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Shilpa Shetty Horoscope Analysis

Shilpa Shetty: Famous Indian Actress, Producer And Dancer

Shilpa Shetty Horoscope Analysis: Shilpa Shetty Kundra, Famous Indian Actress & Dancer, was born on June 08, 1975 at 20:00 HRS in Mangalore, Karnataka. She gained the international fame after winning the season 5 of UK’s “Celebrity Big Brother” reality show in 2007. In keeping with Shilpa Shetty Horoscope Analysis, She is the famous leading actress in bollywood industry and ruling from decades.

Know Shilpa Shetty’s Astrological Readings

Know more about Shilpa Shetty with the analysis of her birth chart astrologically. Given below is the birth chart of Shilpa Shetty what we have prepared for your understanding to read her success & failure.

Birth Chart
Date Of Birth: June 08, 1975
Time Of Birth: 20:00 HRS
Place Of Birth: Mangalore, Karnataka

What Shilpa Shetty’s Birth Chart Reveals About Her Personality?

Shilpa Shetty Horoscope

Let’s Discuss about Shilpa Shetty Astrological Analysis: Sagittarius ascendant is rising in her horoscope ruled by the planet Jupiter positioned in her 4th house of comforts & luxury. It indicates that she is family-oriented, wise and knowledgeable individual. Being ruled by the planet Jupiter, she is kind very independent and can easily handle things in her life. According to Shilpa Shetty Horoscope Analysis, It also makes her a very responsible, humanitarian and intuitive kind of person too. Jupiter is a planet known for spreading knowledge and teaching/training others, thus she can be a good teacher and train others well. Jupiter is getting conjunct with planet Mars indicating that she is a quick learner, active and wants to be an initiator in life. As specified by Shilpa Shetty Astrological Analysis, It also infuses the great leadership abilities too within herself. Besides this, Saturn is also influencing to her ascendant makes her mature, structured and the one look for stability in life. It can also provide her the great partnership too, be it a marriage partnership or business partnership. She has Taurus Moon sign ruled by the planet Venus, which makes her highly imaginative, intuitive and competitive individual. Taking into consideration Shilpa Shetty Horoscope Analysis, As Moon is getting conjunct with multiple planets, which may provide her some sort of confusion too, but due to involvement of 6th house, she is very much concerned for her physical health and fitness. Our Astrologer On Phone provides you the most effective remedial measure to help you find peace and fortune, aside from prosperity in life.

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How Shilpa Shetty Became The Leading Lady Of Indian Cinema?

In Compliance with Shilpa Shetty Astrological Analysis, he was born under her Sun mahadasha which ended soon in November 1975 and enters in the Moon Mahadasha lasted for the next 10 years until November 1985. This period of Moon may not be very good for her as Moon rules her 8th house of uncertainty and placed in 6th house of debt, disease or enemies, so she might have faced some kind of problems related to her health or unnecessary conflicts within her mind. On the basis of Shilpa Shetty Horoscope Analysis, Moon is also getting afflicted by multiple malefics too, which may provided her wavering thoughts too in this period, on the contrary, if she would have involved in meditation & yoga from the very young age, then it became good period for her and provided her the capacity to heal herself with the power of meditation. In the manner of Shilpa Shetty Astrological Analysis, It also made her interested in divine connections & religious deeds too.

With the help of  Shilpa Shetty Horoscope Analysis, After her Moon Mahadasha, she entered into the Mahadasha of Mars for the next 7 years which provided her the great strength and focus too in her life. Mars rules over her 5th house of intellect, education & fun. Due to her Trikone lord, Mars provided her good success at far away place from her birth place. In 1991, when she was undergoing with the Mahadasha of Mars and Antardasha of Venus (the natural lord of acting, creativity, dancing etc), she chose the modeling as career, as Venus represents all these kind of works related to beauty, fashion, love, acting, theatre etc. On the strength of Shilpa Shetty Horoscope Analysis, This became a good period for her and she started receiving offers of acting in films and received good recognition from her first release in 1993 during her Rahu Mahadasha. Rahu is placed in Scorpio, the sign of Trikone Lord Mars, so it is also good period for her and also helped him to gain the international fame.

Shilpa Shetty’s Awards & Achievement Explained Astrologically

As Believed by Shilpa Shetty Horoscope Analysis, As Shetty is a big face of bollywood, so she received multiple awards & honours in her lifespan for her great contribution to Indian Cinema. Few of them, we have mentioned to let you understand the concept of Astrology:

In Alignment with Shilpa Shetty Astrological Analysis, In 2005, she was undergoing with the mahadasha of Rahu and Antardasha of Venus, it is a good period for her, and helped her to attract lots of fame and she received “Diva of the Year” by SaharaOne.

Depending on Shilpa Shetty Horoscope Analysis, In 2007, with the same period, she received the “Rajiv Gandhi Award” as well as the international fame by winning UK’s Celebrity Big Brother reality show.

As Per Shilpa Shetty Horoscope Analysis, In 2018, she was undergoing with the mahadasha of Jupiter and Antardahsha of Venus, she received the “Most Stylish Author Award” due to magnetic aura produced by the planet Venus. Seek the prompt help from Astrologer On Call ready at handle your query and solve the same with utmost courtesy.

Keen To Learn Shetty’s Personal & Marital Aspects Astrologically?

As Stated by Shilpa Shetty Horoscope Analysis, the 7th house of marriage is ruled by the planet Mercury positioned in her 6th house of debt, disease or enemies. It clearly shows the late marriage due to multiple afflictions on 7th house lord Mercury. Besides this, Saturn is also placed in 7th house of marriage, which again indicates the delay & postponement the things related to marriage for her, however, it gives her long lasting bond with her partner. Conforming to Shilpa Shetty Horoscope Analysis, overall 7th house condition indicates that she attracts the people who are into business. In view of Shilpa Shetty Astrological Analysis, She also has seen multiple ups and downs in her life but due to Vipreet Raj Yoga created by Moon & Venus, she also gets success through her adversities. At present, due to her Jupiter mahadahsa and Sun Antardasha, her husband got arrested as Sun is getting conjunct with multiple malefic planets including Mercury, also Rahu & Ketu are transiting through 6th house and 12th houses in her birth chart, so it gives her issues related to court case and jail to his life partner. Due to afflicted Sun, her image is also diminishing in its antardasha and Rahu Ketu Transit.

What Shilpa Shetty’s Stars Foretell About Her Future Career?

In Consonance with Shilpa Shetty Horoscope Analysis, she has the strong placement of its ascendant lord Jupiter in her horoscope, which always gives her strength to cope up well any adverse scenario in her lifespan. She would be a kind of good consultant, motivator and will come out as a good Yoga instructor in her lifespan due to very active 6th house. Though she may face multiple hiccups too in her life, but ultimately due to strong Raj Yoga formed with the help of Moon & Venus, she will always come out as a winner. At present, she is undergoing with her ascendant lord Jupiter lasting till November 2026, this is a very good period for her, however, some unfavourable transit of Rahu-Ketu over her Sun may provide her some obstacles, but she will be able to cope up well the situation in future and regain her image in public from next transit of Rahu & Ketu in April 2022. She is a strong lady and will lead to the industry for many more coming years in the future. Looking for reliable astrological solutions? Book An Appointment With Top Astrologer Delhi and find the best solutions you have been seeking in your life.

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We wish her a good luck for her future endeavours and may you keep on inspiring others with your good works!

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