Published On : June 14, 2022  |  Author : Astrologer Umesh
Importance Of Shravan Somwar

Know the Information About Shravan Somwar

Shravan Somwar is an auspicious festival in India that distinguishes itself due to its uniqueness and sanctity and is dedicated to Lord Shiva, one of the most powerful divine beings in Trinity lords.

The Festival of Shravan Somwar is a harbinger of peace and prosperity in the life of a staunch devotee of Lord Shiva. The festival is revered due to its purity associated with the divine Lord of Shiva.

The Importance Of Shravan Somwar lies in the fact of being unique and sanctified. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, the festival itself gives out a profusion of sanctity that the ardent followers of Shiva show through their unflinching devotions for Him.

The festival of Shravan Somwar is celebrated to worship Lord Shiva and sing the glorification of his divine grandeur. Shrines and temples of Shiva across India usually witness the throng of staunch devotees offering prayers and regards to the lord.

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The apex of devotions of Shiva’s followers also underscores the importance of Shravan Somwar festival.

The vital aspect of the Shravan Somwar festival is that devotees of Shiva observe fasting on this day to please Lord Shiva. This sort of devotion to the lord is shown by the devotees to pay tribute to Lord Shiva for his bravery in drinking the venom that emerged out of Samudra Manthan, thereby saving the world from immediate extinction. Before the poison could do any harm to Shiva, his wife, Parvati held his neck, preventing the venom from coursing down through his body. The incident resulted in Shiva’s throat turning blue due to the destructive nature of the poison that he swallowed. Due to that incident, Shiva was later called Neelkanth (someone with a blue throat).

Therefore, the importance of Shravan Somwar is quite huge, as this is the day transcending the power of Lord Shiva, marking his contributions to saving the Universe from impending doom, and preserving the life of it. The devotees of Shiva worship him for peace, happiness, and prosperity in their lives.

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