Published On : September 19, 2021  |  Author : Astrologer Umesh
Importance Of Shradha

What Does It Mean By Shradha?

Since time immemorial, in the religion of the Hindu, the term ‘Shradha’ is one of the holiest names given to the ritual that involves offering or giving pacification to the deceased souls or ancestors in the present time. This sort of ritual called Shradha is performed under the supervision of an erudite priest who guides the doer about the manners and other ceremonial conducts associated with the Shradha.

What Is The Purpose Of Shradha?

As outlined before, Shradha is a ceremonial term refereed to performing certain rituals with which it is believed that if done properly can provide momentum or pacification to the deceased forefathers. It is also believed that if such ritual is not followed or done by the current generation of the deceased ancestors, a curse of the suffering of varying nature may befall on the family members. It unleashes various types of sorrows called Pitru-dosha.

Hence, the purpose of performing Shradha in a proper manner under the direction of alearned pandit or priest can not only help provide the deceased ancestor’s pacification or salvation but can also neutralize or dissipate the curse caused by pitru dosha.

The reason behind performing Shradha also refers to the fact that it provides emancipation of the deceased forefathers whose souls are trapped in an unknown celestial region because of their certain wishes that remained unfulfilled in their living times.

Importance Of Conducting Shradha

One of the values associated with the religious conduct of Shradha is that it is considered as sacred a ritual as one does when it comes to offering his repayment of debt to the divine almighty.

With that said, the current generation is not supposed to abdicate the responsibility that they have for their forefathers and therefore, they are expected to conduct ritualistic ceremonies such as Shradha or make a donation in the name of forefathers to help the deceased souls attain pacification or salvation in their celestial region whey go after death. So, we can say that when you perform Shradha, you are not only or performing a part of the responsibility that you owe to your ancestor but you are doing it for the religious sanctity of offering your obedience to Dharma as implied in the science of Dharma itself.

It is very important to understand that Shradha is not merely an ordinary ritual, it is something that provides satisfaction to the deceased forefathers after they receive Pinda and water from the doer, someone from their family lineage, particularly son. The science of Dharma says that it is expected of a son to perform Shradha as a part of his moral and religious responsivity toward his forefathers.

Hence, the value and Importance Of Shradha are endless.

If you are looking for having Shradha conducted in a religious fashion by an educated priest, you can make an appointment with the one we have in a team. Besides, Pitra Paksha Starts from 20 September to 06 October 2021. Therefore, better make your decision quickly and book Shradha puja for the emancipation of the soul of your forefathers.

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