Published On : September 29, 2021  |  Author : Astrologer Umesh
Goddess Skandamata

Who Is Goddess Skandamata?

Know About Maa Skandamata: Goddess Skandamata is the fifth divine manifestation of Mata Durga and is worshipped on the fifth day of Navratri, a festival of nine days dedicated to Mata Durga and her nine divine forms. Goddess Skandamata is a name derivative of Skanda which stands for war god Kartikeya and Mata which means Mother. In this way, the meaning of goddess Skandamata is “Mother of Kartikeya”. In other words, it could also mean that a deity is a divine form of Mata Parvati, too. Vishuddha chakra is where goddess Skandamata dwells.

The Symbolism Of Goddess Skandamata

Mata Skandamata has the baby form of her son, Kartikeya in one hand, while her two other hands hold a lotus flower. The last hand of the deity wears a gesture of what’s known as Abhayamudra position. Thus, goddess Skandamata is four-armed and a three-eyed deity who rides on a lion. The light-complexioned deity is often portrayed as Padamasani (one seated on a lotus).

The Story Of Goddess Skandamata

The story of goddess Skandamata relates to an incident when Lord Shiva rescinded worldly affairs post the unfortunate demise of her consort, Shakti. Meanwhile, the tyranny of demon Tarakasura went unbridled causing mayhem and chaos all over the universe. Upon being requested by gods, Narad Muni went to Parvati and told her to perform austerity if she wanted to marry Lord Shiva. Narad also reminded her that she was Shakti in her past birth who was married to Lord Shiva. Mata Parvati observed austerity for years until Lord Shiva was pleased and married her. Their union brought forth a supremely energetic and powerful child who was nurtured by six Kritikas, under Parvati’s supervision. He was called Kartikeya who grew up a skilled warrior later was appointed by Lord Brahma as commander-in-chief of gods. He was given the name SKANDA, meaning the one who attacks. Later, Kartikeya killed Tarakasura after many years of battle engagements. The incident glorified Kartikeya and Mata Parvati who was called Skandamata – the mother of kartikeya or Skanda who killed demon Tarakasura.

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The Importance Of Goddess Skandamata

Goddess Skandamata represents a divinity of utmost kind-natured and brave. She blesses her devotees with peace and prosperity, as well as salvation. Moreover, devotees get blessed prosperity and treasures in their lives due to the kindness of the deity Skandamata. People, regardless of how illiterate they are, get blessed with an ocean of wisdom by the deity. Someone with staunch devotion shown to goddess Skandamata can get a pearl of enhanced wisdom, spiritual refinement, and happiness in all walks of his life, as believed according to various religious texts. If someone is in pursuit of certain things that remain unfilled can be attained with the mercy of goddess Skandamata who possesses sun-like brilliance that has the power to turn desires into fulfillment.

Benefits Of Worshipping Goddess Skandamata On Navratri

  • One of the most immediate benefits one can get is an ocean of wisdom, even if the devotee is illiterate.
  • Worship of goddess Skandamata helps you fulfill your desires
  • Efforts given in pursuit of happiness and prosperity become fulfilled.
  • Skandamata has a Sun-like radiance that rids problems in your life.
  • One can attain salvation and treasures in life.
  • One selflessly devoted to Skandamata finds success in life.
  • Worship of the deity brings purification to one’s heart and soul.

Final Words

Goddess Skandamata is one of the famous divine beings worshipped on the fifth day of Navratri. People who are selflessly devoted to goddess Skandamata get abundant wisdom, peace, power, wealth, and success in their pursuit in life.

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