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Marriage Problem Solution Astrology

Effective Delay In Marriage Problem Solution Astrology

Marriage is a sacred bond/union of two souls wherein two different entities get to unite together and take the vow to live together forever. Marriage makes one complete in life. You get someone special in life with whom you can share your life’s scenario. You get your soulmate who appreciates you, motivates you, and takes care of your basic needs. Everyone needs someone special in his/her life to cherish the memorable moments in life. We get financial and emotional security after getting married. Now, what if you are not getting married? What if you get a delay in marriage? What if you get every time some issues in getting married? What if it breaks before actually tying a knot? This all gives rise to the marriage problem or delay in marriage or no marriage. Thus, Marriage Astrology can help you with these issues in many ways. Let’s find out how:

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What Are Marriage Problems And How It Results Delay In Marriage? 

Nowadays, the marriage problem is one of the biggest issues that one is going through. The surge in these problems gives rise to disharmony, frustration, and stress. The problems may include secrecy, denial, insecurity among people, immaturity, understanding, etc. These are some common factors that make one check his/her partner in many ways due to certain insecurities. As a result, the marriage also gets delayed and sometimes it breaks due to understanding issues at the time of proposal. Apart from it, people want to change his/her partner or want the partner should behave in this way or that way but they forgot that we can not change anyone and we should accept one as he/she is. We should try to focus on how we can live together rather than changing them before getting married. 

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Factors Causing Marriage Problems/Delay In Marriage As Per Your Kundali

As per the Kundli, certain factors are causing a delay in marriage. It happens due to certain planetary combinations present in the birth chart of an individual. These are:

  • The afflicted 7th house of marriage and its lord, such as if 7th house is getting an influence of functional malefic planets on it, and then it results delay in marriage.
  • Anytime the 7th house lord is placed in the Dusthana houses such as the 6th, 8th & 12th house, it gives rise to the marriage problem or delay in marriage.
  • If malefic planets like Saturn, Rahu & Ketu are placed in the 7th house of marriage, then it is a clear indicator of late marriage in the horoscope, Rahu & Ketu creates confusion and wavering thoughts with regards to getting married or choosing the right partner. Since Rahu never gets satisfied with one partner, so it gives rise to cheating of your love partner as well. 
  • Anytime Venus is placed in the 7th house of marriage, it gives the delay in marriage or may also create the scenario of No marriage. Since Venus is the Karak planet of the 7th house, so due to “Karko Bhava Nashay”, it shows the delay or no marriage. 
  • Any malefic planet in the 7th house of marriage and along with that there is any planet placed in 9th house causes No marriage scenario for female.
  • Mangalik dosha is also the factor causing late marriage or marriage break due to harsh speech. The placement of Mars is seen for Manglik Dosha, if it is not well placed then it creates obstacles in getting married.

Likewise, there are many more factors in Vedic Astrology, which cause a delay in marriage or no marriage for the native. Thus, the whole birth chart is analyzed to determine the scenario. 

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Is There Yoga To Get Married In Your Horoscope?

We need to analyze the horoscope thoroughly to determine the scenario of the marriage problem. Many times people become frustrated if they are not getting the match perfectly, so it is important to check whether you have any yoga for marriage in your life. Many time people get married but later they get divorced and remain single whole life as they do not have marriage yoga, so it is important to check for the promise of marriage yoga in one’s birth chart. 

How Astrology Will Work To Solve Marriage Issues?

 In Vedic Astrology, the birth chart of an individual is analyzed, and based on that the prediction is given to the native. In case of finding any dosha, the apt remedy is also recommended to curb the influence of that dosha so as to receive good outcomes in life. In case of marriage issues too, if anytime native have any kind of dosha, then with the help of remedies, he/she can overcome the situation and can have an early marriage. 

What Are The Astrological Remedial Measures To Resolve Marriage Problems/ Delay In Marriage?

There are certain remedies defined in Vedic Astrology to reduce the malefic effects of planets and help you to get married easily without any hurdles such as:

Gemstones: Gemstones are associated with certain planets and help to strengthen the power of the most benefic planet of kundali to bless the life of the native. We offer you white opal gemstone to increase the power of Venus to get married early. It helps in the expansion of family too.

Yantra: These are powerful yantras helping one to get the good gains in life by reducing the negative influence or energy in life. We offer Shukra yantra to increase love, Siddh Mangal yantra  to reduce mangalik dosha, Sampoorn Badha Mukti yantra, to help one to get married soon.

Rudraksha: These holy beads help one to receive the blessing of lord Shiva in life. Thus, helping you with this, we offer 6 Mukhi rudraksha, 7 Mukhi rudraksha to balance the energies in life. 

Puja: Puja are performed to please or pacify the malefic planet’s essence in life. We offer puja for marriage, Shukra Puja, etc. for early marriage.  

Likewise, we have a lot more remedies in life to help you with the good gains and prosperity in life. To help you with the marriage issues, consult our veteran astrologer to help you with the apt marriage solution. 

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