Mary Kom Horoscope Analysis

Mary Kom, popularly known as Indian Boxer, is the first woman to win the World Amateur Boxing Championship 6 times and only woman to win world championship medals 8 times, and was born on March 01, 1983 at 6:11 AM in Kangathei, Manipur, India. She is presently serving as MP of RajyaSabha and also received one of the highest civilian awards by GOI namely Padam Shree, Padam Bhusan and Padam Vibhusan in her career and great contribution to boxing field.

Know Mary Kom’s Life Journey Based On Astrological Parameters

Curious to know the success and growth of Mary Kom how she became the first lady in boxing field and earned name, fame and remarkable success and growth at national as well as international level, let’s find out below an astrological analysis:

Birth Chart
Date Of Birth: March 01, 1983
Time Of Birth: 06:11 AM
Place Of Birth: Kangathei, Manipur, India

What Mary Kom’s Birth Chart Says About Her?

Mary Kom Horoscope

As per Mary Kom’s birth chart, she has Aquarius ascendant which is ruled by the planet Saturn positioned in 9th house of luck and fortune. It clearly makes her lucky, fortunate and traveler. Saturn is getting exalted too in Libra, so her ascendant or personality lord is very strong in her horoscope, which is providing her immense power. Being ruled by the planet Saturn, she is kind of mature, responsible and very structured person too. Further, the supreme planet Sun is also heading her ascendant, which makes her a born leader and will provide her strong gains from the government. Talking about her Moon sign, then she has Virgo Moon sign, which makes her very intuitive, intellectual and gives her research bend of mind. Moon is getting aspected by Mars and Venus, which makes her passionate and indicates her interest in sports too due to Mars. Mars is the planet which provides energy to play game, so she has Sun energy in her personality and passion in her mind, which made her successful in every effort what she makes. Exalted Venus also helped her to get success and have fortune in every performed deed. Consult Famous Jyotish In Gurugram for solution that would create peace and happiness in your life.

How Mary Kom Emerges As A Rising Star In Sports World?

Mary Kom was born under her Sun Mahadasha, which lasted upto few months till August 1983 and thereafter, she entered into her Moon Mahadasha for the next 10 years. Moon is badly placed in her horoscope, which shows that ups and downs in her family and her mother may not have good personal life. As we also know she came from poor family, so this period indicates that she did not have good resources and comforts in her life in her early days. Her parents were farmers and she also helped her parents in early childhood. She went schools and learned athletes there, as her father was also a keen wrestler in his young age, so her interest also arises. However, she was not aware of her talent, so she used to play different athletics, football, and volleyball. As Moon is getting an aspect of Mars in her horoscope, so it made her passionate during its period and she had taken more interest in sports instead studies.

Thereafter, she entered in Mars mahadasha in August 1983, so she was completely into the sports and she even couldn’t pass her matriculation exam. Mars became the adverse period for her studies, but inspired her for the sports field. It made her very competitive and suddenly her interest were arisen to Boxing after getting inspired with Dingko Singh in 1998 when he came back with gold medal in boxing field from Bangkok Asian Games, which turned many youngsters to choose boxing field, so Mary Kom was also the one among them who has chosen boxing field. When she was undergoing with the Mahadasha of Mars and Antardasha of Moon, she had chosen the boxing field after seeing the success of Dingko Singh. Moon being placed in 8th house helped her to take the sudden turn in 2000. During Mercury Antardasha under Mars Mahadasha, she left her home and had taken admission in sports Academy in Imphal. So Mercury is placed in 12th house, so it made her isolated from her home and she left. She already won in 2000, the state level boxing, but she got married in 2005 during her Rahu Mahadasha and Jupiter anterdasha, so it broke her training and practice, later after giving birth to her first child, she again came into practice and started playing from 2008 during her Saturn Antardasha under Rahu Mahadasha. Consult our Love Problem Solution Astrologer and make your love life blessed with peace and happiness.

Mary Kom’s Awards And Achievements Explained Astrologically

In 2020, when she was undergoing with Jupiter Mahadasha and Jupiter Antardasha, she received Padam Vibhushan for her contribution in Sports, as Jupiter is the lord of house of gains, awards and achievements and also placed well, so it helped her to gain this award.

When she was undergoing with the Mahadasha of Rahu and Antardasha of Venus in 2013, she received Padam Bhushan for sports contribution, once again Venus is getting exalted in Jupiter’s sign and it helped her to receive this award for her.

During Rahu Mahadasha and Saturn Antardasha in 2006, she received Pdam Shree, the highest civilian award for her contribution in sports. As Saturn is her personality lord and also exalted in 9th house, so it is very good period for her and getting this honour.

In 2003, during Rahu Mahadasha and Jupiter anterdasha, she received Arjun Award for his contribution in Boxing field, once again Jupiter period became the good one for her and helped her to receive such award.

Know Mary Kom’s Astrological Facts About Her Personal Life

As per Mary Kom’s birth chart, her 7th house of marriage and partnership is ruled by the planet Sun positioned in 1st house, which indicates that her partner can be from Govt association and will be famous person. He will be a born leader, courageous and very intellectual too. When she was undergoing Rahu mahadasha and Jupiter Antardasha, she got married in 2005, as Jupiter is a benefic planet so it helped her to get married in this period. She found her partner at her career front. In 2007, when she was undergoing with the Mahadasha of Rahu and Antardasha of Saturn, she has given birth to her first child, as Saturn is placed in 9th house, 9th house also gets consider for child in one’s horoscope, and rahu is placed in 5th house of progeny aspecting Saturn too, so she has given birth to baby in 2007.

What Mary Kom’s Birth Chart Foretells About Her Future And Career?

According to Mary Kom’s birth chart, she has the strong horoscope in terms of personality. She has multiple Raj Yogas and Dhan Yogas present in her horoscope, which made her prosperous in her lifespan. She got success, fame and wealth in her life with her own efforts. The 3rd house of effort lord Mars is placed in 2nd house, which clearly indicates that her efforts mainly helped to accumulate lots of wealth in her life. She has two strongest planets which are exalted i.e. Saturn And Venus, so it helped her to get success and have immense wealth and popularity. Jupiter placement always will help her to earn respect in the society and honour from the government in her life. At present, she is already undergoing with the Jupiter Mahadasha till August 2034, so it will help her always to continue receiving success and respect in her life in future as well. She will also come out as philanthropist too during her Jupiter period. Famous Career Astrologer Delhi provides you detailed and result-oriented career solutions for success and happiness in your professional life.

We wish him a good luck for his future performances and keep up the good works!

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