Published On : February 2, 2022  |  Author : Astrologer Umesh
2022 Important Vrat

What is Vrat, and its importance?

Famously Important Vrat Days To Fall In 2022: The religious ritual of abstaining from food intake or drinking water or anything edible for the whole day is known as vrata. It is observed to materialize a coveted desire or goal. Moreover, vrata is also known as one’s resolution to finish a work. In other words, if you have taken a vow to complete work at any cost, it will be called a vrat in which the observer or the person who observes the vrat finishes the vowed task with staunch determinations.

In Hindu religion, vrat is the most auspicious ritual to observe a tradition, Festivals, offer one’s devotion to the divine beings, or attain a coveted desire in its realistic manifestation. Unfortunately, the concept of observing vrat based on its religious value is often mocked by scientists as well as those people whose attitude toward vrat is condescending as compared to their so-called modern lifestyle. These people are of opinion that anything that has its religious backing can’t be substantiated scientifically.

Vrat is considered a means of religion. All forms of religions across the world have adopted the concept of vrat in their certain embodiment. As a matter of fact, observing vrat gives out several benefits, including emancipation from one’s sin, the revival of spiritual purity, purification of the soul, accomplishment of a coveted goal, and attainment of divine salvation. A vrat has many miraculous healing properties that a devotee can receive, including longevity and immunity from diseases.

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In reality, vrat and observing fast both are the same. In Sanskrit, “Up” stands for “near” and “Vaas” stands for “be seated”. Therefore, Upvaas means sitting on meditative gestures, representing a prayer to divine almighty. The only difference between Vrat and Upvaas is that one can eat food during vrat while Upvaas is done without eating anything edible, and drinkable.

Here, we are detailing some famous vrat-days to be celebrated annually in 2022, such as Purnima vrat, Ganesh Chaturthi vrat, etc. so that conscious devotees can pick up the date and timing for a particular 2022 Important Vrat and observe it religiously.

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List Of 2022 Important Vrat

Satyanarayan Vrat 
Paush17 January 2022
Magh16 February 2022
Phalgun17 March 2022
Chaitra16 April 2022
Baishakh15 May 2022
Jyesht13 June 2022
Ashdha13 July 2022
Shravan11 August 2022
Bhadrapad09 September 2022
Ashwin09 October 2022
Kartik07 November 2022
Margshirsh07 December 2022
Purnima Vrat 
Paush17 January 2022
Magh16 February 2022
Phalgun18 March 2022
Chaitra16 April 2022
Baishakh16 May 2022
Jyesht14 June 2022
Ashdha13 July 2022
Shravan12 August 2022
Bhadrapad10 September 2022
Ashwin09 October 2022
Kartik08 November 2022
Margshirsh08 December 2022
Shri Ganesh Chaturthi 
Magh (mauni) (Bhumwati)21 January 2022
Phalgun20 February 2022
Chaitra21 March 2022
Baishakh19 April 2022
Jyesht19 May 2022
Ashdha17 June 2022
Shravan16 July 2022
Bhadrapad15 August 2022
Ashwin13 September 2022
Kartik13 October 2022
Margshirsh12 November 2022
Paush11 December 2022
Shri Siddhi Vinayak Chaturthi 
Paush06 January 2022
Magh04 February 2022
Phalgun06 March 2022
Chaitra05 April 2022
Baishakh04 May 2022
Jyesht03 June 2022
Ashdha03 July 2022
Shravan01 August 2022
Bhadrapad31 August 2022
Ashwin29 September 2022
Kartik28 October 2022
Margshirsh27 November 2022
Paush26 December 2022
Masik Kalaashtmi Vrat 
Magh25 January 2022
Phalgun23 February 2022
Chaitra25 March 2022
Baishakh23 April 2022
Jyesht22 May 2022
Ashdha21 June 2022
Shravan20 July 2022
Bhadrapad19 August 2022
Ashwin17 September 2022
Kartik17 October 2022
Margshirsh16 November 2022
Paush16 December 2022
Masik Shivratri Vrat 
Paush01 January 2022
Magh30 January 2022
Phalgun01 March 2022
Chaitra30 March 2022
Baishakh29 April 2022
Jyesht28 May 2022
Ashdha27 June 2022
Shravan26 July 2022
Bhadrapad25 August 2022
Ashwin24 September 2022
Kartik23 October 2022
Margshirsh22 November 2022
Paush21 December 2022
Masik Durga Ashtami Vrat 
Paush10 January 2022
Magh08 February 2022
Phalgun10 March 2022
Chaitra09 April 2022
Baishakh09 May 2022
Jyesht08 June 2022
Ashdha07 July 2022
Shravan05 August 2022
Bhadrapad04 September 2022
Ashwin03 October 2022
Kartik01 November 2022
Margshirsh30 November 2022
Paush30 December 2022
Mash Sankranti 
Name SankrantiDate
Magh Sankranti14 January 2022
Phalgun Sankranti12 February 2022
Chaitra Sankranti14 March 2022
Baishakh Sankranti14 April 2022
Jyesht Sankranti14 May 2022
Ashdha Sankranti15 June 2022
Shravan Sankranti16 July 2022
Bhadrapad Sankranti17 August 2022
Ashwin Sankranti17 September 2022
Kartik Sankranti17 October 2022
Margshirsh Sankranti16 November 2022
Paush Sankranti16 December 2022
Pradosh Vrat 
Paush Shukla15 January 2022
Magh Krishna30 January 2022
Magh Shukla14 February 2022
Phalgun Krishna28 February 2022
Phalgun Shukla15 March 2022
Chaitra Krishna29 March 2022
Chaitra Shukla14 April 2022
Baishakh Krishna28 April 2022
Baishakh Shukla13 May 2022
Jyesht Krishna27 May 2022
Jyesht Shukla12 June 2022
Ashdha Krishna26 June 2022
Ashdha Shukla11 July 2022
Shravan Krishna25 July 2022
Shravan Shukla09 August 2022
Bhadrapad Krishna24 August 2022
Bhadrapad Shukla08 September 2022
Ashwin Krishna23 September 2022
Ashwin Shukla07 October 2022
Kartik Krishna23 October 2022
Kartik Shukla05 November 2022
Margshirsh Krishna21 November 2022
Margshirsh Shukla05 December 2022
Paush Krishna21 December 2022
Paush02 January 2022
Magh (mauni) (Bhumwati)01 February 2022
Phalgun02 March 2022
Chaitra01 April 2022
Baishakh30 April 2022
Jyesht30 May 2022
Ashdha29 June 2022
Shravan28 July 2022
Bhadrapad27 August 2022
Ashwin25 September 2022
Kartik25 October 2022
Margshirsh23 November 2022
Paush23 December 2022

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