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MS Dhoni Horoscope Analysis

MS Dhoni: Former Indian Cricket Team Skipper and Player

MS Dhoni Horoscope Analysis: Mahendra Singh Dhoni, the most successful captain of Indian Cricket Team, was born on July 07, 1981, at 11:15 AM in Ranchi, Jharkhand, India. With his strong leadership skills, he wins the hearts of many and has the long list of fans and followers, so he is already well known popular personality especially among youths and doesn’t need anymore introduction. In Compliance with MS Dhoni Horoscope Analysis, Under his captaincy and incredible performances, India won 2011 ICC Cricket world Cup and 2007 ICC World T-20.

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We have prepared the birth chart for those looking for the reason behind Dhoni’s super success in Cricket world astrologically. What his birth chart holds and how the stars made him so popular in International Cricket. Let’s find out the answers astrologically:

Birth Chart
DOB: July 07, 1981
TOB: 11:15 AM
POB: Ranchi, Jharkhand

What Constellations In His Birth Chart Has To Say About M S Dhoni?

MS Dhoni Horoscope

Taking into consideration MS Dhoni Horoscope Analysis, Virgo ascendant is rising in his Horoscope Making him a great analyzer and observer individual, who always wants to first examine and watch things to its root cause in order to get the right solution at the right time for particular problem. According to MS Dhoni Horoscope Analysis, Virgo is being ruled by planet Mercury positioned in the 10th house of career & profession, which makes him career-oriented individual. Mercury is also getting conjunct with Sun in 10th house infusing strong leadership and administrative skills with intelligence and logical approach. Further, Jupiter is placed in his ascendant makes him knowledgeable, wise and inspirational for others. As specified by MS Dhoni Horoscope Analysis, Saturn is also influencing his ascendant making him responsible, mature and structured individual, who wants to follow the step by step procedure. As Saturn is the lord of 6th house, which signifies the sports & competition, so it provides him stability in sports with patience approach. That became the reason of getting titled as “Captain Cool”. Further, he has Virgo as Moon sign too, which makes him single goal oriented person what his mind wants, the same he wants to pursue without any confusion in life. On the strength of MS Dhoni Horoscope Analysis, This planetary combination in his ascendant makes him optimistic, respectful and truthful person. You think first to do things in your life due to Saturn.

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How Dhoni Became Rising Star Into Cricket World?

As Believed by MS Dhoni Horoscope Analysis, he studied in DAV Jawahar Vidya Mandir, Shyamali, Ranchi, he was born under Sun Mahadasha, which continued till 1985. The placement of Sun indicates that his father was associated with the government and this also later provided him the job in railway too. Further, after this Mahadasha of Sun, he got entered into Moon Mahadasha, Moon was the lord of 11th house of income & gains and placed in 1st house, which started to make him ambitious and also helped him to pave the way for success slowly with Saturn influence. Initially during his school, he was a good player of Badminton and football and also selected as district and club level too in these sports. From 1995, when Moon Mahadasha was about to end, he was sent for cricket by his football Coach for local cricket and he impressed with his wicket keeping skills, since then 1995 to 1998, he became the regular Commando of Cricket Club followed by his Mahadasha of Mars, the natural karak for sports activity.

In Compliance with MS Dhoni Astrological Analysis, When he was undergoing with the Antardasha of Saturn under Mars Mahadasha, he was selected for Vinod Mankad Trophy Under-16. With the help of MS Dhoni Horoscope Analysis, He performed well there too. After his 10th standard, he started focusing on Cricket, then the big jump to the professional cricket came into 1998, when he played for CCL, and he was able to grab the attention of Deval Sahay, who helped him to join Bihar Cricket Association and from then he entered in Junior Ranji team and thereafter from 1999, he got the chance in Senior Ranji team as a professional player of cricket. On the basis of MS Dhoni Horoscope Analysis, As the start of this Rahu Mahadasha, he got the attention of big people and got the chance to play for India in 2004. Since then he keeps on working hard and achieved so many recognitions with his invaluable performances being a cricket player. Consult Famous Jyotish In Gurugram for solutions that will put an end to your life’s misery.

Explained Astrologically The Reasons Behind His Success?

Taking into consideration MS Dhoni Astrological Analysis, he has received numerous awards and achievements for his remarkable performances at state level, national level as well as the international level. Few of them are as follows:

In the manner of MS Dhoni Astrological Analysis, He received the 3rd highest civilian Award, “Padam Bhushan” as a National honour in 2018. At that moment, he was running with his Sun Antardasha under his Rahu Mahadasha, and Sun is placed in 10th house of government and being an authoritative planet provided him the National award.

Depending on MS Dhoni Horoscope Analysis, During his Rahu Mahadasha and Saturn Antardasha in 2009, he received Padam Shri National award, as Saturn is the 5th house of Kendra lord and 6th house of sports lord, so it has provided him the recognition, and its dispositor is also placed with Sun, so gain from government is obtained in this period too.

In Alignment with MS Dhoni Astrological Analysis, During 2007-08, he got the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award for his invaluable performance during his Antardasha of Jupiter under Rahu Mahadasha, Jupiter is well placed and indicates the respect and honour too, so he received the honour in this period by the government. Get your 5 Years Predictions report and know your career, finance, health and personal life ..

Do You Wish To Know About Personal Life Of M S Dhoni?

Let’s Discuss about MS Dhoni Horoscope Analysis, the 7th house of marriage & partnership lord Jupiter is placed in your 1st house of self or personality. It indicates that his spouse will be responsible, wise and a good manager. Conforming to MS Dhoni Horoscope Analysis, Being ruled by the planet Jupiter and aspects to the 7th house itself, his marital life will be good and will have the harmony. As Stated by MS Dhoni Horoscope Analysis, He got married in July 2010 to Sakshi Singh Rawat during his Rahu Mahadasha, Saturn Antardasha and Jupiter Pratyantardasha. As Stated by MS Dhoni Astrological Analysis, Since Saturn is the 5th house of love & romance so it made it love marriage for him and the one who belongs to his school. Dhoni has good bonding with his parents and is a kind of humanitarian individual too. The placement of Saturn shows that stability in his life.

What Birth Charts Foretells About His Future?

As Per MS Dhoni Horoscope Analysis, he has very strong Raj Yogas and Dhan Yogas present in his horoscope. He has Gaj Kesari Yoga in his ascendant, which makes him wise, knowledgeable and highly learned individual and provides success in his drawn endeavours. In view of MS Dhoni Astrological Analysis, There are multiple Dhan Yogas are getting formed in his horoscope, which makes him very prosperous and wealthy. At present, he has entered in the Mahadasha of Jupiter from December 2020, thus, Jupiter being the benefic planet placed well in his horoscope will provide all over the respect, recognition and what efforts he has made will continue paying him the good achievements in this period too. In keeping with MS Dhoni Horoscope Analysis, He may also move himself towards teaching, training or coaching others as in this period of Jupiter, he wants to spread the knowledge what he has learnt so far. However, he should avoid being self-righteous in this period so that he can exchange the ideas better with others too. In Consonance with MS Dhoni Horoscope Analysis, Rest the upcoming period after Jupiter will be Saturn, which will start right after Jupiter from December 2036 and will continue for the next 19 years, which will be good again in terms of stability, but it may also provide any prolonged disease too, so he needs to be careful regarding his health from this period. Above all, the stars will be in his favour and will provide him the good success in future too.

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We wish him a good luck for his future performances and keep on inspiring others!

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