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Sourav Ganguly Horoscope Analysis

Know the Best Horoscopic Analysis of your favourite former player and BCCI President Sourav Ganguly

Sourav Ganguly Horoscope Analysis: Sourav Ganguly: Former Indian Cricketer and President of Board of Control for Cricket in India. Sourav Ganguly or “Sourav Chandidas Ganguly” is the well known former national cricket team player, who established himself as the most successful captains of Indian Cricket team and world’s leading batsman. As Stated by Sourav Ganguly Horoscope Analysis, He is honoured with multiple names as “Dada (An Elder Brother), Maharaja of Indian Cricket and God of the Off Side”. This left handy batsman was elected as a president of BCCI in 2019 and continuing serving to the Indian Cricket team to present.

Looking for depth astrological analysis for Sourav Ganguly?

For those, looking for the reason behind the success and fame of Sourav Ganguly in Cricket world, we have prepared the birth chart and made astrological analysis too to understand you better the astrological causes making him to live like a King. Please find below the analysis.

Birth Chart
DOB: July 08, 1972
TOB: 1:00 AM
POB: Kolkata, West Bengal

What Sourav Ganguly’s Kundli Has To Reveal About Him?

Saurav Ganguly Horoscope

On the basis of Sourav Ganguly Horoscope Analysis, Aries ascendant is rising in his horoscope ruled by the planet Mars positioned in 4th house of comforts & luxury, which clearly indicates that he will have lots of land or property in his lifespan. In Consonance with Sourav Ganguly Horoscope Analysis, Being ruled by the planet Mars, he is a born leader, courageous and very active individual. Mars also aspects to his 10th house of career, which makes him inclined towards the Sports due to its martial influence. Rahu is also placed in 10th house, which provides him the fame at his work. With the help of Sourav Ganguly Horoscope Analysis, It also made him rise suddenly and encourage to change his field from bowling to batting. Further, Mars is getting conjunct with Mercury, as Mercury is the 3rd house lord of hobbies & efforts so it shows that he pursued his hobby as a career. In Compliance with Sourav Ganguly Astrological Analysis, Mars conjunction with Ketu & Mercury indicates some dissatisfaction in personal life, but on the contrary, it is good for getting the spiritual progress in life. Further, he has Taurus Moon sign, which makes him creative, artistic and family oriented individual. Taking into consideration Sourav Ganguly Horoscope Analysis, With the influence of Saturn & Venus, it makes you structured, responsible and understanding person. Don’t let your problems ruin your days. Contact Online Astrologer In Delhi for quick help in astrology.

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How Sourav Ganguly rises in Sports world?

As Believed by Sourav Ganguly Horoscope Analysis, he was born under his Moon Mahadasha and was born in a very rich family. Ganguly had good & luxurious childhood. At that moment, he was undergoing with the Mahadasha of Moon and Mars which ended in April 1988. These both the planets are benefic planet for him and provided every comfort in life. On the strength of Sourav Ganguly Horoscope Analysis, During his Mars Mahadasha, he enrolled himself for Cricket. Though earlier, the favourite game in Bengal was Football, so Ganguly attached to the games very beginning during his academics. However, his mother did not want him to make his career in sports. In Compliance with Sourav Ganguly Horoscope Analysis, It can be clearly seen from her birth chart, the 4th house of afflicted with malefic planet like Ketu and Mercury in his horoscope, which is also the house of mother and during Mars mahadasha, he got some mismatch with the ideologies from his mother. In keeping with Sourav Ganguly Horoscope Analysis, his elder brother supported him to play cricket as his elder brother was already into the Bengal Cricket Team, so he encouraged Sourav Ganguly to play cricket while he was in 10th standard in his Mars Mahadasha. His brother enrolled him too in Begal Cricket Team.

As Stated by Sourav Ganguly Astrological Analysis, Later, when his brother was dropped out from the team, he first got the chances in 1989 to play cricket for Bengal. At that moment, he was entered into the Rahu Mahadasha from 1988 and got the first chance to play cricket professionally for Bengal in 1989 during its Antardasha too. In the manner of Sourav Ganguly Astrological Analysis, As Rahu is placed in 10th house of career & profession and in the Capricorn Zodiac Sign, whose lord Saturn is also well placed, so it has given him a huge sudden fame and enters in Ranju season and made his first debut for One Day International Cricket for India against West Indies in 1992 during his Mahadasha of Rahu and Antardasha of Jupiter. Since then he came into the lime light and started playing cricket.

Know Sourav Ganguly’s Awards And Achievement Astrologically

In Alignment with Sourav Ganguly Astrological Analysis, he received multiple awards and Appreciations in Cricket, however, let’s know the time period when he received the national awards in his lifespan for his contribution in Indian Cricket:

As specified by Sourav Ganguly Horoscope Analysis, When he was undergoing with the Mahadasha of Rahu and Antardasha of Mercury in 1997, he received the “Arjuna Award” for Cricket. Mercury is the lord of his 6th house of sports activity too and placed with Mars, which helped him to get this award for him.

Depending on Sourav Ganguly Horoscope Analysis, He was undergoing with the Mahadasha of Rahu and Antardasha of Moon in 2004, he received “Padam Shree” award from Government for his great contribution as a captain of Indian Cricket team. Rahu provide him the fame and Moon is also the good planet for him and helped him to receive this honour. Astrologer In Noida who provides you the most efficient astrological solutions at the most affordable price.

Do You Wish To Know About Personal Life Of Sourav Ganguly?

Conforming to Sourav Ganguly Horoscope Analysis, the 7th house of marriage & partnership is ruled by the planet Venus positioned in 2nd house of wealth & family; it indicates that he will have the good gains from his marriage or partnership in life. According to Sourav Ganguly Horoscope Analysis, Being ruled by the planet Venus, indicates that he will have the very beautiful wife and understanding wife. Venus is getting afflicted by the planet Saturn and Rahu, so it shows that there was something different about it and they broke the boundary due to Rahu, due to the fact, Sourav eloped his childhood friend in 1997 but later their families reconciled and made it a formal wedding in 1997, he was undergoing with the Mahdasha of Rahu and Antardasha of Mercury, as Mercury is getting afflicted by Ketu as well, so it indicates something unusual or different from the streak of line and it causes this.

What Sourav Ganguly’s Kundali Says About His Future?

As per Sourav Ganguly Horoscope Analysis, he has a very strong birth chart, which makes him “Maharaja” or the one lives like a King throughout his lifespan. Taking into consideration Sourav Ganguly Astrological Analysis, He has strong Raj Yoga forming due to Mars, which indicates that he will enjoy all the comforts in his life, but as there is conjunction with Mercury & Ketu, it also gives him some confusion and wavering mind too, due to the fact, he may find some kind of dissatisfaction in his life. Let’s Discuss about Sourav Ganguly Horoscope Analysis, It may show some ups and downs too in his life what he has already gone through during his time of playing cricket. However, presently he is running with the good period of Jupiter and in that Antardasha of Rahu is going on, which again provided him the president post in 2019. Soon after this period of Jupiter ending on April 2022, he will enter in the very good period of Saturn, which will ensure the good stability in his life. So he will continue as a president or will serve to the Indian Team for long as a president and his fame will also rise in future.

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We wish him a good luck for his future performances and keep on inspiring others!

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