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Rishabh Pant Horoscope Analysis

Rishabh Pant: Famous Indian Cricketer

Rishabh Pant Horoscope Analysis: Rishabh Pant, a left handed batsman, is a middle order wicket-keeper batsman of India, and was born on October 04, 1997. So within 23 years of his age, he earned name, fame and prosperity with his excellent work and contribution to Indian Cricket team. Taking into consideration Rishabh Pant Horoscope Analysis, He scored fifty only in 18 balls in 2016 at this level. At ICC Awards, he was entitled as ICC Emerging Player of The Year in 2018.

Know Early Success Of Rishabh Pant As Per Astrological Readings

Interested to explore the life journey of Rishbah Pant based on Astrological readings? Here we go with the Rishabh Pant horoscope analysis and let you understand the reason behind his early success in life:

Birth Chart
Date Of Birth: October 04, 1997

Time Of Birth: 6:16 AM

Place Of Birth: Roorkee, Uttarakhand, India

What Rishabh Pant’s Horoscope Has To Say About His Personality?

Rishabh Pant Horoscope

As per Rishabh Pant Horoscope Analysis, Virgo ascendant is rising in his horoscope which makes him great analyzer and observer who wants to always examine and watch things in order to get the root cause of any problem to get the right resolution at right time. On the strength of Rishabh Pant Horoscope Analysis, Mercury is the planet for logic, intellect and strong calculative ability, so it makes him very good in communication and logical behind his every concept. Depending on Rishabh Pant Horoscope Analysis, Mercury is getting conjunct with the planet Sun which indicates that he is very intellectual as it is creating strong Buddhaditya Yoga in his horoscope. Now the ascendant is getting aspected by Saturn, which indicates that he is very mature, responsible and down to earth personality. As Stated by Rishabh Pant Astrological Analysis, Talking about his Moon sign then he has Libra Moon sign which makes him family and wealth oriented individual. He is very soft spoken and has good aesthetic sense. Libra Moon sign makes him very creative, artistic and provides him good fashion sense in life. In Alignment with Rishabh Pant Astrological Analysis, Mars is aspecting his 10th house of career, which makes him passionate to establish his career in the field of sports and hence he has chosen cricket as his career. Does the problem in your career take your success nose drive? Consult our expert astrologer for best Career Guidance and solution.

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How Rishabh Pant Became Emerging Star In Cricket World?

As Believed by Rishabh Pant Horoscope Analysis, he was born under Rahu Mahadasha which lasted long till September 2007. Rahu is placed in 12th house, which created his interest in foreign things and he wants to do something different in life due to essence of Rahu in early 10 years in his life. However, Rahu is malefic planet so it always has given him confusion too in his mind; he was in his own imaginations. However, as he enters in Jupiter Mahadahsa in September 2007, picture started to clear in front of his eyes. Jupiter is debilitated in his horoscope but it is retrograde and hence it will act as an exalted one, so it became a very good period and as he entered in Saturn Antardasha under Jupiter Mahadasha, he had shown his too much interest in cricket that he traveled with his mother on weekends to get trained under coach Tarak Sinha at Sonnet Cricket Academy. Conforming to Rishabh Pant Horoscope Analysis, They didn’t have any place to live in Delhi, thus they used to stay at Gurudwara in Moti Bagh, Delhi. On the basis of Rishabh Pant Horoscope Analysis, There is a strong exchange between Jupiter and Saturn, which has helped to get fulfilled his desire in this time period. His coach suggested him here to switch to Rajasthan for Under 13 & under 15 Cricket tournaments. But he couldn’t get that success in these tournaments as he has just started getting trained from his coach. Later, a turning point came when he got selected for Under 19 team in 2016. But in 2015, he started his career from domestic cricket Ranji Trophy where he performed well and got an eye of selectors for U-19 world cup team. In Compliance with Rishabh Pant Astrological Analysis, the planet Saturn became the reason behind his success as Saturn first of all creating exchange yoga with Jupiter and secondly, it is the lord of 6th house of challenges & competition so he is getting success in these periods. In 2015 itself, Ketu is placed in 6th house and hence it has given the results of Saturn again. With the help of Rishabh Pant Horoscope Analysis, In Venus Antardasha under Jupiter Mahadasha, he played first time for Indian International Team in 2017. Venus is good planet for him and making him passionate too.

Rishabh Pant’s Achievements And Honours Explained Astrologically

Let’s Discuss about Rishabh Pant Horoscope Analysis, As he is an emerging player and too young, but with his capabilities he has made multiple records and got achievements & honour in early age.

Taking into consideration Rishabh Pant Astrological Analysis, In 2017, when he was undergoing with the Mahadasha of Jupiter and Antardasha of Venus, it is good period for him as Jupiter is Kendra lord and acting as exalted Jupiter and Venus is trikone lord which is again a very auspicious planet for him, so he got the chance to play first time International Cricket.

As Stated by Rishabh Pant Horoscope Analysis, In 2019 during Jupiter Mahadasha and Sun Antardasha, he was named as ICC Emerging Player of the Year at 2018 ICC Awards. Sun is the lord of 12th house and placed in 1st house with Mercury, which is very good in terms of obtaining gains through foreign association. So he got the success worldwide.

Know Rishabh Pant’s Personal Aspects

In the manner of Rishabh Pant Astrological Analysis, he is too young and earned success very early, so talking about his personal front, his 7th house of marriage & partnership is ruled by the planet Jupiter positioned in 5th house of love & romance, which indicates that he will surely have love marriage in his life. Being ruled by the planet Jupiter, he will have very wise, knowledgeable and responsible lady as his life partner. In Compliance with Rishabh Pant Horoscope Analysis, Saturn is also placed in your 7th house of marriage & partnership, which indicates that she will be tall and can have long face with medium complexion. As specified by Rishabh Pant Horoscope Analysis, As Sun aspects Saturn, so it indicates there might be some ego battle which might occur in his married life, so he should avoid having any kind of ego war in relationship so that it can go with smooth plain.

What Rishabh Pant’s Birth Stars Tells About His Future Prediction?

In Consonance with Rishabh Pant Horoscope Analysis, he has a very strong personality with jovial nature. He likes communicating and interacting people in his life, which helps him to gain strength and learn new things in life in order to add on experiences in his life. According to Rishabh Pant Horoscope Analysis, Pant has strong exchange between Jupiter and Saturn which is very good and shows the very good time for him during these periods. As Per Rishabh Pant Horoscope Analysis, At present, he is undergoing with the Mahadasha of Jupiter lasting till September 2023, he is undergoing with very strong planetary period, so he will gain success, respect, name, fame and prosperity throughout in this period. Later he will enter the period of Saturn, which is again good period for him and will help him to get the stability in his life. At present, Jupiter and Saturn both are transiting through his 5th house, which shows that he will have good earnings and increased fame in this time period. He will come out as a humanitarian too and will serve to needy people too. Are you seeking the best love solution for your life? If yes, choose our love astrology services by our Love Problem Solution Astrologer, powerful and result-oriented for you.

We wish him a good luck for his future endeavours and keep on inspiring others!

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