Published On : June 18, 2021  |  Author : Astrologer Umesh
Lab Certified Original Gemstone

Best Remedial With Lab Certified Gemstone

Lab certified gemstone are the one with the proof of its purity or a piece of without any defect or cut on it by an authoritative body. But before going into the gemstone certification, let’s understand what gemstone is first:

What is the gemstone?

Lab Certified Gemstone is the precious stone found in the earth’s crust and is a piece of mineral crystal used today to prepare human adornment or jewelry after cutting and polishing. Besides this, as it is precious stone taking years on years to get formed beneath the earth surface, so its original form is rarely available in the market. Further, as Gemstone is a physical entity and are found in different colours so it is considered the most useful remedies in Vedic Astrology too. As different colours are associated with the different planets and these precious gemstones are naturally found in earth’s crust, so its natural different colour gets associated with different planets as considered in Vedic Astrology.

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Why Is It Important Of Gemstone In Vedic Astrology?

Lab Certified Gemstone are very precious due to its rare availability, so it has specific significance too of wearing it. It helps in strengthening the weak planet so as to provide maximum results and also reduce or control the ill effects of certain planet for which the particular stone is recommended.

Can Any stone Be Worn as Jwellery?

In Vedic Astrology, things are clearly analyzed first in one’s horoscope, then only the particular gemstone is recommended. It can not be worn randomly or any stone. In case of wrong stone, you may face bad outcomes too with the increase in malefic nature of planet. Demystify the purpose of your life and attain desired solutions with the Astrologer in South Delhi.

How Gemstone Is Selected As Per Your Birth Chart?

These precious stone are recommended based on the planetary alignments in an individual’s birth chart. Anytime, one is facing hurdles or challenges or getting the afflicted planet in horoscope, thus, to overcome with all these ill effects of malefic effects, the suitable Certified Natural Gemstones can make you get rid of your problem by controlling the energy of malefic planet or any kind of affliction in your horoscope. In general, the gemstones associated with the planets of trine lords in Kundli are considered one of the auspicious gemstones in Vedic Astrology. Our Remedies and Tips Articles, the most dependable resource on the digital space for all your knowledge product.

What Benefits Gemstone Associated With In Astrology?

Vedic Astrology is an ancient science and Astrologers keeps on using the Gemstone as an effective remedial tool from years in order to neutralize the ill effects of planets. Let’s know the benefits of wearing stones below:

  • Gemstones help in increasing confidence, status, and recognition in the society.
  • Gemstones are the most effective way to overcome with the adversities of life in lesser time.
  • It helps one to establish the stability and peace of mind.
  • Problem related to marital life will get reduced.
  • Suitable gemstone may make you get rid of the issues related to progeny in life.
  • It enables you to get the good career & profession. Expansion of business will also do well with the recommended gemstone.
  • Your personality would get strengthen and health will get improved.
  • Financial stability will be improved to help one to accumulate good amount of family wealth in life.

What Are The Gemstones Connected With Specific 9 Planets?

Let’s know below the different 9 planets and associated stones with it:

Ruby (Manikya)- Sun: It is one of the most costly gemstone used for increasing status, reputation in the society. It also helps one to enhance the confidence and issues related to eyes, bones, fever, indigestion, acid reflux gets reduced.

Pearl (Moti)-Moon: Pearl is ruled by the planet Moon used for getting the emotional balance and stability in thoughts. It also helps one to get the cordial relations with mother.

Coral (Moonga)-Mars: Coral is ruled by the planet Mars and is a precious red coloured gemstone. It is helpful to ward off several disease related to blood, body pain, allergies, inflammation etc. It also helps one to enhance courage and leadership traits and makes one determined.

Emerald (Panna)- Mercury: Emerald is ruled by the planet Mercury. It is a precious stone and found in green colour. The green radiations emitted by this help wearer to get the control over nervous and intestine portions, vocal cords, tongue or speech. It also helps one to have the sharp memory and increase intelligence too.

Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj)- Jupiter: This yellow coloured gemstone is an expensive stone and ruled by the planet Jupiter. It denotes the righteousness, truthfulness of the wearer and it also helps to get the path to spirituality and divinity in wearer’s life. Besides this, it helps in progeny, prosperity and makes one respectful in the society. It is also good for those having interest in yoga, meditation, occult or religious deeds.

Opal (Opal)-Venus: Opal is attached to planet Venus and helps one to attain wealth & prosperity. As Venus is the lord of wealth, finance, love, beauty, romance and marriage, so by wearing this, it will help the wearer to attain all kind of luxuries and comforts in life and enjoy the life at the fullest. Do you have something troublesome lingering in your mind? Talk To Astrologer today and solve your problems.

Blue Sapphire (Neelam)-Saturn: It is the most expensive gemstone and represented by the planet Saturn. It is blue in colour and may make one very prosperous in life. With the blessings of Saturn, one achieves long lasting happiness and fame in life. Stability would be there to maintain the balance in every walk of life. However, it is advised to wear it before consulting to any expert Astrologer or else its negative impact could also be there in life.

Hessonite (Gomed)- Rahu: Gomed is ruled by the planet Rahu, the north node of the Moon and its natural colour is like a Cow’s urine. It is used to ward off the negative influence of planet Rahu in one’s life. Gomed Gemstone helps one to get the professional advancement, health and happiness in all walks of life by controlling the wavering mind.

Cat’s Eye (Lehsunia)-Ketu: Cat’s eye is attached to planet Ketu, the south node of the Moon and its colour resembles with the neem fruit with silver streak. It clears the obstacles and ward off the negative influence of Ketu. Ill placed Ketu in birth chart may cause loss of reputation and other losses and helath issues related to anxiety, phobia, distress etc, so it will help in this situation by controlling the ill effects of planet Ketu.

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