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Nitish Kumar Horoscope Analysis

Nitish Kumar – Chief Minister of Bihar

Nitish Kumar Horoscope Analysis: Nitish Kumar, an Indian Politician, is serving as a Chief Minister of Bihar state of India. He became a Minister in Union Government too. On the basis of Nitish Kumar Horoscope Analysis, He is associated with Janta Dal (JD) party and under his supervision, his party got success and he was also elected as National President of his party in 2016.

Are You Looking Forward The CM Of Bihar “Nitish Kumar” Astrologically?

Let’s Discuss about Nitish Kumar Horoscope Analysis, We have made the prediction on Nitish Kumar astrologically by following through the planetary placement in his birth chart. If you are interested to know the political career and other astrological pattern in his birth chart to be a successful politician, read below astrological analysis then:

Birth Chart

DOB: March 01, 1951
TOB: 13:20 PM
POB: Bhaktiarpur, Bihar, India

What Nitish Kumar’s Planetary Placements Says About Him?

Nitish Kumar Horoscope

On the strength of Nitish Kumar Horoscope Analysis, Gemini ascendant is rising in his horoscope ruled by the planet Mercury positioned in the 9th house of luck and fortune; it is creating an auspicious Raj Yoga too for him, which makes him lucky in his drawn endeavours. In Compliance with Nitish Kumar Astrological Analysis, This combination also indicates that he likes visiting to long distance places and it indicates that he is fond of visiting to holy or religious places as well. Being ruled by the planet Mercury, he is kind of great analyzer, observer and intellectual individual, which makes him communicative by infusing the quality of verbosity too. Conforming to Nitish Kumar Horoscope Analysis, Mercury is getting conjunct with Sun making a strong Buddhaditya Yoga, it makes him highly learned and intellectual person. Mercury is getting conjunct with Jupiter too, which though makes him confused too sometimes due to combination of knowledge and logic, which one to choose to end up with the great results. In the manner of Nitish Kumar Astrological Analysis, An influence of Rahu makes him versatile in multiple areas and helps him to learn things quickly, especially the language. In Consonance with Nitish Kumar Horoscope Analysis, An influence of Mars over ascendant makes him bit aggressive too, which in turn a negative influence for him and may create some conflict too in his political career. As Believed by Nitish Kumar Horoscope Analysis, Mars and Venus makes him very passionate individual too towards his career and he will attain lots of wealth in his lifespan. Further, debilitated Moon in 6th house of debt, disease or enemies indicates that his life will be spent in resolving the issues of the people or serving for the mankind. In Alignment with Nitish Kumar Astrological Analysis, He becomes very upset once he found people in a bad situation, so he is kind of humanitarian and wants to be ready for his people. Get affordable and cost-efficient Vedic Astrology Services in Delhi that solve your life’s varying issues on the dot.

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How Nitish Kumar’s Political Career Starts Explained Astrologically?

Taking into consideration Nitish Kumar Horoscope Analysis, He was born under his Mahadasha of Mercury, one of an auspicious planet for him, which makes him rise from early childhood. He was a curious child from initially and did his mechanical engineering from NIT Patna in 1972. As Stated by Nitish Kumar Horoscope Analysis, At that time, he was undergoing with his Venus-Sun period, which results the gains in higher studies for him. He also joined electricity board of Bihar state but due to his less interest in that and desire to serve people, he moved into politics. In Alignment with Nitish Kumar Horoscope Analysis, He joined his first political movement in 1974 during his Venus-Moon and contested first assembly elections from Janta Party in 1977, during his Venus-Rahu, but he lost the seat as Rahu’s energy was there making him confused regarding his strategy. According to Nitish Kumar Horoscope Analysis, He was not stable during Rahu Antardasha.

In the manner of Nitish Kumar Horoscope Analysis, Further, he won his first state assemble elections in 1985 from Harnaut. As specified by Nitish Kumar Astrological Analysis, In this period, he was running with his most auspicious period of Venus-Mercury, which made him fortunate to win the election. Later, he came into Union Ministry of India too, so likewise, he came into political field. Want to Talk To Astrologer On Phone for the solution of your life’s problems? Contact him right now and enjoy happy solutions.

How He Has Been Ruling Bihar State From Decades Explained Astrologically?

Depending on Nitish Kumar Horoscope Analysis, From 1989, he has been entered into Sun Mahadasha, which represents the ruler, authority, sovereignty, government etc, so it helped him to attach with the government and get elected for 9th Loksabha Election in 1989, but as Rahu antardasha starts, he had to resign due to conflict.

With the help of Nitish Kumar Horoscope Analysis, From 1996, he joined BJP and re-elected for the Lokshabha assembly and became later Union Cabinet Minister in Bajpayee led BJP government.

Let’s Discuss about Nitish Kumar Astrological Analysis, After Sun Mahadasha, he was undergoing with the Moon Mahadasha from 1995, so it became the successful period for him as Moon is placed in 6th house of challenges and It also rules over 2nd house of wealth and family and being placed in 6th house makes one a great social worker, so it made him a strong leader and social worker due to Mars, the ruler of Moon sign. So during this period in 2000, he became the CM of Bihar state for few days but remain in Cabinet ministry and later from 2004, he keeps on ruling as a Chief Minister of Bihar. From 2004, he was undergoing with Mars Mahadasha, which made him a strong leader. In keeping with Nitish Kumar Horoscope Analysis, During this period, he was awarded as “NDTV Indian of the Year” and India’s person of the year” by NDTV and Forbes in 2010, and later from 2011, Rahu period though started some confusion, but at the time of elections in 2015, 2020, he was undergoing with the good Antardasha of Jupiter and Mercury respectively, which made him successful in elections. Looking for quality updates about astrology world? Read our Vedic Astrology Blogs for quality information.

What About Nitish Kumar’s Future Journey In Politics?

As Per Nitish Kumar Nitish Kumar Horoscope Analysis, he has strong Raj Yogas present in his horoscope formed by the Venus, Saturn and Mercury. All are the familiar planets or friendly to Mercury, the ascendant lord. Thus, the impact of this Raj Yoga is really very good and will be long lasting. Saturn will provide him stability in life and career too. In view of Nitish Kumar Astrological Analysis, Venus will help him to present himself uniquely at career. Mars makes him highly passionate individual towards his work and he obtains the success too. In view of Nitish Kumar Horoscope Analysis, Presently, he is running with the Mahadasha of Rahu, which might disturb some stability due to its malefic nature and create confusion in his mind, but over all the impact will be good and he will be undergoing the Rahu-Venus period in 2024, so it will help him to continue as CM of Bihar state. As per his Horoscope, the next mahadasha of Jupiter is also good for him and indicates success in his political career. He will be respectful and come out as a strong social worker too in this period.

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“Wish you a very good luck for your future endeavours in politics and keep on inspiring others too with your political career!

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