Published On : September 3, 2021  |  Author : Astrologer Umesh
Education Problem Solution Astrology

Why Education Is Important To Us?

Education helps one to realize his/her core strength. With the help of education, you can update yourself with the environment. A good education is associated with your career & success. A dream job can be easily fetched with good education and it will help you to improve your finances and thus making you to live a happy luxurious lifestyle what you dreamt about. An educated person takes the right decision at the right time after analyzing all the factors. Thus, astrology can help you to live with your dream with the right choice of education.

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How A Bright Future Starts With Education

It is believed that the bright future of student starts with the early schooling. Thus, education plays very significant role in building the future for many. Everyone has some kind of education, but shining like a star in your area provides you immense happiness and peace. Simply getting education by learning is much way easier than comprehend while learning. While attaining education, students can be categorized in two ways, first one are those who are taking education for the sake of getting any job to survive, the second category is different from these, they want to pursue their dreams and start comprehending the concept, and want only that field wherein they are actually can shine like a star. Thus, education becomes the first step for the brighter future as well as to know your limits.

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Factors Influencing Your Education As Per Your Birth Chart In Vedic Astrology

As per the Vedic Astrology, there are certain planetary alignments which are seen to determine the education problem in one’s horoscope, such as

  • 5th house: 5th house is the house of education & intellect, which shows the inclination of the students towards the studies. What stream he/she will choose? And the suitable field of education.
  • 5th house lord: If the 5th house lord is placed in Kendra or trikona then, the results will be good and native will possess a strong interest towards studies. On the contrary, if it is associated with Dusthana houses or Bad houses then it start giving adverse results and lack of interest towards studies.
  • 5th house condition is seen for the higher education or when we choose the subjects, however, 4th house and its lord placement is also very important to know the basic education of students whether he/she will reach to the higher education or not.
  • People interested in higher studies or learning like Ph.D, then the condition of 9th house and its lord are also crucial in this context.
  • The natural karak planet of education Jupiter is also important while analyzing the birth chart of any students.
  • The lord of logic & intellect Mercury’s position is also seen in birth chart as it shows the interest of students towards the calculation or retaining things in memory.
  • Anytime if the malefic planets like Saturn, Rahu o Ketu influences to the 5th house or its lord, then it shows some break or delay in education.

Likewise, different aspects are seen in vedic astrology while analyzing the birth chart of a student to resolve any issue pertaining to their education.

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How To Resolve Education Problem

In Vedic Astrology, the birth chart is analyzed thoroughly in order to provide the right information to the students so that they can choose the right field in life. Many time, students come under pressure of parents regarding certain field wherein they may be least interested but due to social norms, they have to take the admission in least interested areas. Apart from it, many students get confused regarding the suitable field, but there are few who are very clear to their field but due to certain planetary combination, they may not be get succeed in chosen field in future. Thus, helping you with these kinds of issues, Vedic Astrology provides the apt solution to the students by predicting the right field wherein they can shine like a star in career. Apart from it, suitable remedies are also given to the native to strengthen the power of planet, reduce delay, increase concentration etc to do well in the chosen stream as an educational field.

What Are The Effective Astrological Remedies To Resolve Education Problems?

  • In Vedic Astrology, effective remedies are defined to improve the concentration for the students and provide them hurdles free education in life. Some of them remedies are as below:
  • Providing the suitable gemstone at the right time to increase the concentration of the child or reduce the obstacles in attaining education. It is recommended after analyzing the birth chart of the native completely. Get our Ruby Gemstone and Yellow Sapphire Gemstone to make yourself inclined more towards studies and do well in studies. 
  • Providing the suitable Siddh Rudraksha, which helps the students to remain positive in any situation. The blessings of Lord Shiva with this holy beads can be easily transformed into the lives of the students. To increase your concentration, we offer 2 (Do) Mukhi Rudraksha to strengthen your mind by stable thoughts. 
  • Providing the suitable Siddh Yantra, such as Siddh Sampporna Vidyadayak Yantra, Siddh Saraswati Yantra etc, these yantras are very powerful yantra energized by our erudite pundits, thus, helps student to be more focused towards studies and attain good marks too.
  • With the help of Puja or Anushthan, the positive vibes enters in one’s life and the ill impacts of particular planet associated with Puja get reduced. To provide you good results related to your intellect, we offer Budh Puja (Mercury Planet Puja) and Maa Saraswati Puja.
  • Reciting the suitable mantra will help students to compete with the external environment, increases focus and victory over competitive exams or extracurricular activities.

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Likewise, numerous methods are described in Vedic Astrology to neutralize the ill effects of malefic planet in student’s life. So according to the birth chart, we would love to assist students to make their future brighter and shiner.

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