the placement. Mercury is the planet helping to analyze horoscope and one of the planet responsible for becoming and understanding the concepts of Astrology. Its nature of never ending curiosity leads one to find out right solution, and its intelligence helps one to comprehend the concept thoroughly without any hassle or else weak memory will never be going to help to an astrologer. Mercury is not independent planet, it generally behaves like a planet by which it gets influenced the most in horoscope. As we have already learnt, Mercury rules over 3rd house of efforts & communication and 6th house of competition, debt, disease or enemies in Kaal Purush Kundali and significator of 4th house of happiness and 10th house of career, So if placed in these house, one gets good intelligence and communication in life to deal with the things well. Is there anything in your personal life causing you suffer something unpleasant? Solve it with Personal Horoscope service that we offer.

Hindu Mythology About Mercury

As per Hindu Mythodology, Mercury is the son of Chantra and Tara, the wife of Jupiter. Chandra was the disciple of Jupiter (Guru) and used to go to learn & study to Jupiter. Now there is an amazing story which can correlates the Mercury’s nature in Astrology.

Chandra was very handsome and charming, so Tara had fallen in love with him, due to the course, Mercury was born. When Jupiter came to know the truth behind Mercury, he cursed Mercury to be an impotent and since then Mercury is impotent planet in Astrology.

Mercury though hates Moon but as Mercury is son of Moon, so Moon doesn’t have such enmity towards Mercury in Vedic Astrology.

Significance Of Mercury In Vedic Astrology

Find below the significations of Mercury in Vedic Astrology in easy & simple points:

Represents: God Keshav, Narayan, Madhav
Nature: Variable, Convertible, Feminine, Neutral and Dualistic
Season – ‘Sarad’ Ritu (October-November)

Time duration to complete one cycle of zodiac: 88 Days (Astronomically)
But in Vedic Astrology, it may take 1 year too depending on the motion.

Orbit Time In One Zodiac Sign By Mercury: Approximately 15-60 Days Depending On The Retrograde Motion

Zodiac Sign ruled by Mercury: Gemini, Virgo
Nakshatra/Constellations Ruled by Mercury– Ashlesha, Jyeshtha, Revati
Exaltation Sign: 15 Degree in Virgo
Debilitation– 15 Degree in Pisces
Mooltrikone Sign – Virgo
Vimshottari Mahadasha or Periodic Cycle of Mercury– 17 Years

What Mercury Signifies Naturally In Horoscope?

Represents – Prince, Intelligence, Memory, Logic, Communication
Nature – Dual & Soft Planet
Friendly planets – Venus, Saturn
Inimical planets –Rahu, Ketu, Mars, Moon, Jupiter
Neutral planet – Sun
Favourable Placement of Mercury in Horoscope signifies– Intelligence, Quick Grasping Power, Retentive Memory, Orator, Speech
Unfavourable positioning of Mercury signifies– Clever, Cunning, Stressed, Mischievous, Gambler, Liar, Stammering speech, Lack of memory and Fluency

What Products Mercury Represent In Vedic Astrology?
Products ruled by Mercury: Mainly the green coloured products are represented by Mercury, so products like spinach, plants in general, nut tree, betel leaves, walnut, willow, quince, male fern, caraway, ghee, other oils, green colored clothes, green color pulses etc.
Taste of Mercury– Bitter

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Places Signified By Mercury In Vedic Astrology
Abode represented by Mercury: Mercury mainly represents the greenery so places like Play Ground, Garden and fields for playing games, and sports, hunting places etc. Besides this, it also represents the education so universities, colleges, schools, all commercial centers are also represented by Mercury
Body Parts Shown By Mercury In Vedic Astrology
The boy parts ruled by Mercury – Mercury governs veins, chest, nervous system, skin, nose, navel, gall bladder, lungs, nerves, tongue, arms, face and hair
Special features including green tint, body with full of veins, pleasant speech and fun loving. One has long red eyes and well formed limbs with slender and tall body. One gets average height with curved eyebrows with dense hair on it.
Health Issues or Ailments by the Mercury– Insomnia, Giddiness, Convulsions, Insanity, mental aberration, loss of speech, impotency, defective tongue, deafness, leucoderma, headaches, neuralgia, , hysteria, spasms etc.
Animals Represented By Mercury
Animals: Mercury represents the animals like goat, ape, weasel, fox, parrot, and reptiles.
Basic Significations Of Mercury:
Day– Wednesday
Color– Green
Direction of Mercury– North
Metal of the Mercury – Bell’s metal, Silver
Precious gemstone – Emerald, Limestone

Favourable Mercury In Horoscope:

If Mercury is placed in favourable sign, i.e in friendly, exaltation and its own sign, it becomes benefic and makes one master of many languages, increases mental ability and argumentative power. Good Analyzing & investigating ability or enquiry into any subject, collecting information, enhances business ability, intuitive ability and multi-tasking.
Non-Favourable Mercury In Horoscope:

If Mercury is placed in inimical or unfriendly sign or getting malefic aspects of planets, then it makes one gambler, liar, conceited, showy person, talkative, eccentric, unprincipled, inconsistent and boastful. One will have stammering speech, lack of memory and fluency, having too many occupations, propensity for lying, spreading scandals. Overall, one will be clever, cunning and mischievous.

In this chapter, we get to know all about the Planet Mercury and its significance, how and why it is very crucial planet in Vedic Astrology. Read everything carefully as it will be very essential information while predicting the horoscope with reference to Mercury. Now once you end up with this chapter of Mercury, let’s move on to the next level of series of planets pertaining to Venus, so lets visit to the next page to explore more about lord of love & romance planet Venus. Create success in your financial endeavor by choosing our Finance Guidance consisting best remedial measures.

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