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Rishi Panchami

About Rishi Panchami A Auspicious Day

Rishi Panchami is an auspicious day dedicated to worshipping Sapta Rishi or seven sages.

These seven sages are –

  • Kashyapa
  • Atri
  • Bharadwaja
  • Vishvamitra
  • Gautama Maharishi
  • Jamadagni
  • Vashishtha

In certain parts of the Indian state of Kerala, the day is hailed as a festival of Vishwakarma Puja.

The term ‘Rishi’ stands for ‘sage’ while the term ‘Panchami’ stands for ‘fifth day’.

Therefore, the festival is celebrated on the fifth day of Shukla Paksha during Bhadrapada, commemorating the venerated seven sages. Devotees, who attend the festival, observe religious rituals in which they offer reverential regard, gratitude and veneration to the ancient sages for their great deeds and contribution of causing the development of social welfare and progress.

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Why Is Rishi Panchami Celebrated?

Rishi Panchami is celebrated to commemorate seven sages aka Sapta rishis for their invaluable contribution and great deeds toward societal betterment.

It is believed that the ancient sages passed down wisdom and sagacity for the current generation to follow and make society better and prosper.

Therefore, the festival not only signifies the religious sanctity but also the representation of how societal development can be made possible by adhering to the wisdom of those ancient sages, whose principles of living and higher thinking constitute emulative values.

Significance Of Rishi Panchami

The significance of the Rishi Panchami festival is quite immense, so much that if devotees observe fast and worships the ancient sages religiously, they will gain absolution from theirpast sins and attain peace, happiness and good fortunes in their life.

The auspiciousness of Rishi Panchami is immeasurable, due to its popularity and association with holy Sapta sages.

Legend Of Rishi Panchami

There once lived a Brahmin named Uttank with his wife, Sushila, and a widowed daughter.

One night, when the whole family was asleep, there happened something strange which woke up Sushila. What she saw horrified her beyond the words. She saw her daughter covered by swarms of insects. She then woke up her husband, who after seeing the daughter’s condition, sat in meditation to figure out how to handle the situation. He foresaw that his daughter was a Brahmin in her past birth and was married to a Brahmin husband. Unfortunately, she did all domestic chores while undergoing the period of menstruation, in her past birth. Thus, she earned a Vedic curse known as Rajaswala Dosha. Rishi Panchami later was discovered to be a great remedial measure against such dosha. Since the daughter of Uttank didn’t follow such ritual in her past birth, the curse followed her in the current birth, making her life miserable. Having divined this insight in his meditation, Uttank advised his daughter to observe Rishi Panchami vrat to ward off the curse of past birth. Eventually, the daughter wholeheartedly observed the fast, thereby living a healthy and prosperous life, eventually.

Rishi Panchami – Key Facts

  • Follow all the methods for Rishi Panchami puja. If possible, have puja done under the observation of an erudite Brahmin pandit/priest.
  • Devotees used to eat fruits grown underground in the ancient days while observing Rishi Panchami vrat.
  • In the Mahabharata, there is mention of special dish called Rishi Panchami bhaji that was cooked on this day.
  • Devotees, while observing the fast, should avoid entertaining negative or impure thoughts in mind.

Conclusion Rishi Panchami is an auspicious festival in India. It is celebrated to commemorate the holy seven sages called Sapta rishis. The day honours their contribution to societal development and progress through their profound wisdom and Vedic insights. In the country, the day is hailed auspiciously due to its association with the ancient wise sages. Rishi Panchami vrat, if observed religiously, can help a devotee get rid of all the past sins and attain peace and prosperity in their life. Are you looking for best astrological solution? meet the Top Best Astrologer In Gurgaon for the reliable astrological solutions.

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