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Learn Astrology About Rahu And Ketu

Get Detailed Information About Rahu And Ketu

Dear Viewers, you have learnt mostly all about the existing planets in our previous levels, now in Astrology, there are two more planets described as planets i.e Rahu and Ketu, these are non-existing planets though in the universe but the impacts of these planets are very high in our life, so let’s understand all about these planets and its corresponding signification.

The Rahu And Ketu: Shadowy Planets

In Astronomy, Moon is said to be a satellite of our mother Earth revolving around in an orbit, and it completes its one cycle around earth within approximately one month. Now In Vedic Astrology, there is some other significations associated with that, Moon goes first from south to north and then north to south. Basically, the traveling distance of Moon in its main orbit is categorized in two ways. Thus, the ascendant point of Moon is termed as Rahu while descendant point is known as “Ketu”. Now we can understand it in different way too, Earth rotates around Sun in ecliptic plane and Moon also rotates or revolves around Earth in different plane, so this way, it intersects the ecliptic plane on two different points. From where Moon appears to be rising or going upwards direction, known as Rahu and the point where it appears to move downward is known as Ketu in Vedic Astrology. These are not real existing entities in the universe; these are only the shadow or imaginary points. But these are very influential points. As we know how much eclipse impacts our life, this way these shadowy planets cause mainly the solar or lunar eclipse. Get your Rahu Ketu Transit Report.

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Why Rahu And Ketu Are Important Planets In Astrology?

Rahu and Ketu are the most influential planets in Astrology. These are also termed as smoky planets too, which means it can expand like a smoke and can create kind of illusion before anyone. These are mainly the north and south nodes of the Moon and create an eclipse if comes in contact with any planet in any zodiac sign. The eclipse is not good as due to that the planet looses its strength due to these smoky planets and gets confused. Ultimately, it affects the decision making ability and losses in life. We chase for something which is perhaps not made for us due to influence of these planets. Now these two planets are also different from each other too in behaviour. Rahu wants all kind of success and materialistic gains. It is more of a materialistic planet while the Ketu is spiritual one; Ketu likes to get connected with divine sources and stay disconnected from materialistic world. These both are way opposite to each other naturally. Both the planets are not the physical entities, so do not govern any house or zodiac sign in Vedic Astrology or in Kaal Purush Natural Kundali.

Hindu Mythodology About Rahu And Ketu

In Hindu Mythodology, Rahu and Ketu are shadowy planets or Chhaya Grahas. Chhaya means no physical existence or mass in celestial cabinet or universe, it is only the celestial points in Vedic Astrology. As per ancient scriptures, It was the incident of “Samudra Munthan” and distributing the drops of nectar (Amrit). After the Samudra Munthan, Lord Vishnu started serving Nectar to all the Gods and poisons to all Demons, however, one of the demon names SwarBhanu noticed it and sat in the row of Gods to receive Nectar, but the God Surya (Sun) and Chandra (Moon) had saw this act of that demon and immediately gave signal to Lord Vishnu, but by then he already consumed the nectar and became immortal. Thus, Lord Vishnu cut off the head of demon. Since then the head of demon is termed as Rahu and torso is termed as Ketu. That’s why Rahu is considered as bodiless and Ketu is considered as brainless in Vedic Astrology, which results the confusion in one’s life

Significance Of Rahu And Ketu In Vedic Astrology

Know the significance of rahu and Ketu below in Vedic Astrology in simple way:

Represents: Rahu is Head of Dragon and Ketu is Tail of Dragon, Rahu is also called as “Shanivat Rahu” (Like Saturn) and Ketu is also called as “Kujvat Ketu” (Like Mars)

Nature: Shadowy planets

Time duration to complete one cycle of zodiac: 18 Years

Orbit Time in one zodiac sign by Rahu and Ketu: 18 Months or 1.5 years

Zodiac Sign ruled by Rahu and Ketu: No ownership on any zodiac sign

Nakshatra/Constellations Ruled by Rahu and Ketu – Rahu rules over Ardra, Swati and Satbisha, while Ketu rules over Ashwini, Magha Moola.

Exaltation Sign: Rahu is considered to be Exalted in Taurus/Gemini, while Ketu gets exalted in “Scorpio/Sagittarius”

Debilitation– Rahu is considered to be debilitated in “Scorpio/Sagittarius”, while Ketu gets debilitated in “Taurus/Gemini”

Mooltrikone Sign – No Mool Trikone sign as do not rule any zodiac signs.

Vimshottari Mahadasha or Periodic Cycle of Rahu and Ketu– 18 Years

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What Rahu And Ketu Signifies Naturally In Horoscope?

Represents – Smoke, illusion, Confusion, Wavering thoughts, Paternal Grandfather and Maternal Grandmother(especially By Rahu), adding to it anxiety, fear, phobia, depression, Maternal grandfather and paternal Grand Mother (Especially by Ketu)

Nature – Malefic planets

Friendly planets to Rahu – Venus and Saturn

Friendly planets to Ketu – Sun, Mars

Inimical planets to Rahu– Sun, Moon, Mars

Inimical planets to Ketu – Venus and Saturn

Neutral planet – Jupiter, Mercury, Ketu to Rahu, Mercury, Jupiter, Rahu to Ketu

Favourable Placement of Rahu in Horoscope signifies – Name, Fame, Prosperity and Materialistic Gains

Favourable Placement of Ketu in Horoscope signifies-Enlightens the path of Spiritualism, Moksha, Connection to Divinty, Good Intuitions and Insights

Unfavourable positioning of Rahu signifies – Mental stress, illness, insomnia, wavering thoughts, confusion, illusion etc.

Unfavourable positioning of Ketu signifies- – Distress, Phobia, Anxiety, Hallucinations, Confusion, mental illness etc.

What Products Rahu And Ketu Represent In Vedic Astrology?

Products ruled by Rahu and Ketu: – Wine, Meat, Eggs, Radish, Coconut, Sacrifice of animal etc.

Taste of Rahu and Ketu– Astringent

Places Signified By Rahu And Ketu In Vedic Astrology

Abode represented by Rahu and Ketu: Dirty and Dark places

Body Parts Shown By Rahu And Ketu In Vedic Astrology

The boy parts ruled by Rahu and Ketu – Intestinal tract, Buttocks

Health Issues or Ailments by the Rahu and Ketu – Intestinal problems, Hiccups, Insanity, Ulcer, Gastric problems, etc

Animals Represented By Rahu And Ketu

Animals: Insects, Serpents, Mosquitoes etc.

Basic Significations Of Rahu And Ketu:

Day– Saturday (Rahu), Tuesday (Ketu)

Color– Black, Brown

Direction of Rahu and Ketu– South West

Metal of the Rahu and Ketu– Gold

Precious gemstone – Gomed (Hessonite for Rahu), Lahshunia (Cat’s eye for Ketu)

Conclusion Now we have leant all about the planets and its significations for all the 9 planets, now it will be used while predicting horoscope, which we will do later, but in the next level, we will move on to the next medium level of astrology i.e. zodiac signs one by one in order to let you know thoroughly the concepts. So let’s begin our next medium level with Aries Zodiac Sign in next page. The best Best Astrologer In Delhi delivers you the most powerful astrological solution you can choose to make your life happy and great.

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