Published On : October 20, 2021  |  Author : Astrologer Umesh

What Is Dhanteras And Why Is It Important?

Dhanteras is one of the most auspicious events celebrated before the arrival of Diwali in India. Also known as Dhanatrayodashi, the festival of Dhanteras takes place on the 13th lunar day of Krishna paksha, as per the Hindu calendar of Ashwini. The festival is important because it marks the celebration of a divine lord known as Dhanvantari who is said to be the giver of the wisdom of Ayurveda to mankind for their wellbeing from sufferings. Hence, the festival of Dhanteras is important to honor the divine lord of Dhanvantari.

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Why Dhanteras Is Celebrated?

As outlined before, Dhanteras marks the celebration of a divine lord, Dhanvantari. According to a mythological source, lord Dhanvantari was first sighted at the time of Samudra Manthan. He appeared there holding a pitcher full of an elixir of immortality in one hand, while on other hand, he was holding a holy text of Ayurveda. According to mythology, Lord Dhanvantari is considered the Vaidya/doctor of divine beings.

In addition to being the day of lord Dhanvantari, Dhanteras is also celebrated as a part of Lakshmi Puja in which devotees offer prayers to Mata Lakshmi and seek her names and blessings in their devotional songs. The rituals associated with the celebration of Dhanteras are different in various parts of India. For example, in Maharashtra, a custom requires devotees to lightly pound dried coriander seeds with jaggery and offer the mixer as a Prasad to the lord.

One of the most important reasons behind the celebration of Dhanteras is that it is an auspicious day in which people engage in the shopping of new things, particularly new utensils, gold or silver articles. It is believed that purchasing new things during this day brings forth good luck and fortune to the buyer’s life. Hence, it has been a long-followed custom to make new purchases during Dhanteras.

The Legend Behind Dhanteras

A long time ago, a prince named Hima was told in the forecast that he would die by a snake bite on the fourth day of his marriage. When the ill-fated day arrived, his newly-wed wife requested him not to sleep. She put all her ornaments and pieces of jewelry at the entrance of the sleeping chamber, along with many lit lamps. Thereafter, she started to tell a tale to make sure that her husband does not fall asleep. Meanwhile, the god of death, Yama, appeared as a serpent to take the life of the prince. However, the heaps of ornaments and pieces of jewelry kept at the entrance dazzled his eyes because of their reflection cast by the lit lamps. Unable to enter the chamber, the serpent coiled on the heap of the ornaments and listened to the tale being narrated by the wife of the prince until the dawn broke out. Sensing that he ran out the deadline for taking the prince’s life, the serpent crawled away from there. Since the prince was not killed at the scheduled time, he got another new life that day, which also marks the celebration of the day as Dhanteras, given the involvement of ornaments. Lakshmi Puja offers a notable solution for destitution in your life. Choose it today and make your life prosperous.

Benefits Of Observing Dhanteras Festival

  • It is believed that people who shop new things on the day get the blessing of Mata Lakshmi.
  • One attains good fortunes and good luck.
  • Being an auspicious day, it brings forth peaceful living blessed with wellbeing.

Conclusively, the festival of Dhanteras is one of the most important festivals celebrated in India with great devotions held by people. It is observed before the festival of Diwali. The festival is considered an auspicious day and people engage in new purchases during the day.

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