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Deepika Padukone Horoscope Analysis

Deepika Padukone: Famous Indian Actress

Deepika Padukone Horoscope Analysis: The queen of hearts, Deepika Padukone was born on January 05, 1986 at 2:39 AM in Copenhagen, Denmark. Let’s Discuss about Deepika Padukone Astrological Analysis, She is one of the most beautiful and successful actress in Indian film industry and referred as the “100 most influential people in the world” as per “Time” in 2018.

Would you like to know about Deepika Padukone according to Astrology?

We have prepared the birth chart and done the astrological analysis of those seeking for the lifestyle of Deepika Padukone, what became the reason behind her super success in bollywood industry from her early age.

Birth Details of Deepika Padukone are as per given below:

DOB: January 05, 1986
TOB: 2:39 AM
POB: Copenhagen, Denmark

What Birth chart has in store for Deepika Padukone?

Deepika Padukone Horoscope

On the strength of Deepika Padukone Horoscope Analysis, Libra ascendant is rising in her Horoscope ruled by the planet Venus positioned in the 3rd house of efforts & communication, this placement makes her very communicative and makes her incline towards traveling and pursuing her hobbies too. Being ruled by the planet Venus, On the basis of Deepika Padukone Horoscope Analysis, it makes her a creative artist and a diplomatic person too. Ketu is placed in her ascendant providing her strong intuitions and spiritual growth. In view of Deepika Padukone Astrological Analysis, She has the strong manifestation ability too. Moon is placed in her ascendant makes her career-oriented and caring person. Apart from it, Mars placement in her ascendant makes her a born leader, courageous and adventurous person, which always encourages her to do better from the previous one. In Compliance with Deepika Padukone Astrological Analysis, Her ascendant is falling under Rahu & Ketu axis, which provides her massive fame worldwide. Due to influence of Mars, she is bit aggressive kind of person, but it also makes her quick learner and passionate too towards her career and ultimate goals. Further, she has Libra Moon sign too, which makes her charming, responsible and provides her good support of her parents. According to Deepika Padukone Horoscope Analysis, It also makes her highly ambitious too. Visit our Love Problem Solution Astrologer In Delhi and get solutions for relationship problems.

How Deepika Pdukone entered in Film Industry explained astrologically?

Conforming to Deepika Padukone Horoscope Analysis, She was keen to sports in her early childhood as she belongs to the sports family background, as her father was a former badminton sports player. Thus, she had also chosen it in early age. In the manner of Deepika Padukone Astrological Analysis, She completed her schooling from Sophia High School, Bangalore. Her interest in sports can be seen through the Mars influence, since Mars is a planet responsible for physical activities and energy, and gives interest in sports too, so this has given her the interest in sports in her early age when she was running with Rahu period placed in Mar’s sign of Aries, so she was very much influenced about it. However, once she entered in Jupiter period, her interest started growing towards her hobbies too as Jupiter rules her 3rd house of hobbies too. In Alignment with Deepika Padukone Astrological Analysis, She already appeared as a child model in many advertising campaigns at the age of eight during her Mercury Antardasha under Rahu Mahadasha. Mercury rules the media, communication, advertisements, so it takes her into advertisements at that time.

As Believed by Deepika Padukone Horoscope Analysis, once her Jupiter Mahadasha starts, she started realizing something different other than sports, and from here 2003, she started to think about modeling as a career and by 2004, she decided it as a full time career. Later, she received recognition via Model of the Year awards and in 2006, her Knnada Movie “Aishwarya” released. With this, she started to receive bollywood offers. During her Saturn Antardasha under Jupiter Mahadasha, she received the offer to work for “Om Shanti Om” opposite to the king of bollywood Shahrukh Khan, from then her filmy career as an actress has taken steep high. Are you involved in a thankless career you want to fix for good? Consult our Career Astrologer In Delhi for prompt career solutions.

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Deepika Padukone’s Awards And Achievement Explained Astrologically

Taking into consideration Deepika Padukone Horoscope Analysis, She received hundreds of awards for her great performances, which makes her heartbeat of the nation. Let’s see few of them:

In Consonance with Deepika Padukone Horoscope Analysis, During her Antardasha of Mercury under Mahadasha of Jupiter, she received Chevrolet Heartbeat of the Nation in 2010 by Guild Films. Mercury being her “Bhagyesh” placed in 3rd house of hobbies, provides her this award.

As specified by Deepika Padukone Astrological Analysis, During her Antardasha of Sun under Jupiter Mahadasha, She received Entertainer of the year in 2014 by IIFA and Woman of The year by IIFA in 2015. Since Sun is the 11th house of awards & achievements, so during its antardasha, she got these awards and recognitions. 

In keeping with Deepika Padukone Horoscope Analysis, During her Antardasha of Mars, she gets the title of “Best Style Icon” by Screen Awards, Mars is placed in her ascendant and rules the 7th house of other people or fame too, so this period became auspicious in terms of getting the prestigious awards

According to Forbes India, she became the “The highest Earning Female Category” during 2014, to 2018, then she was undergoing with the good antardashas as Venus, Sun, Moon & Mars under Jupiter Mahadasha.

Depending on Deepika Padukone Horoscope Analysis, During her Saturn Mahadasha and Saturn Antardasha, she received Dadasaheb Phalke Internaltional Film Festival Awards for the movie “Chhapaak” in 2021, Saturn being a Yog Karak planet helped her to get the good recognition along with awards. Trusted name in providing satisfactory solutions, the Best Astrologer In Noida is worth consulting for your astro-problems in life.

Interested To Know Deepika Padukone’s Marriage & Personal Life?

According to Deepika Padukone Horoscope Analysis, the 7th house of marriage & partnership is ruled by the planet Mars positioned in 1st house of self or personality; It indicates that she will have the very enthusiastic, energetic and warrior kind of partner. With the help of Deepika Padukone Horoscope Analysis, As Mars is getting the aspects of Moon and Ketu too, so it makes her partner too highly ambitious and passionate. But as Rahu is placed in her 7th house, which might create some difficulties in her early life with regards to relationships in life. However, it became good for her massive fame. But as she has entered in Saturn Mahadasha, so this period will provide her good outcomes in her personal life too. Due to Rahu, she finds difficulty in relationships in early age. However, after the age of 32, she married to Ranveer Singh during the 7th house of marriage influencing lord Rahu Antardasha under Jupiter Mahadasha. However, soon in 2019 she has entered into the mahadasha of Saturn too, so its good effects was also started few months prior to this period, so she got the stability from 2019 in her life due to Saturn Mahadasha.

What Stars Has To Say About Deepika Padukone Being An Actress In Future?

As Per Deepika Padukone Analysis, she has the strong Lagna, which makes her clear about her vision. Though, due to Rahu and Ketu, she might face some wavering thoughts, Mars is also placed in Lagna which always keeps on motivating her and makes her very active physically as well as mentally. Further, as she has entered into the Mahadasha of Saturn from 2019 for the next 19 years, so she would be a leading actress in Indian Cinema for years in future. As Stated by Deepika Padukone Horoscope Analysis, Her charisma will increase year on year and she will keep on receiving many awards and recognitions in future as well. However, as Mars is heading to her Lagna or ascendant, so she is advised to make her calm and composed and avoid hastiness in her behaviour. Also she should drop some expectations and impulsiveness; she needs to be balanced in her thoughts more so that her focus couldn’t go haywire. Rest she has the support of Yog Karak planet Saturn and will lead to the stable and happy life being an actress. Contact Best Astrologer In Gurgaon for immediate and efficient astrological solutions for your troublesome life.

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We wish her a good luck for her future endeavours and may you keep on inspiring others with your good works!

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