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Health Problem Solution Astrology

Your Trusted Health Problem Solution Astrology

Health is comprised of mental as well as physical state of well-being. People often consider physical health and forget to mention mental health, but mental health is equally important to cherish the moments of your life. Physical health is the state of physical comforts and enjoying a good state of being fit & fine. Mental health is the state of a happy mind with positive thoughts. It helps one to realize his internal strengthen and work on them to improve any adverse situation. A positive mind can lead to success and growth in life.  Now, what if you have negative thoughts? What if you have a mental illness? What if you have any issues with body parts? This all will lead to issues related to health.

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What Is Health Problem?

Health problem arises when you are not in the state of enjoying your life at the fullest even if you have luxurious life style. In case of any physical ailment, you might suffer with the body pain or discomfort in life. For instance, any issue or injury in your legs cause problem in walking, which perhaps keeps you going forwards but with discomforts. Your speed gets hampered with this ailment. Now talking about your mental illness, if you have any stress, depression, negative thoughts etc, then you may not be able to enjoy your present. For instance, you are attending to the party, though you will be physically present but not mentally as your mind is thinking of something else during that time.

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How Does Health Affect Your Daily Life?

Anytime having the physical ailments cause you the discomforts in daily life routine. Your physical strength may not allow you to do what you actually deserve. If your body is not fit & fine, how can you cope up with the environmental task. Now, if your mind is facing any issue related to any traumatic situation, then again your mind will not allow you to manage things in your life. So it is very important to have good mental as well as physical health.

What Are The Astrological Factors Causing Health Issues?

In Vedic Astrology, there are multiple factors causing health issues in one’s life. Every planet and 12 houses show some kind of diseases or illness in one’s horoscope, but the combination of planets results the extent of severe disease in one’s life. The few combinations are such as:

  • The lord of ascendant is badly placed or in any dusthana house. Any functional malefic planet is placed in ascendant.
  • If Sun is getting afflicted by the malefic planets, then it will cause issues related to eyes, bones or low confidence.
  • Anytime afflicted Moon, the lord of mind, emotions & sentiments, shows some mental illness. For instance: Moon getting conjunct with Saturn gives fear, overdrinking, stress, depression etc.
  • If the lord of 6th house of disease is placed in 1st house of personality or lagna, then it causes the severe disease.
  • Anytime malefic Jupiter is placed in ascendant causes the issues related to obesity, fatigue or diabetes in one’s life.

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Likewise many more combinations are there in Vedic Astrology causing different health ailments in one’s life. Besides this, the Mahadasha or Antardasha of any planet also cause the disease according to its placement in one’s horoscope. So it is all seen from the birth chart which health issues the one is suffering from.

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How Astrology Will Work To Improve Your Health?

The birth chart or natal chart of the native is analyzed thoroughly and based on the planetary alignments, the prediction is given to the native related to his/her health. To improve the health situation, a perfect solution is also recommended. The apt solution helps one to strengthen the ascendant lord as well as the Moon to reduce the ill impact of malefic planets so as to receive the good results.

What Can Be The Astrological Remedies To Resolve Health Issues?

There are multiple remedies defined in Vedic Astrology to provide the apt solution to the problem. These are:

Gemstone: Gemstones are related to certain planet and with the help of the gemstone, the positive effects of benefic planet are strengthened so as to receive good outcomes. Get our Ruby Gemstone to strengthen your confidence and bones related issues. Also get the Pearl gemstone to stable your thoughts to avoid any negativity.

Rudraksha: Rudrakshas are holy beads and give one the blessings of lord Shiva.  Order now our 2 (Do) Mukhi Rudraksha to strengthen your mind and    1 (Ek) Mukhi Rudraksha to strengthen your soul. Get our 7 (Saat) Mukhi Rudraksha to reduce the general weakness and the issues related to joint pain or backache.

Yantra: We offer very powerful Siddh yantras which helps one to reduce the obstacles and improves his health. Get our Sampoorn Rog Nasak Yantra to improve your health.

Puja: We offer an effective puja to remove the obstacles related to health. Get our Puja for Health and Grah Shanti Puja to strengthen the particular planet causing health ailments.

Likewise, there are many remedies defined in Vedic Astrology, such as Mahamrityunjay Locket to increase the longevity of a person. 

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