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Kajol Horoscope Analysis

Kajol: Famous Indian Film Actress

Kajol Horoscope Analysis: The most successful and attractive face of bollywood Diva Kajol was born on October 07, 1975 at 7:08 PM in Delhi, India. Kajol is the one of the top most actresses in Indian film Industry leading from almost more than 2 decades. With the help of Kajol Horoscope Analysis, She worked in multiple blockbuster films and received national award too in 2011 as honour for her contribution to Indian Cinema.

Looking Forward To Know The Life Journey And Success Of Kajol Explained Astrologically?

Find below the whole analysis made on actress Kajol and discussed the astrological reasons behind her super success in Indian Film Industry.

Birth Chart
Date Of Birth: October 07, 1975
Time Of Birth: 19:08:25
Place Of Birth: Delhi

What Kajol’s Horoscope Has To Say About Her?

Kajol Horoscope

In Kajol horoscope Analysis, Aries ascendant rising in her horoscope ruled by the planet Mars positioned in her 3rd house of efforts And communication, it shows that she is very courageous and daring kind of person. Let’s Discuss about Kajol Astrological Analysis, She puts lots of efforts and determined towards achieving her righteous goal in life. She is active, quick learner and a born leader. Being ruled by the planet Mars, she is like a warrior and wants to do thing with lots of passion in life but makes her sometimes stubborn And impulsive too. Mars gives her lots of force And energy in her life, which maker her very much active towards her performing works. Venus, the natural lord of Art, creativity, love, And romance, is placed in her 5th house of intellect And creativity, thus, it forces her to build the career in the artistic fields. Further, she has Libra Moon sign, which is again ruled by the planet Venus and makes her really very much creative And artistic towards her work. As specified by Kajol Astrological Analysis, It also helps her to become the famous in the outer world. Besides this, the placement of Moon shows her inclination towards her life partner and marital life. She is caring and family oriented individual. On the strength of Kajol Horoscope Analysis, She gives first priority to her family rather than her work And stardom. Our myriad range of Vedic Astrology Services in Delhi can yield high-quality astrological solutions for peace, happiness and growth in your life.

How Kajol Emerged As A Leading Actress In Bollywood Industry Explained Astrologically?

In Compliance with Kajol Astrological Analysis, she was born under her Jupiter Mahadasha, so it was good period for her and provided her good gains through the foreign sources as well due to involvement with 12th house of foreign land. She was already born in one of the famous Mukherjee family of Hindi Cinema. As she is ruled by the planet Mars, thus it made her very mischievous too in her early childhood. While she was running with the Antardasha of Mercury and Ketu in her Mahadahsa of Jupiter, then it created the battle in between her parents and ultimately they got separated when she was very young. She did her schooling from St. Joseph’s Convent School, Panchgani, and entered very early in bollywood in her very young age around 16 years in 1990s. As Believed by Kajol Horoscope Analysis, She was entered into the Mahadahsa of Saturn and Antardasha of Mercury, which got break in her education, however, though she lost her education but became popular in her career. In the manner of Kajol Astrological Analysis, Her first film during 1992 in the period of Saturn-Mercury couldn’t do well at box office. But later her performance has gained the positive feedback from the audience. In view of Kajol Astrological Analysis, The Mahadasha of Saturn was one of the very good periods for her in terms of stability in her career, Saturn is the lord of 10th house of career 11th house of income And gains as well, so she got the success all around and gets the long list of fans And followers. From 1992 to present, she is a leading lady in bollywood film industry. Make your career a roaring success filled with growth by the solution provided by Career Astrologer Delhi.

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Kajol Famous List Of Awards And Achievements Explained Astrologically

In Alignment with Kajol Astrological Analysis, Though she received numerous awards, but we have explained few of them for your understanding when and why she got this particular award. Let’s find below the Astrological analysis:

On the basis of Kajol Horoscope Analysis, During Mahadasha of Mercury and Antardasha of Venus in 2011, she got the “Padam Shri” 4th highest civilian honour of the country by the government of India. Venus is well placed in her horoscope and in the sign of Leo ruled by Sun, and Mercury is also placed with Sun, which indicates the gains from the government as Sun represents the Government And authority.

Conforming to Kajol Horoscope Analysis, In 2008, she got the “Karamvir Puraskar” by the GOI, during her Mercury-Ketu period as Ketu is palced in the sign of Taurus ruled by Venus, so she got this award in this period too.

Taking into consideration Kajol Horoscope Analysis, She received multiple filmfare awards during her Saturn Mahadasa, as Saturn is also the lord of 11th house of income And gains. It also shows the achievements too, so she received multiple awards in this period.

In keeping with Kajol Horoscope Analysis, In 2010, she received the BIG Star-Film Actor (Female) of the Decade during her Mahadasha of Mercury and Antardasha of Venus, so for her Saturn and Venus period went very good in Indian Cinema in terms of getting good awards. Are everyday problems robbing you of your mental peace? Our Online Astrology Consultation Service for quick assistance.

Seeking For Her Personal And Marital Life Astrologically?

According to Kajol Horoscope Analysis, her 7th house of marriage And partnership is ruled by the planet Venus positioned in the 5th house of love And romance and creativity; it indicates that she did love marriage due to 5th And 7th houses connections. As Per Kajol Horoscope Analysis, It indicates that her life partner is also from creativity And art background. Besides this, the placement of Moon in 7th house also indicates that he will be caring, responsible and romantic individual. In Consonance with Kajol Horoscope Analysis, She got married to famous actor Ajay Devgan in 1994 during her Mahadasha of Saturn and Antardasha of Venus, as Venus And Saturn both are the good planets for her so she gets the stability in her marital life too and leading the happy And long lasting married life with her partner.

How About Kajol’s Career In Near Future As Per Kundali?

According to Kajol Astrological Analysis,, she has very strong placements of her Lagna lord Mars and Moon sign lord Venus, which indicates that she will lead the bollywood industry for decades. With the Raj Yoga forming due to Venus, she will be very much creative in her field and Mars made her pursue to her area of interests too. Depending on Kajol Horoscope Analysis, As an Actress, she will continue contributing her good performances year on year. As Stated by Kajol Horoscope Analysis, She has also the strong Dhan Yoga too, which shows that she will enjoy the comforts And luxury. At present, she is running with the Mahadasha of Mercury, which makes her curious to know things and explore the knowledge horizon, so it will help her to be more creative and communicative. Later she will enter in Ketu Mahadasa after December 2022, which will again be good as Ketu is palced in Venus sign, so she will get the success in this period as well. After this period of Ketu, she will enter in the good period of Venus from Dec 2029, which will make her more famous, magnetic and attractive lady for next 2 decades. Get your love life back to sublime beauty with the prompt and trusted assistance of Love Problem Solution Astrologer In Delhi.

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We wish her a good luck for her future endeavours and may you keep on inspiring others with your good works!

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